Elden Ring Deathblight Build Guide

This guide will help you make a PvP Deathblight Build in Elden Ring and discuss the infamous fire's deadly sin combo.

Deathblight is one of the many status effects found in Elden Ring. It causes your enemies to get caught up in a trap of vines if the status bar fills to completion which kills them instantly. With the right build, Deathblight can be extremely devastating to your foes.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best PvP Deathblight build in Elden Ring including the best class to choose, the best weapons, the best spells, armor, and more.

How to Build Deathblight in Elden Ring

It is important to note that Deathblight can only be inflicted on other players or NPC enemies. This status effect does not work on standard enemies and bosses. This effectively limits Deathblight builds to either PvP scenarios or some of the Tarnished NPC invaders you encounter. Below, we have the best PvP Deathblight build in Elden Ring with individual facets discussed in detail

  • Class: Hero
  • Flask Spread: Equal split between HP and FP (preferably FP leaning)
  • Weapons: Eclipse Shotel
  • Shields: Erdtree Greatshield or Carian Knight Shield.
  • Spells: Fia’s Mist, Death Lightning
  • Talisman: Sacred Scorpion Charm, Old Lord’s Talisman, and Marika’s Scarseal, (Blessed Dew Talisman: optional)
  • Armor: Royal Remains Armor Set
  • Primary Stats: Faith and Dexterity
  • Secondary Stats: Vigor and Intelligence

Best Stats for Deathblight build

The Hero class starts with 9 Dexterity and 11 Faith. These starting stats give us a decent headstart on the equip requirement of this build’s main weapon, the Eclipse Shotel. Level up both these stats until you hit 25 Dexterity and 30 Faith at which point, you’ll be able to effectively wield the Shotel. With the requirements met you can now start leveling up the Intelligence, Vigor, and Strength stats. Your stats should look something like this:

  • Vigor: 30
  • Mind: 40
  • Endurance: 35
  • Strength: 30
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Intelligence: 23
  • Faith: 47
  • Arcane: 25

Best Weapons for Deathblight build

You won’t be able to acquire the Eclipse Shotel until much later on in the game and since this is the only weapon that inflicts Deathblight damage, you’ll have to make due with other weapons. In the early game, make use of Dexterity scaling weapons like the Bloodhound’s Fang along with incantations since they are mainly Faith-based.

The Eclipse Shotel is found on the mountaintops of the giants. It’s a sickle that on its own is fairly strong but with its Death Flare Skill, it can inflict Deathblight damage to your enemies. With the skill active, you can build up the status effect which will eventually kill them in a gruesome manner.

Best spells for Deathblight build

The best spells for the Deathblight build in Elden Ring are Fia’s Mist and Death Lightning. Like the Eclipse Shotel, both these spells cause Deathblight buildup. Both spells work best if you use them defensively as your opponents will be forced to walk towards you if they want to attack you since they have a large AOE.

Death Lightning inflicts both Holy and Deathblight damage while Fia’s Mist only inflicts the former.

Best Talisman for Deathblight build

While there isn’t a dedicated Talisman to increase the Deathblight effect, you pick ones that complement your build, particularly the spells we’ve discussed above. For this purpose, we’ve chosen three Talismans.The first of which is the Old Lord’s Talisman which increases the duration of spells by 30%. The Scorpions Charm increases magic damage by 12% while Marika’s Scarseal buffs your intelligence and Faith stats.

Do note that the latter two Talismans apply a 10% increase in damage taken (which brings it up to a total of 20%) so you may need to play more defensively with them equipped. To counteract this, you can make use of the Blessed Dew Talisman which slowly restores your HP.

Best Armor for Deathblight build

As far as the armor is concerned, we recommend using The Royal Remains set, not only does it provide good protection but it also restores some of your HP when it’s low. Coupled with the Blessed Dew Talisman this will allow you to allocate more flasks for FP regeneration. You can couple the armor with either the Carian Knight Shield or the Erdtree Greatshield. Both provide decent protection though the latter’s requirements are much greater

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