How To Unlock The Ledger In Red Dead Redemption 2?

Learn how to unlock the ledger in RDR2 and gain access to various camp functions and upgrades such as fast travel.

Camps are important for any outlaw gang in Red Dead Redemption 2. They provide a place to rest, restock supplies, and plan your next move. However, increasing your camp’s capacity and maximizing its functionality requires upgrades, which are possible only through ledgers. A ledger acts as a camp’s upgrade log in RDR2, allowing you to purchase faster travel, crafting tools, and even better provisions. Without a ledger, your camp will remain a basic resting point.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the ledger in Red Dead Redemption 2 and how to access it to gain the power to transform your camp into an efficient and personalized base for your adventures.

Find Leopold Strauss For The Ledger In RDR2

To get the ledger, you must complete the first 5 missions in Chapter 2 and unlock the Money Lending and Other Sins mission. To start this mission, you need to get to Mr. Leopold Strauss. You can find him on the map marked by a yellow LS icon. You will find him sitting on the rock reading through his debtors at the Horseshoe Overlook Camp.

Talk to him to begin the mission. Completing it will unlock the ledger behind the Dutch tent in the camp. You will be given the task of collecting three debts. You can locate these debtors on the map; they are marked with an LS icon glowing in yellow.

Collect The Debt From Wrobel

The easiest and quickest debt to collect is from Wrobel, who is a few miles west of the camp. Once you get to his house, question him about the debt. When he tells you to “take anything” from the house as payment, simply loot the two armoires in the corners and the desk by the door.

Collect Debt From Lilly Millet

Next, you can find Lilly Millet at Emerald Ranch, northeast of camp. Specifically, she’s sitting outside a large building next to a man named Cooper, who will start fighting you after trying to get the money from Lilly. Take the time to put on a disguise, then beat him up to find Lilly’s debt money.

Collect The Debt From Chick Matthews

Chick is located at a house northeast of the camp, just slightly north of Emerald Ranch. When you get there, you will find him saddling up behind the house in a shed. He’ll immediately run away on horseback. Follow him, and ready your lasso.

Remember to hold the L2 button to keep him tied up with your lasso. Once you have him on the ground, search for him, and you’ll find a treasure map of all of his worldly possessions.

Retrieve The Ledger From Camp In RDR2

To unlock the Ledger in RDR2, you need to go to the Contribution/Donation box in your camp (Horseshoe Overlook, The Hearthlands, NH) and Give all the Debts. After, you can find the ledger to the right of the contribution box at Dutch’s tent.

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