Should You Free Dolly Pixie In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Dolly Thrice is the only living Pixie in the world of Baldur's Gate 3. Will you help her or let her rot in her prison forever?

Pixies are the primary source of lightening up a Moon Lantern with their pixie dust to keep the Shadow Curse at bay in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you finish Act 1, your next destination will be the Shadow Cursed Lands. This dark, oppressive area drains the life of the travelers until they succumb and turn into shadow husks.

The only way to keep yourself safe is by having a source of light, namely Moon Lantern, also known as Pixie Lantern among the denizens in Baldur’s Gate 3. Sadly, one known working lantern is available, and the pixie inside it wants to get out. Sacrificing your safety to save someone is a significant dilemma. Let us help you with it.

Pixie Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

As you enter the Shadow Cursed Lands through the Mountain Pass, a drider named Kar’niss will welcome you. He will be carrying a functional Moon Lantern and offers to take you to the Moonrise Towers, the stronghold of Ketheric Thorm.

His lantern is powered by a Pixie known as Dolly Dolly Dolly. The only way to obtain the working Moon Lantern is by killing Kar’niss and looting it. There is no reason to side with him or take pity. Just wait until Harper’s ambush your caravan and then join forces with them.

Once you acquire the Moon Lantern, the pixie inside it will ask for help and beg you to free her. Upon passing a perception check, you will realize Pixies are mischievous creatures, making it difficult to trust her. There are two options at this point. Either you can free the Pixie or keep the Moon Lantern working. We will be covering both in detail.

What happens if you free the Dolly Pixie

We believe freeing Dolly from her crystal prison is the best choice. You won’t lose anything functional and gain so much in return. Let us explain how.


You can equip the lantern and select the “Free the Pixie” action from the command bar to release her.

If you decide to free the Pixie Dolly, she will reward you with Pixie Blessing and a Filgreed Feywild Bell. Pixie Blessing works in the same way as the Moon Lantern does without the light. All your party members and companions can travel the Shadow Cursed Lands without taking any damage.


Moon Lantern only saves the party members from the Shadow Curse inside the light radius, making the battles more challenging. At the same time, Pixie Blessing has no such limitations.

The only drawback to this blessing is that you won’t be able to locate the shadow enemies from a distance anymore. As your source of light is now gone, they will be able to ambush you. However, this will also free you to equip one more item as you must always carry Moon Lantern in one hand. 

If you lose Pixie Blessing, use the Filgreed Feywild Bell (as many times as you want) to get the blessing again. Select the following magical words after using the bell. 

  • Oh, my lovely Dolly Thrice, who is very sweet and nice. Won’t you help your humble friend so I won’t meet my cursed end? 

What happens if you keep the Moon Lantern

If you decide to keep the Moon Lantern and not free Dolly the Pixie, it will have implications during Act 3. As you reach the Lower City, you will learn that a newspaper known as Baldur’s Mouth is trying to ruin your reputation by spreading false news. This will start the Stop the Presses side quest.


If you don’t complete this quest, the city’s people will distrust you. This will make passing specific dialogue checks a lot more complicated.

As you reach the paper headquarters, you will know they are close friends of the pixie, Dolly Thrice. If you haven’t freed her already, you must pass many checks to convince them. However, if you freed the pixie already, they would agree to your terms instantly and change their story.

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