Diablo Immortal Crusader Build: Best Skills, Gems, Weapons, Armor Sets

This guide will guide you to some excellent builds for Crusader Class in Diablo Immortal and show how to best use this melee behemoth.

Building your character in Diablo Immortal can completely change how you get through the entire game, and the game can be either very easy or very hard looking on how you make your character in the game. This guide will guide you to some excellent builds for Crusader Class in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Builds

Crusader is the most balanced class to pick in Diablo Immortal. You need powerful AoE to finish off hordes of demons; Crusader’s got you. Underlevelled and want to play as a support, Crusader is here. Want to go off solo and bring shame to hell itself? Crusader’s your man.

There is no scenario where Crusader cannot be a viable option to pick. The class is starter friendly, so you don’t have to worry about strategizing too much from the start to play the class.

Crusader works perfect for both PvP and PvE and is an excellent choice for both solo runs as well as group runs. The sheer choice of possibilities makes Crusader perfect for everyone who is either having their first Diablo Experience, or a Veteran who just wants to rush through the game.

Here are a few builds to help you get started on your Crusader setup to get the best performance from the class in any possible scenario.

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Diablo Immortal Crusader Build: PvE Apocalypse

Main Hand Weapon: Karawan’s Catch

Off Hand Weapon: Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Head Gear: Many-eyed Aegis

Shoulder Guards: Sivket’s Advantage

Chest Piece: Besieger

Legs: Any pants of your choice will do

Set: Issatar Imbued Set

  • Neck – Issatar At Rest
  • Ring – Issatar Undone
  • Ring – Issatar Enraged
  • Hands – Issatar’s Open Hand
  • Waist – Issatar Contained
  • Feet – Issatar The Brute

Paragon Priority: Zeal > Wrath > Health

Stats: Strength > Fortitude > Willpower > Vitality > Intelligence

Skills: Consecration, Condemn, Draw and Quarter, Sacred Fire, Sweep Attack

Legendary gems: Trickshot Gem, Blood-Soaked gem, Seled’s Weakening Gem, Chained Death, Lightning Core

For this build, we will be focusing on increasing your damage output as much as possible, allowing you to clear out hordes of enemies easily and in an instant.

Consecration allows you to Consecrate the ground around you dealing damage to all enemies in the skill radius. Condemn will build up a massive explosion that has a wide AoE. Draw and Quarter allows you to bind enemies to your steed and drag them around as you please while also dealing damage.

The choice of Paragon upgrade is lenient. These upgrades will allow you to move faster and deal higher damage as you take more damage. For each 10% of your health lost, you will get increased speed and damage.

Other than these, we recommend that you also use upgrades that increase your health. Since the effects of Zeal and Wrath can be stacked, higher health will allow you to freely use them without the fear of getting one-shotted by any enemy.

For this build, we need to use at least two pieces of the Issatar Imbued Set Items, as this will provides us with a 30% speed boost every time an enemy is killed for 30 seconds.

Since the build uses mobility to maximize the damage DPS, higher movement speed will allow you to damage more enemies every time you get a kill. If you want, you can equip all 6 pieces of the Issatar Imbued Set. You will get 10% chance of summoning a Soul orb for each kill which will only further your efficiency in killing demons.

Diablo Immortal Crusader PvP Build

Main Hand Weapon: The Bristle

Off Hand Weapon: Constant Scrutiny Shield

Head Gear: Questor’s Mien

Shoulder Guards: Barbed Council

Chest Piece: Hungerfire Chiton

Legs: Shieldswathe

Set: Gaoler Set

  • Neck – The Subjugator
  • Ring – The Turnkey
  • Ring – The Prisoner
  • Hands – The Mailed Fist
  • Waist – The Gaoler
  • Feet – The Tyannt

Paragon Priority: Unyielding > Stalwart > Quick Witted > Resistance > Health > Armor

Stats: Strength > Fortitude > Willpower

Skills: Spinning Shield, Shield Glare, Shield Charge, Sacred Fire, Judgement

Legendary gems: Pain of Subjugation, Blessing of the Worthy, Defiant Soul, Battleguard

The build allows you to maintain and deal damage from a small range using Crusader and use skills that prevent your targets from escaping.

