Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Heroines’ Secret Quest Walkthrough

Photograph the Stelae to uncover the Gerudo Heroines' Secret.

The Heroines’ Secret is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that involves discovering the secret of Gerudo’s Heroines. This quest will take you through the narrow corridors of Gerudo Shelter to locate four Stelae and picture them for an archeologist.

The Heroines’ Secret quest is given to you by Rotana of Gerudo, an archeologist keen to find the Monuments of the Seven Heroines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In this guide, we will help you locate these Stelae easily and picture them for Rotana.

How to start The Heroines’ Secret Quest in Zelda: TotK

The Heroines’ secret side quest can be obtained by talking to Rotana in Gerudo’s Shelter. You will visit Gerudo Town during the Regional Phenomena main quest, or you can follow our guide to reach here anytime you want.

There are no prerequisites for this quest. All you need to do is to find Rotana (-3883, -2969, 0033) and talk to her. This will add the quest to your journal; you can select it from there.

How to enter Gerudo Shelter

To enter the shelter, you must first go to the throne room, which is quite easy to discover with its large entrance and stairs just across from the town center.

You will soon discover that you cannot enter the room, so you must take an alternate approach to reach the shelter. Head to the courtyard east of the throne and enter the small room just down the stairs to the right of the courtyard.

Inside this room, a desk in the front can be moved to reveal a hole in the wall. You can crawl through this hole to reach the shelter on the other side of the wall.

Once inside the shelter, you must find Rotana, who is reading scripture on the wall – the stelae. You must talk with Rotana to start The Heroines’ Secret side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to complete The Heroines’ Secret quest in Zelda: TotK

After talking to Rotana, she informs you that she is trying to uncover the mystery of the Seven Heroines by finding four different Stelae. You will be tasked to find these stelae and take a photo of each to complete this quest.

There will be no marker for any Stelae on your map, so you need to follow our guide precisely. All four Steale are inside Gerudo Shelter.

First Stelae Location

The first Stelae is easy to find. Just go past Rotana (to the right) and then take the left turn.

You will come across a wall full of breakable boulders (-3894, -2991, 0032). You can break these boulders with Bomb Arrow (Bomb Flower + Arrow) or using any Rock Hammer (fuse weapon with rock).

Select the camera from the selection wheel and take a picture of the Stelae hidden behind the rocks. Make sure there is a red warning mark near the words “Monument to Seven Heroines” for the picture to register successfully.

Second Stelae Location

To find the second Steale, travel back to Rotana. Instead of going forward this time, turn back towards the entrance and take the path to your left.

There will be three paths diverging at this point. Instead of going left or right, go straight and down the stairs (-3903, -2929, 0030).

Turn right to find an open cupboard to the right. Look at the jars (will be colored differently) at the bottom left cupboard.

Break the jar with any weapon and then crouch to pass the gap (3893, -2926 0031).

Use the Ascend ability at this point to enter the Gerudo Jail.


You can also wear complete Yiga Clan armor to get arrested.

Inside the jail, you will find the next Stelae at the following coordinates (-3887, -2928, 0034). Take a picture of this Stelae and return to the Rotana location.

Third Stelae Location

To find the third Stelae, return to Rotana. Once again, turn back towards the Gerudo Shelter’s entrance and go through the door to your right.

It is right next to the Goddess Statue, and its coordinates are (-3876, -2973, 0033). In the next room, take a left and then go forward. Take another left until you pass through a door with two torches.

This is a hallway with the third Stelae. Look to the left, and you will notice a broken stelae (-3847, -2946, 0029) with a mound of sand at its feet.

Either use a fan weapon (zonai fan device + weapon) or fuse a Korok Fond to any weapon. Use these weapons to blow away the sand.

This will reveal the slab broken from the stelae. Pick it up with Ultrahand and rotate it to match the slot in the third stelae.

Place the slab in the stelae to fix it. Now, you can take its picture and get one step closer to discovering the Heroines’ Secret in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Fourth Stelae Location

To find the fourth and the final stelae, return to Rotana once again. Turn back and pass through the door near the Goddess Statue (to your right).

This will lead you into the classroom. You must arrive after 4 p.m. (16:00 on the game’s clock), or you won’t be allowed to enter.

The stelae here are broken into two pieces and are present on two separate walls. To take a complete picture of the stelae, you need to position yourself so that they overlap to make it whole.

This can be done by standing at the following coordinates (-3855, -2981, 0032) and looking at the Stelae as shown in the picture.

Take out your camera, and once the red warning symbol appears, you are good to go.

Once you have captured all four stelae, you can return to Rotana and show her the pictures.


Sadly, there is no reward for completing the Heroines’ secret quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, it serves as a prerequisite to unlock The Mysterious Eighth side quest, which you can also obtain from Rotana in Gerudo Shelter.

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