Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Oromuwak Shrine Walkthrough

The Oromuwak Shrine is all about rockets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Its puzzle requires you to use your Ultrahand ability to grab and position rockets alongside a cart to reach the next platform.

This is one of the 152 Shrines you come across in the game. Here is how you can complete the Oromuwak Shrine for its rewards in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Oromuwak Shrine in Zelda: TotK

To find the Oromuwak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, make your way to the Tabantha Frontier and then head northeast of Strock Lake.

Oromuwak Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Oromuwak Shrine is just east of Rito Village. Follow the main path out of the village and take the second right to reach coordinates -3075, 1615, and 0243.

When you reach an arch, move on top of it and you will reach the shrine. Take note that there are going to be some thorns between you and the entrance. Use your Fire Fruit to remove them and clear a path to the Shrine.

How to solve the Oromuwak Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

There are three parts to the Oromuwak Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom.


Step 1) Hit the Target

When you enter the Oromuwak Shrine, there will be a target in the distance to your left. To hit the target, you are given two rockets to your right. You will need to pick them up using the Ultrahand Ability and place them on the ramp’s grove. The Ramp is also to the left and directed towards the target.

After hitting the rocket, it will fly and hit the target. If you miss the target altogether, you can try again with the second rocket. When you hit the target, the door will open up.

Step 2) Move up with the Tracks

In the second section, there will be a rail cart on some tracks. These tracks will be moving up to another platform.

To reach the platform, you can pick up the rockets from before and stick them to the back of the cart. When you hit the rocket, you will move up to the platform.

When sticking the rocket on the cart, make sure it is near the middle of the cart because the cart turns to the side when not placed in the middle.

Step 3) Jump toward the Shrine and Chest

When on the platform, you will see a chest on a platform to your right. This platform is quite high and you will need to use the carts to the right and Rockets to the left in the groves of the ramp to move towards the platform.

One way you can do this is by sticking a single rocket on the cart facing up. Jump in and turn on to the rocket. The cart will start to move up. Jump off the cart at the right time and use your glider to float towards the platform and open the chest.

Another way is to place the cart close to the wall and stick the rockets on the cart. After hitting the rocket, you will move up but you will not hit the ceiling and only hit the decoration on the wall which is lower than the ceiling. You can jump out of the cart and glide towards the platform to open the chest.

You can also use the cart from step 2 and stick one rocket in the front facing up. When hit, the cart will move both forward and up and this will give you enough time to make the jump easily because of the large distance between you and the ceiling.

After collecting the Ruby from the Chest you can either jump from the platform and glide all of the way to the shrine.

You can also jump down and make a cart with rockets on the side facing forward. This will propel you enough to skip the stairs and hit the wall next to the Shrine.

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