Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom All Zonai Devices Locations

One of the new features in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to craft vehicles using special items that you find called Zonai Devices

Legend of Zelda has seen several new and exciting changes, with new features and abilities for players to play around with. One of the new features added to Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to craft vehicles in the game using different items you find called Zonai Devices.

There are several Zonai Devices, including wheels, the cart, the steering stick, and even weapons such as bombs. In this guide, we will have a detailed look at the functions of Zonai Devices and where we can find them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

All Zonai devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zonai Devices always appear encapsulated, which you can take from your inventory for only one use. These devices, once taken out, can’t be put back again. It’s time to craft a vehicle after finding the dispensers and obtaining Zonai Devices in Zelda TotK from them.

Depending on your imagination and resources, these vehicles can be fit for ground, sky, or even water.

These Zonai Devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be combined using the Ultrahand ability you unlock for Link as a part of the main story progression. Let us look at all the Zonai devices and what they do:

  • Fan – Used to push wind for thrust. Used on water and air vehicles.
  • Wings – A device that can get airborne but needs some extra push from rockets and fans.
  • Cart – This Zonai device in Zelda TotK is a basic cart with wheels that can move over plain surfaces. They need a push from rockets or fans. It also fuses with shields to create surfing devices.
  • Homing Cart – A basic cart that can track and hit enemies.
  • Balloon – Allows you to get airborne. Need heat from a fire source to fly.
  • Rocket – Used to provide a thrust to your vehicle. Provides quick acceleration for a short period.
  • Time Bomb – A bomb that blasts after a certain period and helps activate other Zonai devices.
  • Portable Pot – Allows the players to cook meals anywhere, anytime. Single-use only.
  • Flame Emitter – A Flamethrower that can be attached to your vehicle and shoots flame in a straight line.
  • Shock Emitter – A device that discharges electric attack in a straight line.
  • Beam Emitter – A device that shoots laser beams in a straight line.
  • Frost Emitter – A device that shoots frost attacks in a straight line.
  • Hydrant – Release water to put out fires.
  • Steering Stick – A device used to steer your vehicle, whether on the ground, in the air, or in water.
  • Big Wheel – A giant wheel, perfect for vehicles that drive on rough terrain.
  • Small Wheel – A basic wheel used for vehicles to drive on plain areas.
  • Sled – A basic sled used to travel on grassy and snowy areas where wheels are useless.
  • Battery – This Zonai device is used to power up emitters, rockets, and fans—the primary power source of your vehicle in Zelda TotK.
  • Spring – Launches Link and other contraptions into the air when hit.
  • Cannon – Shoots an explosive round in a straight line.
  • Light – Light source for traveling in the dark.
  • Stake – A sharp object used to deal damage by ramming into objects.
  • Construct Head – Used to aim weapons that fire in a straight line.
  • Mirror – Reflects light beams for puzzles or to blind enemies.

Where to find Zonai devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zonai Devices are obtained from their dispensers in Hyrule. Once you find a dispenser, you need to bring Zonai Charges to the dispenser, and the dispenser converts these resources into the devices you are after. Most of these dispensers are available on Sky Island.

Each dispenser gives you multiple Zonai Devices (specific to that dispenser), depending on how many Zonai Charges you feed to the dispenser (5 maximum at one time). Each dispenser can randomly give you any Zonai Device from a selection available to that dispenser.

Below is a detailed list of all 30 Zonai Devices in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, with their maps and coordinates.

Sky Island Zonai dispensers locations

Of 30 Zonai Device dispensers in Zelda TotK, 25 are available on Sky Island.

