Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge The Drowned Quest Guide

An innocent person is dead. Was it a monster or an evil person at work? Let us find together by solving the Mystery in Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3.

Avenge the Drowned Quest is available in Act 3 of BG3. You will find this quest at the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate

The purpose of Avenge the Drowned quest is to avenge a fallen sister of the waveservants. A monster with black blood has mysteriously killed their sister. You must investigate the truth and find the real culprit behind this heinous act.

How to start the Avenge the Drowned quest

You can only start Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3 if you haven’t finished the Iron Throne prison quest yet. First, you must go to Water Queen’s House (X: -231, y: -262), which is in the Southwest part of Lower City, right across the Grey Harbour Docks. Once you reach there, hear someone singing a beautiful hymn. Follow the voice, and you will find the Waveservants. 

The Waveservant will be honoring their dead. Talk to their leader, Flood Tide Allandra Grey. Talk to her and select the following dialogue options. 

  • I have brought a prayer. 
  • Did this person drown? 
  • I am good at slaying beasts. Maybe I could help you. 
  • Where can I find the beast’s master? 

Allandra will then guide you on what you must do to complete the quest and get the reward.

BG3 Avenge the Drowned Walkthrough

After you have convinced Allandra that you will help her take revenge, head towards the Grey Harbour docks waypoint north of the Water Queen’s house. Talk to Gowlan here, who is cleaning the docks. Select the following dialogue options.

  • Oil? This isn’t black blood? 
  • I am looking into the death of a weaveservant. 
  • What happened to her body? 
  • Did you see anything unusual?

Now go to Flymm’s Cargo (X: -165, Y: -144), east of Grey Harbour docks. There are various ways to enter Flymm’s Cargo, but the easiest one is by lockpicking the main door. Go inside, and you will find it crawling with monsters. 

Defeat the enemies and search the place. You can also cast the Greater Invisibility spell and investigate the room’s Southwest corner without indulging in combat. You will notice a hatch covered with boxes. Open the hatch to access Flymm’s cargo basement. Go down and keep going straight until you reach the Machine Parts Storage door (X: -1076, Y: 329).

There, you will find Redhammer, the deviser. It will be obvious that he is your main suspect in question. You can either confront him right away and kill him or you can play along and free some prisoners and then kill him.

We recommend that you play it cool for the time being. Once you extract information about the Iron Throne prison from him, you can kill Redhammer. This will allow you to drive the submersible yourself and free the prisoners, including Omeluum and Grand Duke, from the Iron Throne prison. Now, return to Water Queen’s House and report to Allandra Grey to complete Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3. 

Avenge the Drowned quest rewards and loot

Once you complete Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3, you will be rewarded with the Wavemother’s Robe. It is a very rare armor and has an armor class of 10. You get resistance to fire and cold damage and get to heal 1-4 hit points if you are standing on water.

You will also gain Create or Destroy Water spell. With this spell, you can chain different elemental attacks together.

BG3 Avenge the Drowned quest bug

The Avenge the Drowned quest is currently bugged in Baldur’s Gate 3. Note that if you have previously completed the Steel Foundry quest, you will not be able to complete Avenge the Drowned. There is no fix for this bug yet, but expect a future patch to address the problem.

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