Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide

Essence transfer is one of the many newly introduced mechanics in Diablo Immortal that allows you to utilize your old gear instead of just salvaging it. In this guide, we will cover all there is to know about Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal including how to unlock the feature and how to inherit power from items.

How to Unlock Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

To unlock the ability to essence transfer in Diablo Immortal, you need to have two legendary items of the same type in your inventory.

Then, you need to go to a special vendor, Zamina, located in Westmarch on the opposite side of Rakkis Plaza Waypoint. There Zamina will provide some unique services to you of Extracting and Inheriting.

How to Extract Power in Diablo Immortal

There is no restriction for extracting the power from a legendary item in Diablo Immortal. Hence, you can do anything you like, but the item will be destroyed after extracting for a bit of gold.

The only restriction you will get is that you can only use extracted essence from the same type of item, but it can be applied multiple times.

Items that you already have extracted can be destroyed for glowing shards. You will be needing lots of them after you reach level 6 with the vendor.

How to Inherit Power in Diablo Immortal

After you have extracted your legendary item, you will now have the option of inheriting or moving the extracted power to another item of the same type.

Zamina will give you the option to inherit power from items. When you inherit an item from the other item of the same type, it will take on the extracted item’s name, its appearance, and the legendary attribute.

Don’t worry! Even if you have accidentally inherited the item stats, you can always revert to its original form at no extra cost.

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