Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge The Drowned Quest Guide

In the Avenge the Drowned quest, you have to avenge a fallen sister who was killed by a monster in Baldur's Gate 3.

Avenge the Drowned Quest is made available to you in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. You will find this quest when you finally make your way to the city of Baldur’s Gate.

In this Quest, you will have to avenge a fallen sister of the waveservants. Their sister will have been mysteriously killed by a monster with black blood. You have to investigate and hunt them down.

How to start the Avenge the Drowned quest

You will find this quest at the southwest of the lower city in Baldurs Gate 3. Once you reach there hear someone singing a beautiful hymn. Follow the voice and you will find the Waveservants.

The Waveservant will be honoring their dead. Talk to their leader by the name of Flood Tide Aldrinna Grey. She will then guide you to as what happened and what you need to do to complete the quest and get the reward.

How to complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

After you have convinced the leader that you will help them take revenge.  Head towards the docks across the city. There you will find Flymm Cargo. Go inside the palace and you will find it crawling with monsters.

Defeat them and search the palace. After a little bit of search, you will find a way towards the sewers underneath there. Head inside to the sewers and you will discover a secret dock there.


There you will find REDHAMMER. It will be obvious that he is your main suspect in question. You can either confront him right away and kill him or you can play along and free some prisoners and then hand him away to the Flood tide.

We recommend that you play it cool for the time being. After you have completed the Iron Throne prisoner extraction. You can hand him over to the Floodtide.

The floodtide will be pissed and will think that you double-crossed them. But play it cool and you will get a reward. Furthermore, you will also have completed the Iron Throne Prisoner Extraction side quest as well.

The quest rewards

Once you complete the mission you will be rewarded the Wavemother’s Robe. It is a very rare armor and has an armor class of 10. You get resistance to fire and cold damage. You also get to heal 1-4 hit points if you are standing on water.

Furthermore, you also gain the spell. Create or destroy water. With this spell, you can chain different elemental attacks together.

For example, you can cast clear water and then cast witch bolt on it. This will electrocute all the enemies standing on the water.

BG3 Avenge the Drowned quest bug

The Avenge the Drowned quest is currently bugged in Baldur’s Gate 3. Note that if you have previously completed the Steel Foundry quest, you will not be able to complete Avenge the Drowned. There is no fix for this bug as of yet, but expect a future patch to address the problem.

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