How to Get Crests in Diablo Immortal

This guide will teach you how to get crests in Diablo Immortals and what special boosters and powers they provide.

Diablo Immortal is a brand-new action role play game released on iOS, Android and Windows a few days ago. Crests are a type of currency in Diablo Immortal and can be obtained via various means. This guide will teach you how to get crests in Diablo Immortals and what special boosters and powers they provide.

What are Crests in Diablo Immortal

Crests are a type of currency in Diablo Immortal. These crests can be earned as game rewards or purchased from shop and crest Merchant.

Crests are used to add modifiers that improve your gameplay and make Elder Rifts easier for you. Apart from modifiers, crests also grant you unique rewards like runes and legendary gems.

The other main benefit of using crests is to get extra Rift points. In a party, if any team member uses a crest, the whole team will benefit with rift points. In Diablo Immortal, 2 types of crests can be used;

  • Rare Crests: Rare crests are basic ones and provide only a single modifier in Elder Rift. Rare Crests can be purchased against 100 Eternal Orbs.
  • Legendary Crests: Legendary Crests are special ones used to add 2 modifiers in Elder Rifts. Legendary Crests are purchased against 300 Eternal Orbs.

How to Get Crests

Getting Crests in Diablo Immortal is neither difficult nor easy. You have to be patient or be rich. In Diablo Immortal, you can get crests from many different methods.

If you want crests in less time, you can get them from a Cash shop by using your actual currency. Otherwise, you can get crests from daily logins, elder rift as rewards, and battle pass. The ways to get crests are in detail below;

Cash Shop

The most basic way to get crests is by exchanging your real-life cash with Eternal Orbs. You can do this by simply going to the cash shop, where various purchase deals are available.

You can choose any deal that suits your credit card amount. After getting Eternal Orbs from the cash shop, you can convert them into Rare and Legendary Crests.

Jondo Mouren

Jondo Mouren is a Crest merchant in the Diablo Immortal. You can find him in Palace Courtyard at Westmarch near Elder Rift and exchange Eternal Orbs with Crests from him.

From Battle Pass

There’s a battlepass in this game that contains Crests as level-up rewards on certain tiers. If you plan on buying & grinding the battlepass, you will get Crests along with other rewards from it.

Game Rewards

In Diablo Immortal, you have to do various tasks and missions. These tasks reward you with many unique items. It is very rare to get crests from these rewards. You can also get crests from these rewards if you are lucky enough.

Daily Log In

Like many other games, Diablo Immortal also has daily login rewards. Each day, the game rewards you with One Rare Crest by simply logging in. This rare crest can be collected from Crest Merchant each day.

How to Get Rare and Legendary Crests

There are various methods to obtain Rare and Legendary Crests in Diablo Immoral. The first method is to buy Rare and Legendary from Hilts Trader and Crest Merchants. This is the best option we recommend as it is very easy and straightforward.

The second option is to obtain these crests from Shadow War and Kion’s Ordeal. Through this method, you’ll only get one rare or legendary crest per week.

Now the third option might be expensive, but it is expensive. You can buy these crests from the Diablo Immortal Store with Eternal Orbs. The last option is first to get a battle pass and then, after that, complete the battle pass. After completing the battle pass, you’ll receive Rare and Legendary crests.

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