Dispenser Location Coordinates Possible Zonai Devices
Bravery Island  0212, 1988, 0755 Battery, Light, Flame Emitter, Construct Head
Courage Island -2365, 0786, 0611 Fan, Balloon, Time Bomb, Portable Port
Great Sky Island 1 0773, -1265, 1579 Fan, Wing, Flame Emitter, Portable Pot
East Hebra Sky Archipelago -1710, 3372, 0948 Wing, Sled, Fan, Cart, Light
West Hebra Sky Archipelago -3807, 2760, 0702 Flame Emitter, Time Bomb, Rocket, Portable Pot
Lightcast Island -3613, 1059, 1656 Wing, Spring, Hover Stone, Balloon
North Hyrule Sky Archipelago 0438, 2819, 1820 Shock Emitter, Light, Steering Stick, Homing Cart
South Hyrule Sky Archipelago -1219, -1583, 1007 Light, Time Bomb, Rocket, Small Wheel
Lanayru Sky Archipelago 2913, 0509, 0951 Cart, Wing, Fan, Beam Emitter
South Lanayru Sky Archipelago 4670, -1023, 1789 Battery, Mirror, Wing, Frost Emitter
North Necluda Sky Archipelago 1784, -1100, 0918 Cannon, Wing, Spring, Time Bomb
West Necluda Sky Archipelago 1348, -2145, 0585 Balloon, Cart, Hydrant, Construct Head, Stabilizer
East Gerudo Sky Archipelago -1776, -2025, 1148 Beam Emitter, Sled, Mirror, Steering Stick, Stake
Sky Mine 4554, 2082, 1155 Homing Cart, Hover Stone, Hydrant, Time Bomb
Sokkala Sky Archipelago 3749, 1538, 1157 Cannon, Cart, Homing Cart, Stake, Construct Head
South Eldin Sky Archipelago 1967, 1220, 1251 Battery, Fan, Big Wheel, Time Bomb
Starview Island -3461, -0371, 1943 Frost Emitter, Shock Emitter, Stabilizer, Sled, Stake
Tabantha Sky Archipelago -3457, 0400, 1695 Frost Emitter, Steering Stick, Hydrant, Spring
Thunderhead Isle 1097, -3334, 0828 Battery, Portable Pot, Fan, Shock Emitter
Valor Island 4506, -0811, 1117 Steering Stik, Hydrant, Spring, Beam Emitter
Wellspring Island 3436, 0641, 1317 Battery, Hover Stone, Stabilizer, Wing, Fan
Zonaite Forge Island 2325, -1724, 1485 Beam Emitter, Flame Emitter, Frost Emitter, Time Bomb, Homing Cart
Great Sky Island 2 0440, -1680, 1443 Flame Emitter, Portable Pot, Fan

Depths Zonai dispensers locations

Depths is home to only two Zonai Device dispensers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Dispenser Location Coordinates Possible Zonai Devices 
Death Mountain Depths 2186, 2634, -0962 Big Wheel, Steering Stick, Portable Pot, Battery 
Left-Leg Depot 1051, -2316, -0551 Wing, Small Wheel, Big Wheel, Rocket, Steering Stick, Construct Head 

Hyrule Zonai dispensers locations

Despite being the most significant area, Hyrule surface contains only 3 Zonai Device dispensers in Zelda TotK

Dispenser LocationCoordinatesPossible Zonai Devices
Tarrey Town3802, 1561, 0091Fan, Small Wheel, Balloon, Big Wheel, Rocket, Steering Stick
Kakariko Village1840, -1889, 0156Balloon, Big Wheel, Small Wheel, Fan, Rocket, Steering Wheel
Digdogg Suspension Bridge-1627, -1889, 0002Battery, Big Wheel, Spring, Stake, Portable Pot

Benefits of Zonai devices

Other than the obvious benefit, that allows easy and fast locomotion across Hyrule. It also allows you to access different areas quicker and easier. Zonai Devices can be used to make weaponized vehicles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

These vehicles can then attack and target multiple enemies and clear out hordes of enemies without wasting too many resources. The different types of weapons you can use together in a single Zonai vehicle and what components you use can also help you work more efficiently against certain groups of enemies.

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