Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List

Elden Ring in typical From Software fashion allows players to have a massive variety of builds and playstyles. Whether you want to be a glass cannon, naked person or a heavily armored mage, your imagination is the limit. If you are unsure of how to craft builds best suited for various combat styles, we have compiled some of our Elden Ring Best Builds in this guide below.

Elden Ring Best Builds Tier List

Our Elden Ring builds cover a variety of options from both class perspectives as well as weapon/playstyle options. While veterans of the SoulsBorne genre might be creating their own builds, new players would definitely find themselves benefiting from these builds.

In these builds, we will provide you with the details of weapons, armors and spells you should get your hands on for ease of combat. On top of that, we will also explain how best to play each build. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed by the technicalities.

Tier List for All Builds

Tiers Builds
S Bleed, Strength, Rivers of Blood, Sword of Night and Flame, Intelligence, Katana, Vagabond, Warrior, Hero, Astrologer, Confessor
A Dexterity, Samurai, Reduvia Dagger, Bloodflame, Scarlet Rot, Mage, Bandit, Bloodhound’s Fang, Prisoner, Arcane,
B SpellSword, Spellblade, Paladin, Faith, Prophet, Prisoner, Archer
C Lightning Spear, Black Flame, Starscourge Greatsword, Darkmoon Greatsword
D Sword and Shield Builds, Scythe, Deathblight

 General Tier List

Tier Builds
S Bleed, Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity
A Scarlet Rot
B Faith
C Archer

S Tier Builds

Bleed Builds

What can be said about one of the deadliest build types in Elden Ring. Bleed deals damage to a percentage of total health rather than a fixed value, meaning the more health your enemy has, the higher the damage they take.

After Patch 1.03, bleed has been buffed and is ridiculously strong against almost every enemy type in Elden Ring, except for the skeletons in Catacombs.

For the sake of avoiding redundancy, we will also consider Blood Flame builds as bleed, since they do deal bleed damage and work the same way as classic bleed builds.

And with the option to change the Ash of War on your weapon, any weapon can be turned into a bleed weapon, allowing for some crazy OP bleed builds. Following are some of the better bleed builds we have.

You can check out more builds on Bleed here:

Strength Builds

Strength Builds are the all-time favorite in all From Software games and Elden Ring has carried on the tradition of providing excellent Strength weapons that will absolutely destroy all your enemies. Here, are a few examples of the top Strength Builds.

You can check out other builds for Strength here:

Intelligence Builds

Magic has proven itself to be very useful in Elden Ring as compared to previous games. The sheer variety and number of spell make is clear that magic has been made a central focus of the game. Intelligence is the primary attribute that affects the use of all of the Glintstone Sorceries and some Gravity Spells in the game.

For more on intelligence builds, check out these links:

Dexterity Builds

Dexterity is the second most preferred build type in Elden Ring, due to the fast weapons that this attribute allows you to wield, as well as the multiple of the most OP weapons in the game such as Moonveil and Rivers of Blood along with other Katanas.

For more Dexterity Builds, check out the following links:

A Tier Builds

Scarlet Rot Builds

This is the only choice we present that has limited build variety but we still highly recommend this build as Scarlet Rot is universal and deals massive continuous damage. This is one of the strongest ailments, especially in PvP after the fall of Elden Ring Deathblight Builds.

B Tier Builds

Faith Builds

Faith is the second casting type and includes Erdtree Incantations as well as the Dragon Incantations. These are well placed and the variety of builds that can be used in almost all situations.

For more detail on Faith builds, check out the following links:

C Tier Builds

Archer Builds

The last build type which isn’t really included in any of the general categorization is the Archer Build. Archer build is underrated for how it works, as range can be a huge friend in the unforgiving open world of Elden Ring.

You can check out Elden Ring Archer builds guide for more details on Archer Builds.

Miscellaneous Builds

Below are some other builds that don’t really fall well in the categories listed above but are nonetheless still highly viable should you choose to pick one of them

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