Spinning Shield allows you to throw your shield and it deals damage and pulls the enemies it hit towards you. Shield Glare allows you to bind the player to you if they are facing you for 3 seconds. This keeps them from escaping. Shield Charge allows you to dash ahead at your target and knock them back if you hit them.

For this build, we will be focusing on increasing our speed and defense. Since the build is focused on PvP, players tend to be much better at diffusing and countering all your attacks, so we need to make sure that we can withstand some punishment and either run away or pursue from the other player. All the paragons have been selected to suit these requirements.

The main-hand weapon in the PvP build for Crusader is The Bristle. The weapon buffs your Sacred Fire skill and allows you to hurl waves of fire that deal damage to all the enemies in their path. The weapon also improves the Holy Flame Cut Injury by 10%

For the off-hand weapon, we will be using Constant Scrutiny Shield. It allows you to increase the AoE of the Shield Glare skill and also damages the enemies that have been bonded by this skill. It also increases the damage by 10% for the skill simultaneously.

We recommend using The Mailed Fist and The Gaoler set items. Both pieces when equipped increase the duration of your skills that cause loss of control by 30%. This means all your skills that drag in and bind your target will have increased timer providing you a larger window to attack.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Group/Rift Build

Main Hand Weapon: There are no specific recommendations for weapons for this build. Any weapon of your choice that allows you to buff any of the skills that you are using can be used.

Off Hand Weapon: Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Head Gear: Arrowkeeper Helm

Shoulder Guards: Wind-Blessed Pauldrons

Chest Piece: Inhumed Plate Chestpiece

Legs: Leggings of the Consigner pants. These will allow you to get a shield, worth 8% the damage you have dealt during the Conjuration of Light.

Set: Issatar Imbued Set.

  • Neck – Issatar At Rest
  • Ring – Issatar Undone
  • Ring – Issatar Enraged
  • Hands – Issatar’s Open Hand
  • Waist – Issatar Contained
  • Feet – Issatar The Brute

Stats: Strength > Fortitude > Willpower

Skills: Holy Banner, Judgement, Consecration, Conjuration of Light, Draw and Quarter.

Legendary gems: Ca’arsen Invigoration, Zwenson’s Haunting, Bottled Hope, Pain of Subjugation, Blessing of the Worthy.

The build is for playing in a squad, where we will balance the damaging and supporting AoE skills of the Crusader.

Holy Banner skill will increase the critical hit chance to 100%, but the damage is reduced to 135% instead of 200%. The buff lasts for 10 seconds. Judgment will let you slow down enemies and then explode, dealing damage and then stunning the enemies as well.

Consecration Skill allows you to consecrate the ground, dealing damage to all the enemies in the AoE. Conjuration of Light allows you to cast down a beam from the heavens, providing immunity to you and your teammates for 3 seconds. Draw and Quarter allows you to summon a steed and run around, whilst also dragging 5 enemies with you and constantly dealing damage.

Other than the main armor pieces, we recommend using Issatar Imbued Set Items for this build. For this build, we need to use at least two pieces of the Issatar Imbued Set Items, as this will provides us with a 30% speed boost every time an enemy is killed for 30 seconds.

Best Skills for Crusader

Crusader has a large variety of skills for almost every occasion. Here are the best skills that we believe can be used for Crusader Class.

  • Draw and Quarter
  • Consecration
  • Holy Banner/Conjuration of Light

Draw and Quarter

The first on our list is the Draw and Quarter. The skill provides high mobility and you can drag 5 enemies around with you. The skill allows you to relocate yourself and/or gather enemies around so you can take them out with ease.


The second skill we highly recommend is Consecration. The skill can be buffed highly with the right gear allowing you to make the skill mobile and you literally damage enemies by just moving around. The skill can be used with a lot of other skills of Crusaders making it extremely versatile.

Holy Banner/ Conjuration of Light

Next, we have a tie between Holy Banner and Conjuration of Light. Both the skills provide excellent buffs for the entire team and allows your team to quickly dispose of hordes upon hordes of mobs.

