Baldur’s Gate 3 Lockpicking Guide

Making use of the lockpicking mechanics in Baldur's Gate 3 can allow you to get into pretty much every location or open any chest...

Staying true to the classic RPG approach of “anything goes” Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to access inaccessible areas through various methods. Come across a locked door or chest? Well, you can open it using the lockpicking option in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Unfortunately, lockpicking in BG3 is not just a walk in the park rather it involves a specific tool that you need to find and a complex dice mechanic. Even after getting all the required stuff, success is still not guaranteed in the Lockpicking method. 

How to use Lockpick in Baldur’s Gate 3

Opening a locked door or a chest requires a key in BG3. You need to find these keys by exploring the near vicinity of the locked thing. Going to hunt for the key may get frustrating sometimes when you are unable to find it even after a lot of tries.

Luckily BG3 also provides an alternate method to open up these locks. This involves the use of an in-game item known as the Thieves’ Tool. This tool will allow the player to bypass the key requirement and unlock the door or the chest by performing a Dexterity skill check. However, this Lockpicking process is quite complicated and requires some associated skill and your luck as well in BG3.

Baldurs Gate 3 lockpicking

Before getting the knowledge on how to use the Thieves’ Tool first you must know how to acquire it in the game. Well, primarily there are two ways to get your hands over the tool. The first is to loot it from the chests. Thieves’ Tool can basically spawn pretty much anywhere. Another way is to purchase them from vendors across the game world.

Aaron in the Emerald Grove is one of the earliest merchants you can find to purchase Thieves’ Tool.


Once you have the Thieves’ Tool in BG3 you can add it to the Hotbar in your inventory. Alternatively, you can simply right-click on the lockpicks in your inventory and click on Use, followed by clicking on the item you want to unlock.

This will perform a dexterity dice roll in BG3. If you succeed in the roll, the lock will open and you will not lose the Thieves’ Tool. However, if the roll is unsuccessful the door will remain locked and you will also lose your Thieves Tool item as well.

Baldurs Gate 3 lockpicking

In addition to the Thieves’ Tool, the game also provides some skills that enhance the chance of getting success in the dexterity rolls.

Lockpicking Skill Checks in BG3

As mentioned earlier, the skill check mechanic in BG3 involving dice rolls is not that simple. Besides luck, it is also associated with some skill affinities as well. You need to have a high amount of Dexterity to ensure you can unlock things easily.

Specifically talking about Lockpicking, having a character equipped with the Sleight of Hand skill boosts the chance of getting success in the dice roll. This skill can be equipped using some spare points available in the dexterity tab.

On top of that, you can get a boost to any type of skill check by using Shadowheart’s Guidance spell.

While these dexterity skills do increase the success rate, saving the game before using the Thieves’ Tool is a good measure to be on the safer side. You can also use saved-up Inspirations to reroll in case you fail a skill check.

Additionally, you can loot and keep some extra Thieves Tool in your inventory. This way you never run out of them and miss any chance to unlock what you want in BG3.

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