How To Increase Heat Resistance In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Surviving in the hot and lava filled regions of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires you to increase your heat resistance with gear and items.

The weather conditions of Hyrule in Zelda TotK have two types of Heat calamities, i.e. Heat from the sun and heat from the lava (or fire flames). You can achieve heat resistance by consuming foods, elixirs, or wearing certain types of armors that provide heat resistance in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The extremely fiery caves in Goron City require specific armor to save Link from being damaged by flames and losing a lot of Hearts. To help you survive for longer in such areas, we have prepared this guide to explain how you can increase Heat resistance in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to improve heat resistance in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Similar to other weather effects like Lightning and Cold, you can also increase Link’s heat resistance in Zelda TotK by either consuming Fireproof Elixir or wearing special armor sets that improve protection against fire and lava.

Fireproof Elixir lasts for a short while so while it is effective, it isn’t the ideal solution. That is where the Flamebreaker Armor set and Desert Voe armor helps. Depending on which areas of Hyrule you are traveling in, you might need different types of heat resistance. You have the option of being completely fireproof for areas like Goron City or having heat resistance for areas like Gerudo Desert.

Keep in mind that Desert Voe gear and Flamebreaker serve completely different purposes. Desert Voe armor provides heat resistance but you are vulnerable to flame damage. Flamebreaker armor makes you completely immune to fire and lava but provides no special heat resistance, with or without armor upgrades.

Get Desert Voe armor for heat resistance

The outskirts of the Gerudo Desert region get extremely hot during the daytime, and you will not be able to survive much longer without heat-resistant clothing on you. Although different food items and elixirs can help too in the matter, but having some nice clothing is always a plus.

Reach Kara Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Village and move toward the roadside shop. You can get the Desert Voe Headband from the shop here. This item costs you only 450 Rupees.

The female shopkeeper Saula will tell you that you can get other armor parts from the secret shop behind the Fashion Passion Store of Gerudo Town. You enter the shop by going into the sewers and then using the Ascend ability to make your way up. This saves you time from trying to find the Gerudo armor set.

Get Flamebreaker armor set for a complete Fireproof buff

You can find and acquire the Flamebreaker set from the Armor shop in Goron City. Having reached the said shop, talk to the shopkeeper Rogaro. He explains that some areas of the city cannot be accessed unless you are wearing proper fireproof equipment.

tears of the kingdom flame resistance armor

After the talk ends, you can request Rogaro to buy some items from your inventory to earn some rupees. (The Flamebreaker set does not sell for any fewer pennies, so it is better to have enough amount).

The whole set can be bought for a whopping 3300 Rupees, the breakdown of which is as follows:

  • Helm: This one costs the highest relative to Armor and Boosts. You can buy it for 1400 Rupees
  • Armor: Much cheaper than the others. You can buy it for 700 Rupees
  • Boots: Finally, these cost you 1200 Rupees

After buying all these Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Flamebreaker set items; you are free to roam in the scorching caves of Goron City without any fear of the flames.

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