Elden Ring Paladin Builds Guide

In this Elden Ring guide we’ll outline some useful Paladin builds that use the Confessor and Prophet as their foundations.

Paladin is your traditional Faith build that focuses on incantations, heavy weaponry and tanking hits. In this Elden Ring guide, we’ll outline some useful Paladin builds that use the Confessor and Prophet as their foundations.

Elden Ring Paladin Builds

Faith builds have often been relegated to memes in FromSoft games. However, when you combine Faith based Incantations with Poise destroying Hammers, no one’s going to laugh.

Below we’ve outlined Paladin builds which you can expand upon from the base classes of Elden Ring

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Confessor Class Paladin Build

Class: Confessor

Weapons: Broadsword and any Sacred Seal

Shield: Brass Shield

Armor: Any mid-roll one

Stats: Strength (Primary), Faith (Primary), Dexterity (Secondary), and Endurance (Secondary)

Skills: Ash of War: Quickstep & Ash of War: Golden Vow

Spells: Urgent Heal, Heal

Prophet Class Paladin Build

Flask Usage: 0 HP and 4 FP

Class: Prophet

Weapon: Any one-handed Weapon

Shield: Leather Shield

Armor: Crucible kit

Stats: Faith (Primary), Strength (Primary), Dexterity (Secondary), and Intelligence (Secondary)

Skills: Ash of War: Holy Ground

Spells: Flame Sling, Beast Claw, Heal

Best Stats for Paladin Build

For the Confessor Class Paladin Build stats, your focus should be on Strength since you’ll be using this stat the most in the build.

Put points in Faith too but prioritize Strength first so you can pick up better weapons. Focus on leveling up Endurance as a secondary priority because it will increase your equipment load and stamina.

Your starting stats for this build should look something like this:

  • Vigor: 18
  • Endurance: 15
  • Strength: 22
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Faith: 14

For the Prophet Class Paladin Build, you will need to have more power which is why you must invest more points in Intelligence and Faith. In this way, you can deal more damage with spells like Claw of the Beast.

The starting stats you need for this build to work as intended are listed below.

  • Vigor: 20
  • Mind: 15
  • Endurance: 10
  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 19
  • Faith: 20

Best Class for Paladin Builds

Whilst you are starting to build your Tarnished from the Confessor Class for the Confessor Class Paladin Build, the first thing you should be choosing is the Keepsake.

We will recommend you select the Golden Seed Keepsake since it will give you an extra Flask as well. This class is really good for new players as it will provide you with decent stats and starts with the healing incantation.

You will follow a similar starting structure for the Prophet Class Paladin Build, but will choose the Prophet Class instead.

Best Weapons for Paladin Builds

An amazing thing about the Confessor Class Paladin Build is the reach you get from the Broadsword. Due to its great reach, you’ll be able to consistently keep a significant distance between yourself and the opponent, which will help keep you alive during battle.

For the Prophet Class Paladin Build, any one-handed weapon will serve you well. This is because you will deal damage mainly with spells and incantations, while maintaining distance from your enemy and prioritizing good movement.

Best Armor for Paladin Builds

For the Confessor Class Paladin Build, any mid-roll Armor will be best, as armor is not an important requirement for this build.

As for the armor in Prophet Class Paladin Build, the Crucible armor kit has been chosen for this build due to its high Physical and Magical defenses. It also scales well with Strength, so it fits perfectly in this build.

Best Shields for Paladin Builds

As the Confessor Class Paladin Build is a melee build with a heavy weapon, the playstyle will be based on patience and perfect timing. Instead of initiating duels and taking aggressive fights, it is ideal to wait for the opponent to attack you first and play for counter-attacks, which is why the Brass Shield plays an important role here.

So, to play with this build, you have to make sure that you block enemy attacks using the shield and follow up with a heavy attack, in which case, the Brass Shield will work as a safeguard for you.

Due to its lightweight but high defense, you’ll be able to quickly pull it out and save yourself from taking lethal damage during boss fights.

As for the Prophet Class Paladin Build, you will try to get a 100% damage reduction shield to mitigate physical damage completely. The Leather Shield is an excellent choice to start with as it has a nice balance between defense and weight.

Best Spells for Paladin Builds in Elden Ring

Since you’ll be regularly tanking damage during boss fights in the Confessor Class Paladin Build, you need a healing ability in this build. We have chosen the Urgent Heal and Heal spells. These spells will allow you to heal your allies and yourself which will help you and your allies in staying alive for a longer time.

For the Prophet Class Paladin Build, you’ll mostly be using strength weapons and the Beast Claw spell for damage. This spell summons five waves that fly towards the target and deal damage on impact. This spell is the reason why this build is an all-rounder, as it serves as an amazing long-range attack.

Feast Upon Fire is another great ranged attack spell that allows you to throw fireballs at the enemy, dealing Fire Damage. This spell has a very quick casting time, making it ideal for this Paladin build.

The final spell, Healing, is there to increase your survivability during battle. With a Paladin build, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of healing ability available.

Best Skills for Paladin Builds

To increase your survivability whilst using the Confessor Class Paladin Build, Ash of War: Quickstep is used in this build as it’ll allow you to quickly move out of the opponent’s way, effectively working as a failsafe for you.

You can also summon the Spirit Ashes and then increase the defense and damage by buffing them with the Ash of War: Golden Vow in this build.

In the Prophet Class Paladin Build, you will use combos of weapons and spells to attack enemies where the Ash of War: Holy Ground will play an important role in doing so. At the start of any tough battle, you will drop the Ash of War: Holy Ground so you and your allies can heal and have their defenses boosted

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