How To Upgrade Gear In Diablo Immortal

The following guide will show you how to upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal and also talks about gear rarities.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the crafting mechanics of Diablo Immortal in order to know how to upgrade your gear. That will be significantly important when you reach the endgame because you will not survive unless you are equipping the best possible gear for your level.

The following guide will show you how to upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal.

Understanding Gear In Diablo Immortal

There are four different gear rarities in Diablo Immortal but they all fall under either primary or secondary categories.

Your primary items are the ones that you will mostly be focusing on. They include your main-hand and off-hand weapons, head, chest, shoulders, and legs.

The secondary items are the remaining equipment pieces. They include your hands, feet, and waist, as well as accessories such as rings and amulet.

There are 12 pieces of equipment in total and they all can be upgraded. You will not only have to find the best gear possible but will also have to upgrade them as you advance in the endgame of Diablo Immortal.

One helpful way to differentiate primary from secondary gear is that secondary items have no special effects. You can just add up their stats to determine the better option. The primary items though will probably leave you scratching your head since their attributes and bonuses differ based on their rarity type.

Primary Gear

Below we’ve listed the primary gear upgrade attributes and material costs.

Rank 1: 125x Scrap, 1,500 Gold
Rank 2: 150x Scrap, 1 Dust, 4,000 Gold
Rank 3: 175x Scrap, 10x Dust, 6,500 Gold
Rank 4: 200x Scrap, 20x Dust, 9,000 Gold
Rank 5: 225x Scrap, 40x Dust, 11,500 Gold
Rank 6: 250x Scrap, 60x Dust, 1x Shard, 14,500 Gold
Rank 7: 300x Scrap, 80x Dust, 1x Shard, 18,000 Gold
Rank 8: 400x Scrap, 100x Dust, 1x Shard, 22,000 Gold
Rank 9: 500x Scrap, 125x Dust, 1x Shard, 26,000 Gold
Rank 10: 700x Scrap, 150x Dust, 1x Shard, 30,000 Gold
Rank 11: 900x Scrap, 200x Dust, 5x Shard, 36,000 Gold
Rank 12: 1,100 x Scrap, 250x Dust, 5x Shard, 43,000 Gold
Rank 13: 1,300x Scrap, 300x Dust, 5x Shard, 50,000 Gold
Rank 14: 1,500x Scrap, 350x Dust, 5x Shard, 57,000 Gold
Rank 15: 2,000x Scrap, 400x Dust, 5x Shard, 64,000 Gold
Rank 16: 2,500x Scrap, 450x Dust, 15x Shard, 70,000 Gold
Rank 17: 3,000x Scrap, 500x Dust, 25x Shard, 100,000 Gold
Rank 18: 4,000x Scrap, 700x Dust, 30x Shard, 140,000 Gold
Rank 19: 5,000x Scrap, 800x Dust, 35x Shard, 180,000 Gold
Rank 20: 8,000x Scrap, 1000x Dust, 40x Shard, 220,000 Gold

Secondary Gear

Below we’ve listed the secondary gear upgrade attributes and material costs.

Rank 1: 50x Scrap, 20x Enigmatic Crystals, 1,500 Gold
Rank 2: 50x Scrap, 20x Enigmatic Crystals, 4,000 Gold
Rank 3: 100x Scrap, 40x Enigmatic Crystals, 6,500 Gold
Rank 4: 100x Scrap, 40x Enigmatic Crystals, 9,000 Gold
Rank 5: 150x Scrap, 60x Enigmatic Crystals, 11,500 Gold
Rank 6: 150x Scrap, 60x Enigmatic Crystals, 14,000 Gold
Rank 7: 200x Scrap, 80x Enigmatic Crystals, 18,000 Gold
Rank 8: 200x Scrap, 80x Enigmatic Crystals, 22,000 Gold
Rank 9: 250x Scrap, 100x Enigmatic Crystals, 26,000 Gold
Rank 10: 250x Scrap, 100x Enigmatic Crystals, 30,000 Gold

How To Upgrade Gear in Diablo Immortal

You need to first complete the main storyline in order to unlock the ability to upgrade gear in Diablo Immortal. Once the main story is done, head over to Westmarch to find a blacksmith. Interact with him to exhaust dialogues and he will add an upgrade option to his list of services.

When it comes to primary gear, you can only upgrade rare and legendary items. Furthermore, primary gear costs more to upgrade than secondary.

You can upgrade a single item multiple times because they now have Gear Ranks in Diablo Immortal. For primary gear, a rare item can be upgraded to Rank 5 while a legendary item can be upgraded to Rank 20.

For secondary gear, a rare item can also be upgraded to Rank 5 while set items can be upgraded to Rank 10 since legendary gear are exclusive to primary slots.

Coming to the cost of upgrading your gear, you will need gold, scrap materials, enchanted dust, and shards for your primary gear. For secondary gear, you will need Enigmatic Crystals.

It should also be noted that the cost of upgrading gear goes up every time an item is upgraded. You will hence need a ton of crafting materials to keep upgrading your equipment. For that, you will need to Salvage your gear at the blacksmith, which will destroy them in return for crafting materials.

How To Transfer Gear Ranks In Diablo Immortal

You can transfer your Gear Ranks to from one gear to another in Diablo Immortal. You can, for example, transfer the Rank 5 of a rare chest to a Rank 0 legendary chest to make it your new Rank 5 legendary chest.

However, this function is not available from the start. The Rank Transfer function will unlock at level 19. This is an extension to the upgrade system in Diablo immortal that allows you to rank up Legendary, Set, and Rare items.

Along with the Rank, bonus attributes also swap but only between primary legendary items and secondary set items. It doesn’t work for rare items since they don’t have a bonus attribute.

Just note that you can only transfer Gear Ranks between items of the same slot. There are two ways to do this.

In the first method, you just have to visit a blacksmith and select “Rank Transfer” from his list of services. Then select your items and click on upgrade to transfer the Gear Rank to the new item.

In the second method, you will receive a prompt about transferring your Gear Rank every time you upgrade your current item to a new rank.

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