Diablo Immortal: How to Awaken Gear and Get Resonance

Awakening is a fantastic way to boost the unique abilities of your Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal. In this guide, we will talk about Awakening Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal, how to get Resonance, and much more.

What is Awakening in Diablo Immortal?

As you level up, you face tougher enemies with a better arsenal of weapons and better skillsets. If you want to keep up with everyone, you will need to upgrade your weapons and a nice way to do that is by using the Awakening ability. Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal can be awakened, and by gaining Resonance, they can further become more powerful.

Awakening a legendary item helps boost the core ability of an item by adding new power to that item. Through the process of Awakening, you can increase the various attributes and the appearance of the item.

Weapons in their stock state have some bonus effects, these bonus effects can be further enhanced by awakening the item. Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal can be awakened, and by gaining Resonance, they can further become more powerful.

How to Awaken Your Legendary Items?

Following are the prerequisites for Awakening a legendary item.

  • Rank 10 or above Legendary Gem
  • Level 6 or above Legendary Item

Upgrading your Legendary Gem to level 10 is a tedious and time taking task thus it should be handled beforehand. Once you have upgraded your gem, you will need to decide which weapon you are going to awaken, depending upon the abilities that you want to go for.

Below we have mentioned all the steps to help you in Awakening a Legendary Item.

Step 1: Socketing Legendary Gem

After you have collected all of the items, you will need to socket a legendary gem into the item that you want to awaken. Simply socketing a Legendary Item will also give you some sort of powerups or boost but the real star of the show is awakening.

To socket a Legendary Gem into an item, you can visit the Jeweler and manage your legendary gems, or you can socket the Legendary Gem into an item from the inventory.

Step 2: Buy a Dawning Echo

Dawning Echo is necessary for Awakening to take place. You can buy the Dawning Echo from either of the two locations.

  • Smithing Materials Vendor
  • Shop

At this point in time, the option to buy from the Smithing Vendors is not yet available and might be available in the future for the free-to-play part of the game but currently, you will have to pay for the Dawning Echo.

This item can be bought from the Materials tab for 1000 Eternal Orbs. Unfortunately, Eternal Orbs need to be bought with real money and there is no way to get them in the game.

Step 3: Find the Master Jeweler

Now that you have all the items necessary for Awakening visit the Master Jeweler in Westmarch to awaken the legendary item of your choice.

How to Get Resonance

After you have awakened a specific Legendary Item, it automatically unlocks Resonance for that item. You can visit the Master Jeweler to check for the Resonance of your awakened item.

You’ll also notice that its appearance changes once an awakened item becomes Resonant. Keep in mind that Awakening isn’t necessarily needed for Resonance. Simply slotting a legendary gem in a legendary item will grant you resonance. You gain 0.05% bonus to base attributes for each resonance point your character has from a rank 1 gem.

How to Increase Resonance

As you add more Legendary Gems to your Awakened Items, the Resonance keeps increasing. Depending on the Rank of these Gems, you can get various base attribute bonuses to your items. The rank of gem and the corresponding resonance awarded is as follows.

  • 1 Star Legendary Gem at Rank 1 = 15 Resonance
  • 1 Star Legendary Gem at Rank 2 = 30 Resonance
  • 2 Star Legendary Gem at Rank 1 = 30 Resonance

Legendary Gems possess varying Resonance Bonuses, so you can keep looking for which bonuses will help your character the most.

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