Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Nouda Shrine Walkthrough

The Nouda Shrine is Proving Grounds: Intermediate Shrine location in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll be stripped of all your gear and will have to make do with completing it using regular wooden gear.

Similar to a few of the other Shrine locations, this one is very combat heavy and you’ll need to think of interesting ways to eliminate the Constructs using what you have.

So here is how to complete the Nouda Shrine Proving Grounds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Nouda Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Nouda Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

Coordinates: -2404, 2290, 0172

The Nouda Shrine is found inside the Tabantha Frontier region of the Hyrule map in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll have to travel to the Tabatha Tundra found in the southeast direction from the Hebra Mountains.

The easiest route there is to approach it from either the An Unfamiliar World, Dragon Tear location, or to go from the Snowfield Stable, grab a horse, make your way across the Kopeki Drifts


You’ll have to track through the snowy region here to reach the coordinates -2396, 2281, 0220. This will take you to the entrance of the Kopeeki Drifts Cave.

As you enter the cave you must first make your way across to reach the shrine. Enter the room to the right where you will find a frozen Like Like. The frozen Like Like’s breath will transform the water into ice platforms.

You need to use your Ultrahand ability to pick up and combine these ice blocks. Create two sets of larger platforms by combining three ice blocks each. Use your summons to keep the monster busy while you do so.

Now, exit the room and carry over these platforms using your Ultrahand to the water body in front, placing them consecutively one after the other. These platforms will float in the water so you can jump on them and make your way across.

When you jump on the second platform, you can reuse the first one by dragging it in front of you. Rinse and repeat until you get across.

Once you make it across, you can enter the Nouda Shrine.

How to complete the Nouda Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Nouda Shrine in Zelda TotK is a Proving Grounds: Intermediate Shrine, meaning once you enter it, you’ll be stripped of all your gear for the time being and will have to work with the gear you are given with.

You can grab the Wooden Stick, Thick Stick, Old Wooden Bow, and 10 arrows to your right. First things first, look to your right and snipe the Construct on the raised platform, which will go down in one hit.

Now use the ladder to get on this platform and collect the gear that the construct dropped along with the fire fruit. Use the pillar in front of the platform to remain hidden from the remaining Constructs.

Use the Construct Horn and fuse it with your weapon to increase its damage. Now fire off a few arrows to the Construct on the upper section in front of you.

Drop down from the platform and approach the Construct on the left while avoiding their Thunder Arrows. You can throw a Fire Fruit on the leaves below to take it and another Construct approaching you, out.

Now grab the items that they dropped. You’ll then be approached by the Construct who wields a Spiked Hammer. You can take him down with your new fused weapon. Picked up his Construct Arm, Zonai Charge, Rusty Shield, and Spiked Iron Ball Hammer.

Now climb the platform while avoiding the spike trap to fight the remaining Construct. This Construct wields a Barrel and Bow and will be the strongest of the bunch.

You must be very careful when taking it on. Try to use your Flurry Rush by avoiding his attack and pressing Y. You’ll have to slowly chip away at his large health bar while at the same time being wary of his bow and barrel attacks.

The Barrel can especially deal a ton of damage leaving you in a critical state. The Construct delivers a back-and-forth swipe and can even chain that into a third hit similar to a Dark Souls boss.

He also delivers a wiping attack spinning in a 360-degree motion, which is a bit difficult to read so you’ll have to be careful. You can choose to snipe away to finish his remaining health while maintaining distance to avoid taking more damage.

You can now pick up his Strong Construct Bow, Captain Construct II Horn, and Barrel Hammer.

Now the final Construct will all the way to the top of the platform. Use your Ascend ability to get on top and defeat him fairly easily with your new gear.

This will complete the Proving Grounds challenge and your gear will be returned to you. A door will also open at the end of this room.

You exit through there and interact with the Nouda Shrine Sigel to complete the shrine.

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