Best Invader Build In Remnant 2

The Invader build focuses on making the archetype easier to play (and master) in Remnant 2 while improving its combat effectiveness.

As you get nearer to the ending stages of Remnant 2, you are able to unlock the Invader Archetype, one of the secret classes in the game. The Invader is an excellent Archetype for a fast-paced and mobile playstyle since the class mainly focuses on evasion and deception to confuse enemies.

However, owing to such a complicated playstyle, getting the hang of the Invader Archetype becomes quite difficult – without a proper build, at least.

That is why, to make this class play easier – but more importantly, better than ever – we have the perfect build for the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Best Invader / Hunter build

The Invader is one of the most complex Archetypes in Remnant 2. Instead of an all-out offensive or tank class, this class mainly focuses on a deceptive and evasive playstyle.

The Invader has several abilities to Evade incoming attacks and deploy decoys, making the enemies target false versions of themselves. This not only makes it a great class in solos but also in co-op as well since you draw attention away from your allies.

However, since this is such a unique playstyle, it is often hard to master. With this Invader build, we plan to enhance the Invader’s overall playstyle along with increasing its overall damage-dealing capabilities. This not only makes the Archetype easier to play but also much more effective in a fight.

Best Archetype Combo

It goes without saying that the Invader will be our primary Archetype in this build, and everything else we choose – from a secondary Archetype to skills, amulets, rings, etc. – will be centered around this Archetype’s primary playstyle.

  • Primary Archetype: Invader (Void Cloak Skill)
  • Secondary Archetype: Hunter (Hunter’s Shroud Skill/Dead to Rights Prime Perk)

Our primary skill to go for this build would be the Invader’s Void Cloak Skill. This is a preferred main skill because it greatly enhances your overall mobility, which is an important aspect of this build.

The Void Cloak Skill performs an auto-Evade for you, automatically Dodging anything that comes at you. Its timer reduces as you take damage, and it also summons a decoy right after the Dodge ends.

Moreover, the Void Cloak Skill also pairs well with an amulet and a weapon mod we select in this build, as discussed later.

Our secondary choice for Skills would be the Hunter’s Shroud Skill. This skill increases your overall elusiveness, allowing you to be more mobile.

Moreover, this skill also pairs well with the Hunter’s Dead to Rights Prime Perk, which extends the duration of your skills whenever you deal a portion of your normal damage as Weak Spot damage.

Lastly, some Invader perks like Loophole, Shark, and Override also work pretty well with this build. The Loophole Perk allows your decoys to fight back, the Shark Perk grants you extra Momentum on a Sprint/Evade, and the Override Perk decreases overall Threat Generation upon using a Relic.


Choosing the right weapons for your build is a paramount task.  Each build works differently and hence requires a specific weapon for it to work properly. Hence why, it is recommended use the following mentioned weapons in this Invader build as they work best with it.

Long Gun: Nightfall

The best long gun to use with this Invader build is the Nightfall, which itself is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2 you can get your hands on. Although the Nightfall has a good enough damage and fire rate, the main reason we choose this gun is because of its unique weapon mod called the Dreadwalker.

This weapon mod makes your weapon full-auto, while also granting it unlimited ammunition and an increased fire rate for the amount of time it lasts.

If you combine this bullet-raining machine with the Invader’s evasive playstyle, firing bullets while constantly on the move, then you pretty much become unstoppable – temporarily at least.

Handgun: Western Classic

Since you already have a great weapon for long-range, you need something for medium-range as well – and what better choice for that than the Western Classic?

The Western Classic handgun itself has a moderate damage output, but it works wonders when paired with the Root Blades weapon mod. This weapon mod allows you to deal a boatload of Bleed damage on top of base damage, which never goes unappreciated.

Moreover, it also pairs well with the Twisting Wounds Mutator if you choose to select it with this build, as it can greatly increase your Ranged damage output against any enemy inflicted with Bleed.

Melee Weapon: Nightshade

Lastly, for close quarters, your best bet would be to choose the Nightshade, which is one of the best Melee Weapons in the game itself.

This particular Melee weapon works best with an Invader Archetype because it grants you Lifesteal whenever you make a Dodge, which is the main playstyle of an Invader.

On top of that, this melee weapon also has a very high chance of landing a Critical Hit, which can work wonders in a few tough situations. Moreover, you also receive the Beyond the Veil weapon mod, which turns you into a mist whenever you perform an Evade – which is why it pairs well with the Void Cloak Skill.


There are two main Traits that work best with this Invader build – or for the Invader class generally. These are the Untouchable Trait – the Invader’s default Trait – and the Fitness Trait.

The former increases the window you get to perform and Evade, while the latter increases the distance it covers.

Considering the overall evasive playstyle of an Invader, it would make sense to choose one of the two as your main Traits.


Perhaps the best Relic to use for this Invader build would be the Quilted Heart, although you can use any that you prefer in Remnant 2.

The Quilted Heart is a perfect Relic to choose for this build because it complements the Invader’s overall playstyle.

This Relic completely negates the consumption of your Stamina for a few seconds while also allowing you to heal every time you Evade.

With this, not only will you be able to dodge any incoming attacks with the Evade – without the cost of any stamina – but also recover some health at the same time.


The Jewelry that we will be using for this Invader build mainly include Amulets and Rings in Remnant 2. There are many of these available in Remnant 2, each offering a different buff.

That said, some of them work pretty well with the general playstyle we plan to follow with this build. Given below is a list of the recommended Rings/Amulets for this build, and you can choose any of them depending on your personal preferences.

Abrasive Whetstone (Amulet): This Amulet greatly increases your Critical Hit Chances and Damage whenever you manage to hit an enemy inflicted with Bleed. This is why it works best with the Twisting Blades Mutator and the Root Blades weapon mod.

Akari War Band (Ring): Grants an increase in Critical Hit Chance and Damage after performing a perfect Dodge.

Cataloger’s Jewel (Ring): Allows you to replenish Mod Power passively.

Blood-Tinged Ring (Ring): Grants you a heal when you’re near an enemy inflicted with Bleed.

Zania’s Malice (Ring): Increases your Weakspot damage dealt after landing a Weakspot hit.


Last, but not the least, the best Armor set to use with this Remnant 2 Invader build is the Space Walker set. This includes the Space Walker Body, Legs, Mask, and Legs.

The main idea behind choosing this armor set even though it provides a pretty low defense is that it is lightweight. It can protect you from a little bit of damage, but the main playstyle we are going for with this build is an evasive playstyle.

Since the armor is lightweight, you have better mobility, and it is hence easier to play evasively.

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