Elden Ring Dexterity Builds Guide

For players looking to bank their dexterity stats for a good character build, consider the following Elden Ring Dexterity builds below.

If you can’t decide whether you want the best build that is purely for hand-to-hand combat or a purely ranged build and uses lots of spells, you are right place. This Elden Ring guide will explain everything to know about Dexterity Builds in Elden Ring that will satisfy your craving for both playstyles

Elden Ring Dexterity Builds

Dexterity in Elden Ring is a stat that boosts the power of advanced armaments and spells as well as reducing the cast time of sorceries and incantations.

Complex and deadly weapons like Moonveil Katana, Uchigatana and Longbow scale primarily with dexterity, so our following Elden Ring builds are ideal for you if you are interested in using such weapons.

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Blood Knight Dexterity Build

Stats: Dexterity (Primary), Strength (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Endurance (Secondary)

Weapon: Uchigatana, Nagakiba, Longbow

Talisman: Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Skills: Bloody Slash, Mighty Shot

Katana Dexterity Bleed Build

Stats: Dexterity (Primary), Intelligence (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Endurance (Secondary)

Weapon: Moonveil and Keen Uchigatana

Skills: Bleed Affinity

Dexterity Samurai Build

Stats: Dexterity (Primary), Endurance (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Strength (Secondary)

Weapon: Longbow, Uchigatana

Skills: Mighty Shot, Ash of War: Bloody Slash

Best Stats for Dexterity Builds

For the Bloody Knight, Dexterity Build, Dexterity, and Strength will be your primary stats, whereas Vigor and Endurance will be your secondary. You can scale your stats, keeping these points in point, or you can also follow our recommended stats which are

  • Vigor: 61
  • Endurance: 40
  • Strength: 35
  • Dexterity: 77

For the Katana Dexterity Bleed Build, Dexterity and Intelligence will be your primary, and Vigor and Strength will be your secondary stats. The recommended stat values are as follows

  • Vigor: 64
  • Strength: 24
  • Dexterity: 85
  • Intelligence: 34

Lastly, for Dexterity Samurai Build, Dexterity and Endurance will be your primary, and Vigor and Strength will be your secondary stats. The recommended stat values are as follows

  • Vigor: 23
  • Endurance: 19
  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 33

Best Weapons for Dexterity Builds in Elden Ring

For Bloody Night Dexterity Build, you can rely on Uchigatana to deal a lot of damage and on Nagakiba to cause additional blood loss since it scales well with Dexterity and Strength. Nagakiba is just perfect for this build as it offers great blood loss and scales perfectly with Dexterity and Strength. This is an extended version of Uchigatana, which offers damage at a longer range.

You can do Backstab L1 with this weapon, too, and you can reach people even further because of the range of Nagakiba. It’s simply the best weapon you can have for PvE because of its long-range.

For Katana Dexterity Bleed Build, Moonveil provides a good amount of bleed damage, so it should be preferred over other weapons. Uchigatana can be perfect for use even if you aren’t using it solo.

Players should begin playing with this build by taking Moonveil and Uchigatana both in their hands at the same time. This combination works perfectly, as Moonveil causes a lot of bleed damage to the enemy, and Uchigatana is a perfect weapon to use when holding in two hands.

Moreover, players can also put grease on Uchigatana to make it more effective against the enemies.

Players can make use of the combination of Uchigatana and Bleed Affinity to cause damage to the enemy at a range. If the enemy moves closer, then they will have Moonveil to counter them effectively as well. So, players can easily handle the enemy if they use their weapons and skills effectively.

Uchigatana scale at an A rating. They are wonderful weapons because they come with blood loss bleed buildup. The Attack Power of these weapons is 605 per weapon. They have a total of 1200 Attack power.

This weapon can do Roll L1, which you can do from a crouch. This weapon is good for PVP. The best PVP attack that this weapon can do is backstab L1. You can do this by turning around and surprising someone

Uchighatana is the best weapon choice for PVE because you don’t need a lot of range in PVE, and it doesn’t have a lot of range naturally.

Scavenger’s keen curved sword is another option for the bleed build. It is a short-range weapon, but the good thing about this weapon is that it is faster.

The downside of this weapon is that it scales at a B rating instead of an A rating, so the damage done with this weapon is slightly worse than other weapons. The benefit is low weight and a faster moveset.

For Dexterity Samurai Build, Players will want to keep a Longbow for Samurai character to deal damage from a long-range. Uchigatana can be effective because it is also a long-range weapon and can target enemies from a distance.

Longbow can be used to hit enemies from a large distance, followed by dealing melee damage using Uchigatana on enemies who manage to come closer.

Also, be careful that you make use of dodge and attack techniques to be able to make the best use of attributes. So, just keep jumping, rolling, and moving around while hitting the enemy, especially using Longbow to make effective use of the weapon and cause more damage.

Best Talisman for Dexterity Build

For Bloody Knight Dexterity Build, Assassin’s Crimson Dagger Talisman can provide you with HP recovery on every critical hit.

For Katana Dexterity Bleed Build, you can choose a talisman of your choice and whatever suits your playstyle.

For Dexterity Samurai Build, the choice of talisman for this build as well is entirely up to the player and their requirements.

Best Skills for Dexterity Build

For Bloody Knight Dexterity Build, you can apply Bloody Slash Ash of War on your Uchigatana offers a huge amount of damage. Bloody Slash can drain a little bit of health, so you can stagger the enemies and backstab them with Assassin Crimson Dagger to recover your HP on every critical hit you inflict on the enemy.

You can use Mighty Shot in combination with your longbow to deal heavy damage from a distance.

For Katana Dexterity Bleed Build, Bleed Affinity is the best skill that can be used. Bleed Affinity on Uchigatana will increase the blood loss of the enemy every time you will attack. Players can make use of the combination of Uchigatana and Bleed Affinity to cause damage to the enemy at a range.

For Dexterity Samurai Build, you can combine Mighty Shot with your longbow and can deal heavy damage from a distance and even take down most enemies with just one hit.

We are using the Longbow for the range damage. The mighty shot will be just as good as the early stages for pulling enemies, dealing some damage from range, as well as picking off some enemies before you go into the fight.

The Bloody Slash Ash of War will take away a little bit of your health but does heaps of slash damage in return. You can also often stagger a lot of bosses with this to follow up with critical hits.

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