Elden Ring Deathblight Build Guide

Elden Ring features many horrible ailments that you can inflict on your enemies, and one of these is Deathblight. This guide will help you make a PvP Deathblight Build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Deathblight Build

Before we start, we need to make one thing clear is that Deathblight cannot be inflicted on regular enemies in the game itself, and can only be inflicted on other players, or NPC enemies. Means, Deathblight, though strong, is only limited to either PvP, or for the few NPC invaders you get. Deathblight is only good against Tarnished enemies.

With the demise of the pre patch 1.03 Fire’s Deadly Sin and Eclipse Shotel combo, we’re left with a comparably weaker but balanced build to inflict Deathblight. Let’s take a look at it below!

  • Best Class for Deathblight Build: Prophet
  • Best Weapons for Deathblight Build: Erdtree Greatshield, Eclipse Shotel
  • Best Spells for Deathblight Build: Fia’s Mist, Death Lightning
  • Best Talismans for Deathblight Build: Marika’s Scarseal, Sacred Scorpion Charm, Old Lord’s Talisman
  • Best Armor for Deathblight Build: Royal Remains Armor Set
  • Best Primary Stats for Deathblight Build: Faith and Dexterity
  • Best Secondary Stats for Deathblight Build: Vigor and Intelligence

How to Play with Deathblight Build

Our choice of starting class allows us a decent Faith stat starting line and from there our goal will be to meet the Eclipse Shotel’s requirements i.e., 25 Dex and 30 Faith.

When you’ve met its requirements, start pumping points into Intelligence to reach at least 23. You can now put points into vigor as needed and some into strength as you’ll need 30 eventually for our recommended shield (though not a hard requirement).

Initially, when you start out, you won’t have access to Deathblight until you manage to get our main Deathblight causing item, the Eclipse Shotel. So, in the early game, you’ll mostly be using Faith based incantations and any Dex weapon you meet the requirements of

Once you do get the Eclipse Shotel, your Deathblight causing capability starts. The Eclipse Shotel comes with the skill, Death Flare. This buffs the Eclipse Shotel with Deathblight and allows you to build up that status effect on enemies. Its rather slow though and so to truly cause the most Deathblight buildup, you’ll need some complimenting spells.

The spells we’ve chosen for this build are Fia’s Mist and Death Lightning. Fia’s Mist spreads a mist, not unlike the infamous Basilisks, that causes Deathblight buildup for anyone inside it. This mist is to be used semi-defensively as your opponent will be forced to fight in it if they want to hit you.

Death Lightning is a flashy spell that requires a whopping 47 Faith to use but its worth it. It deals a lot of Holy Damage whilst also Causing Deathblight buildup. Its hard to aim its chaotic nature means it makes it even harder for opponents to get in on you while you cast this.

To compliment our spells, we’re using the sacred Scorpion Charm and Old Lord’s Talisman. This allows our spells to linger just a bit more and increase the damage of our holy attacks. We’ll also be using Marika’s Scarseal to boost our stats at the cost of some negligible increase in damage taken.

For our armor we are using the Royal Remains set. This set not only makes you look like an avatar of death, but it also provides decent protection and a neat effect where it restores a bit of your HP when it’s low.

To amp up our protection, we’ve recommended the Erdtree Greatshield but it’s honestly pretty overkill and only for late game when you can afford to pump up your strength stat. You can get away with a lighter shield with less requirements and a 100% physical damage negation like the Carian Knight Shield.

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