Diablo Immortal Establish Warband Camp Quest Guide

Diablo Immortal supports cooperative play. You can hence play the entire campaign with a friend, or call in a friend to help out with specific dungeons or missions at the minimum. That social aspect of Diablo Immortal is called Warbands. To unlock the Warband Camp, you will need to complete the “Establish Warband Camp” quest. The following guide will show you how.

Diablo Immortal Warband Quest Walkthrough

You begin by first creating a Warband. To do so, go to Menu > Warband > Create a Warband.

You can customize different aspects of Warband like naming your Warband and adding a description to let other members know about your group. You can also set what content or objectives your group members need to clear at what times.

Once you are done customizing your Warband, invite members from either directly your friend list or the Warband menu. Keep in mind that the Warband menu will randomly pick online members, so if you wish to group up with your friends, then prefer adding them via your friend list.

The Establish Warband Camp quest requires you to kill 10,000 monsters. You can find the monsters by visiting the campgrounds.

Establish Warband Quest Not Counting Monsters

Several players have reported that the Establish Warband Camp quest counter does not tick as they start killing monsters. They may have killed more monsters than required, but the quest will be still stuck at 0/10,1000.

The reason for this is that players are killing monsters solo. You need to be with a group or party to fulfill the requirements of the quest.

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