Baldur’s Gate 3 House Of Healing Walkthrough

House of Healing is a place of madness and death in BG3 that is occupied by a mind flayer known as Malus Thorm.

House of Healing in BG3 is a place of madness and death, contrary to its name. Being occupied by Ruthless mind flayer and his subordinates, House of Healing is used to inflict pain upon poor unsuspecting people and put shadow curse on them. 

In this guide, we will explain everything you can do inside House of Healing in BG3. Before starting this journey, you must find and ready “Speak with the Dead” spell. This is not a recommendation instead a necessity at this point. House of Healing is not a massive place or offers a lot of activities, but it has one of the most memorable boss battles of the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 House of Healing location

House of Healing in Baldur’s Gate 3 is located North of Moonrise Tower and West of Mason’s Guild. This is one of the very first areas you will visit once you start Act 2. This location of House of Healing will be marked on your map if you first visit Last Light Inn location and accept “Wake up Art Cullagh” quest. Below is a list of activities you can do in this house of madness.

1. Save Arabella’s parents

Once you meet Arabella in the Shadow Cursed lands during Act 2, she will request you to find her parents. Apparently, her parents went to the House of Healing. Once you enter the House of Healing in BG3, make your way to the infirmary (marked on map) to find Sister Lidwin. Use Deception on her to make her leave and then talk to the dead bodies of two Tieflings. They will introduce themselves as Komira and Locke (Arabella’s parents in Baldur’s Gate 3).

Tell Arabella of her parents’ fate so the little one can have some closure. Your act of tough kindness will earn you approval from Shadowheart, Gale, Wyll and Astarion.

2. Wake up Art Cullagh

Once you enter the Last Light Inn, you will come across Art Cullagh who is of utmost importance to save Grand Duke. He is suffering from Shadow Curse and can only be awoken with a specific item, Battered Lute. Apparently, Baldur’s Gate 3 Malus Thorm took that lute from Art. 


To get the battered lute back, go down the stairs inside the House of Healing to find Malus Thorm in BG3. Defeat him to obtain battered lute. Take this unique item to Last Light Inn and rescue Art Cullagh.

3. Defeat Malus Thorm in BG3 House of Healing

The big baddie and the head of House of Healing in BG3 is a doctor, Malus Thorm. He is actually a Mind Flayer who has disguised himself to hurt innocent people. Malus Thorm is also controlling the mind of his assistants to make them do heinous acts. 

There are two ways to defeat Malus Thorm. Head on fight which involves his minion nurses and death by talking. During the first scenario we recommend that you take out her minions first and then focus on Malus Thorm. You can also talk to Malus Thorm and convince him to kill himself. It requires a lot of specific successful checks and failing any will result in an instant battle. 

Once you defeat Malus Thorm, you can free the patient to investigate more about Malus’s intentions.

These are the major activities you can do inside the House of Healing in BG3. Once you complete these, you are free to roam and loot whatever your heart desires. Once you have cleared this area, you are free to pass through and reach Baldur’s Gate 3 Thorm Mausoleum.

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