Both the skills are perfect for boss fights, as they either increase the damage output drastically, or make you immune to damage just for long enough to get through that one powerful attack.

Best Weapons for Crusader

  • Karawan’s Catch
  • The Bristle
  • Zaynula’s Last Hymn
  • Constant Scrutiny

Karawan’s Catch

Karawan’s Coach is the best main hand weapon as it allows you to extend the duration of your Sweep Attack to deal continuous damage. The weapon allows you to ensure kills when you’re surrounded by enemies.

The Bristle

The Bristle work best in Challenge Rifts. The enemies are cramped in narrow pathways and you can spam Sacred Fire, now buffed by the Bristkle allowing you to make quick work of all the enemies.

Zaynula’s Last Hymn

We prefer using the Zaynula’s Last Hymn shield as the best off-hand weapon for Crusaders class. The weapon provides a buff to one of the strongest skills Crusader has, Consecration.

Constant Scrutiny

The Shield allows you to bind enemies using Shield Glare. As well all know, the variety of AoE attacks that Crusader has makes bounded enemies a very lucrative target. The off hand weapon is perfect for increasing Crusader’s effectiveness for crowd control.

Best Armor for Crusader

  • Many-eyed Aegis
  • Sivket’s Advantage
  • Besieger
  • Bladed Jambeau

Many-eyed Aegis

The helm allows you to move your Consecration along you are you move. The skill, that is already powerful on it’s own, gets an exceptional buff as you can simply bring the destruction to the demons instead of waiting for them to come to it.

Sivket’s Advantage

The shoulder guards will increase the duration of Draw and Quarter by 30%. About 1.5 seconds of extra bombardment, trail of fire and primary attacks as you ride the horse. You can get extra time to run around and make more risky moves and rounding behind enemy territories.


The chest armor allows you to call in a bombardment of meteors crash on the ground periodically damaging nearby enemies. The armor will only further increase on the potential of Draw and order and as well as Consecration.

Bladed Jambeau

Transforms your Celestial war horse into a fiery steed that leaves a trail of fire on the ground that burns enemies. The fiery trail lasts for some time, and you can easily use it either to create a barrier or to burndown demons who are cornered.

Best Paragons for Crusader

  • Zeal
  • Wrath
  • Quick Witted
  • Coordinated Assault


Zeal will increase your movement speed for every monster you kill. The paragon is exceptionally useful for mobility and with all the AoE skills, not only will you get a lot of speed boosts, you will also be able to increase the effective range of all your AoE attacks.


Wrath Increases your damage for every monster you kill. The Paragon allows you to exponentially increase your damage when running across hordes of demons and monsters. Yas said before, your AoE will allow you to get multiple kills, and multiple kills will stack up your damage, further allowing you to kill demons in a jiffy.

Quick Witted

Reduced duration of Control-loss effects on you. You never want to be either stunned or forced to be run away when in the heart of a battle as this would only hinder your progress and will be a huge waste of your AoE skills. We don’t want that at any cost.

Coordinated Assault

The Paragon is perfect for those focusing on supporting the team. All the party members in a 5-yard range will have 3% increased damage, allowing you to either tank or support from the back lines as your teammates make quick work of all the enemies for you.

Best Equipment for Crusader

  • Issatar Imbued Set
  • Feasting Baron’s Set
  • Vithu’s Urge Set

Issatar Imbued Set

The set is preferred for Crusaders as the set provides both increased speed and damage for every enemy defeated. Since the Crusader shines in AoE, high kill count means that you will constantly have a speed boost for getting around.

Feasting Baron’s Set

A lot of your AoE skills allow you to bind enemies so you can take your sweet time dishing out some damage. The Feasting Baron’s Set allows you to increase the time for all your Control Loss skills, allowing you to increase the time and damage when you bind your enemies.

Vithu’s Urge Set

The set is perfect for boosting the effects of all the skills that help support your team. The effects of all positive effects on your teammates are increased and the set also provides an attack speed buff to the teammate that you have used the skill on. The set is a must-have for anyone playing support.

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