Diablo Immortal Paragon Guide

Diablo Immortal features a much fleshed-out Paragon system compared to the one in Diablo 3. It serves as an extension...

Diablo Immortal features a much fleshed-out Paragon system compared to the one in Diablo 3. It serves as an extension of the endgame content to help players further improve and strengthen their characters.

That being said, the Paragon system is more than just accumulating and spending Paragon Points for bonuses. There is a lot more to it. The following guide will look to explain all there is to know about the Paragon system in Diablo Immortal.

Understanding Paragon System In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has a level cap. You will stop leveling up after you reach level 60 on a character. That will be when the real endgame begins.

Once you hit level 60, you will start gaining Paragon levels instead of Experience levels. Your character will still be level 60, but will then switch to the Paragon leveling system.

There are three branches of the Paragon system that you should be familiar with:

  • Paragon Levels
  • Paragon Trees
  • World Paragon System

How to Level Up Paragon

You start gaining Paragon levels after your character reaches level 60. Every time you hit a new Paragon level, you will be rewarded with a Paragon Point.

You can then spend these Paragon Points on the Paragon tree to gain bonus attributes and unlock unique specialization skills. However, you will only be able to spend your Paragon Points on the character that earned them. You will not be able to transfer Paragon Points between different characters even if they are on the same account.

Paragon Trees

Diablo Immortal currently has six Paragon trees, but Blizzard Entertainment plans to add four more down the road.

Each tree is unlocked once you hit a certain Paragon level and features a certain number of nodes that provide distinct skill bonuses and buffs. You can spend up to 100 Paragon Points on a single Paragon tree.

Below is a list of the Paragon trees and the Paragon levels at which they unlock.

Paragon Tree Paragon Level Required
Survivor 1
Vanquisher 1
Treasure Hunter 50
Gladiator 100
Soldier 150
Mastermind 150

Delving further, there are two types of nodes on each Paragon tree:

  • Specialization Skills: Buffs are only applied when their respective Paragon tree is active (these nodes are square-shaped)
  • Persistent Attributes: Buffs are always applied regardless of which Paragon tree is active (these nodes are circle-shaped)

You can only activate one of the six Paragon trees at a time. The image below shows some Paragon Trees and where to click to activate them.

Diablo Immortal Paragon System

It is important to know that there is no way to rest a Paragon tree. Once you have invested your Paragon Points into a tree, it is permanent. Therefore, it is important to save your Paragon Points and plan ahead on which nodes to spend them on according to your playstyle.

Below is a little guide to help you see what types of buffs each Paragon tree provides.

Paragon Tree Buffs / Bonuses
Survivor Defensive
Vanquisher Offensive
Treasure Hunter Gold Find, Magic Find & EXP
Gladiator PVP
Soldier PVP & PVE
Mastermind Party/Teammate

Paragon World System

The Paragon World System was designed to help players who aren’t able to play the game often so that they aren’t left behind by their teammates. The difference between the EXP gained at different World Levels allows the difference between the Paragon Levels of players in a server to be cut down.

Each server in Diablo Immortal has a World Paragon Level. This goes up by two every day. You can gain varying bonus XP depending on the difference between your Paragon level and the World Paragon level

If your Paragon level is above that of the World Paragon level in a server, you will be in an EXP deficit. Here, you will receive 25% less EXP than the standard amount.

If your Paragon level is below that of the World Paragon level in a server, the amount of EXP you gain will be doubled.

If your Paragon level is close to that of the World Paragon level in a server, you will receive EXP points at the standard rate.

How to Farm for Paragons

Similar to regular XP, you earn Paragon XP through the various missions and quests that you complete. There are different ways to earn paragon XP.

You can complete daily quests, such as the Bounties, Contracts and Bestiary. These activities are the best and most consistent ways to get paragon XP.

Furthermore, your Battlepass activities that are under the name of Quests also earn you hefty amounts of Paragon XP.

Lastly, all PvP activities are a source of steady Paragon XP. You can sue the daily 3x battlegrounds to farm for paragon XP.

Before you head out trying to level up your Paragons, make sure you know what the Server Paragon level is. You preferably want to be in a server with a Paragon level much higher than yours.

If the difference between these Paragon levels is 40 or more, you get 400% extra Paragon XP for any activity you complete. This means that you can increase your XP gains by 4 times if your Paragon level is 40 below the Server paragon level.

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