Baldur’s Gate 3 Illithid Parasite Locations

Illithid Parasites in Baldur's Gate 3 are the key to unlock new Illithid Powers, once you know the locations to find them.

Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens are scattered in large quantities all across the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. These Illithid Parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3 are basically extra tadpoles just like the one that already exists in your brain after your escape from the Nautiloid. Consuming these illithid parasites in BG3 is necessary if you wish to expand your Illithid Powers.

Some of the players in Baldur’s Gate 3 wish to acquire these Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens as many as they can put their hands on them. There are two ways to acquire these parasites. One way to acquire parasites is from corpses. Another way is to get them from the jars which you need to find.

In most cases, whenever you are near a corpse or jar that contains a mindflayer parasite in BG3, the Guardian will talk to you telepathically and tell you to pick it up. You can do as you are asked or ignore that piece of instruction depending on whether you want to become a mindflayer or not.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Illithid Parasite Locations

In order to allow you to unlock every Illithid Power in BG3, especially the super cool ones after you let The Emperor evolve you, you are going to need the Illithid Parasite locations we have mentioned below. Once you have all the parasite specimens that you need, you can invest them to unlock cool new abilities like transforming into a Displacer Beast in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Keep in mind that unlocking and using Illithid Powers doesn’t have an outright consequence but in the long term, you can become a mind flayer if you unlock too many Illithid powers.

Emerald Grove

You can find an Illithid Parasite inside a jar on a table within the Enclave Library of Emerald Grove. You can look for a dismembered Drow Corpse, just beside Corpse, you will find this table. Keep in mind that you have to do this activity when Nettie is not having an eye on you.


Druid Grove

The druid circle in Emerald Grove is home to another Illithid Parasite location in Baldur’s Gate 3. You need to find Brynna’s friend there. The parasite is inside her dead friend’s head.

Near the Owlbear cave

West of the Emerald Grove you will run into a dying Absolute cultist Edowin and his two companions. The companions will go towards the owlbear cave if you convince them to fight the monster. Once they are gone, loot Edowin’s body to pick up an illithid parasite.

Risen Road

You can get one of the parasite from Flind the Gnoll Warlord, located in the Risen Road. You can locate Warlord with several other Warlords.

Shattered Sanctum

The three goblin leaders inside the Shattered Sanctum of Goblin Camp all have illithid parasites inside their head courtesy of the Absolute. If you wish to side with Druid Halsin, you can kill these three goblin leaders and then loot their bodies for Mindflayer Parasite Specimens in BG3.

Keep in mind that if you go this route, you will be unable to recruit Minthara to your party.


When you make your way to Grymforge, you can get a parasite from True Soul Nere. You will get two choices to select from. One is to slay True Soul Nere and the other is to free True Soul Nere.

If you choose either of the choice, you will get the parasite for sure. You can take the Parasite once you kill True Soul Nere.

If you don’t kill him, you can join him in killing the incompetent Duergar and the Gnome slaves. Once they are all dead, you will be given the parasite in the form Absolute’s Gift. This gift basically acts the same way as an Illithid Parasite and can be used to unlock new powers in BG3.

Last Light Inn

You can get Parasite from Flaming Fist Marcus. Side with the Harpers and protect Isobel from being abducted by Marcus. Once Marcus is dead, loot him to get another Illithid Parasite.

Moonrise Towers

Being a stronghold of Absolute’s cultists, it makes sense that Moonrise Towers in BG3 would be filled with illithid parasites. In fact, during my playthrough, I was able to get almost 10 mindflayer parasite specimens from this place.

You can put your hands on two of the parasite on a boat anchored. This boat can be located when you go northwest from the Rivington waypoint at the location of Moonrise Towers.

Another parasite can be taken from Lisella who can be found within the tower in the kitchen. Once you reach there, you can slay her down to get the parasite or another way to acquire the parasite is to separate her from gnoll servants which will also give you a parasite.

Most of the other parasites are acquired if you side with the Harpers. During the assault on Moonrise Towers at the end of Act 2, you will fight numerous True Soul enemies. Each of them drops a parasite on death.

We have listed some of the enemies that upon being killed will give you an illithid parasite in BG3

  • Zealot Malik
  • Adept Merim
  • Disciple Z’rell
  • Zealot Krizt

Mind Flayer Colony

After crossing through the Oubliette, you will enter the Mind Flayer Colony. To get the parasite you need to pass a Perception skill check. You can pass this check on a pool of brine which you can find in the room where you have found Zariel’s Asset.

Lower City

While exploring the Lower City section of Baldur’s Gate, you might run into Bloomridge Park. Once you reach there, you will encounter several of the Bhaal cultists. Once you defeated all of them, you will meet Manip Edenosa who is a Flaming Fist. You will have a conversation with him and after the conversation, he will die. Once he is dead, you will get the parasite.

One more parasite can be found in the Lower City while you are doing the Save Vanra quest. You have to go inside the cellar of the blushing mermaid where you will be able to see a jar in which you can get Parasite. This jar is located beside a wooden platform on which there are several branches.

Another parasite can be acquired from Steel Watch Foundry. Once you are inside the foundry, you have to find the chamber before you get into the control room. Once you enter in the chamber, you will be able to look for a jar placed on a desk. This jar contains one of the parasite.

Crèche Y’llek

Crèche Y’llek has three of the Parasites which you can put your hands on. You can get them from Infirmary during your way to steal a Githyanki egg for Lady Esther.

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