Elden Ring Reduvia Dagger Build Guide

The Reduvia Dagger is a very powerful melee weapon in the Elden Ring, which scales with Strength and Dexterity. This weapon...

The Reduvia Dagger is a very powerful melee weapon in the Elden Ring, which scales with Strength and Dexterity.

This weapon is unique because even though it is a melee weapon that performs best in backstab attacks, it can also do decent damage from mid-range. However, to fully benefit from this weapon, you must create the right build.

To help you with that, below, we’ve listed the two best builds for the Reduvia Dagger in Elden Ring.

Reduvia Dagger Early Game Build

Class: Bandit
Flask Usage: High FP
Stats: Endurance (Primary), Dexterity (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Mind (Secondary)
Weapons:  Reduvia Dagger and Great Knife
Shield: Light Weight Shield of your choice
Armor:  Twinned Armor Set
Skills: Reduvia Blood Blade (Reduvia Dagger) and Quickstep (Great Knife)
Talismans: Arsenal Charm and Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Dual Reduvia Dagger Build

Class: Bandit
Flask Usage: High FP
Stats: Endurance (Primary), Dexterity (Primary), Arcane (Secondary), Vigor (Secondary)
Weapons:  Reduvia Dagger x2
Shield: Light Weight Shield of your choice
Armor:  Exile Set
Skills: Reduvia Blood Blade
Talismans: Arsenal Charm and Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Best Flask for Reduvia Dagger Build

For the Reduvia Dagger Early Game Build, get the Flask of Wondrous Physick as soon as you can. And if you add an Opaline Bubbletear to the mix, you’ll get a shield that negates the first damage received.

For the Dual Reduvia Dagger Build, high FP is necessary to make your spells and skills more effective. So, pay attention to investing in the Focus Points for this build.

Best Stats for Reduvia Dagger Build

The best stats for both the Reduvia Dagger Builds are Endurance and Dexterity. Endurance will help you to enhance your stamina and equip load. Dexterity will help you to scale your weapon and wield it more effectively. Also, it will increase the damage dealt by Reduvia.

Strength  E  Strength5

Keeping Arcane as a secondary stat is important to increase the effectiveness of your spells by acting as a modifier. Vigor is important too, as some enemies and bosses will one-shot you if you don’t have any health to tank the hits.

Attack and Guard Stats Reduvia Dagger

Physical Damage7938
Magical Damage022
Fire Damage022
Light Damage022
Holy Damage022
Critical Damage11016

Best Weapons for Reduvia Dagger Build

This Reduvia Dagger Early Game build is designed for new players who want to have a great DPS build right from the get-go. This build is purely based on offense. If your enemy bleeds, you’ll be able to deal some serious damage with this build.

Reduvia and Great Knife have blood loss build-up which quickly stacks up on enemies and bleeds them dry. However, you’ll need to have your dodge and roll game on point to be able to stay alive.

To use this build to its fullest potential, you must learn the art of dagger combos. Start your combos with a right quick attack and end them with one or two presses of a left quick attack. With this combo, you’ll be able to mow down your enemies.

This build is probably the most overpowered bleed build in Elden Ring. The two Reduvia Daggers used for this build can easily overpower any enemy that is affected by bleed.

For Dual Reduvia Dagger Build, you’ll need to get two Reduvia Daggers. You can get the first Reduvia Dagger from the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace, head towards the bridge over the river to the south-east. Go under the bridge and head north along the river until you’re directly to the east of the Site of Grace.

How to Get Dual Reduvia Dagger?

Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus, and he’ll drop a Reduvia dagger. To get the second one, you’ll need a friend to make a new character and get the Reduvia dagger for themselves. Once they’ve done that, if they summon you to their world, you can get the dagger from them.

The Reduvia dagger performs well in both close and mid-range battles, so this build is surprisingly well-rounded if the opponent can bleed. If you’re close to an enemy, begin your combo attack with a right quick attack and end it with one or two presses of left quick attack. This will quickly stack up bleeds on the enemy.

Best Skills for Reduvia Dagger Build

For the default, Reduvia, Ash of War works perfectly and cannot be changed anyway. But for the Great Knife, the Ash of War should be exchanged for anything that has a Keen version, such as Quickstep.

Coming to Dual Reduvia Build, you can make use of Reduvia Blood Blade as a useful skill. It is a unique skill that causes hemorrhaging by launching projectiles towards the enemies.

Best Talismans for Reduvia Dagger Build

Talismans for both the builds are the same, Arsenal and Assassin’s Crimson Dagger. Arsenal is a useful Talisman, as it raises the maximum equipment load and restores your HP during critical hits. The strongest version of Arsenal Talisman is Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman.

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