Elden Ring Archer Builds Guide

In this guide, we will show you some Archer builds in Elden Ring and explains how to play as an archer using the recommended gear.

While Elden Ring doesn’t actually feature an archer class, the sheer variety of build styles and ranged weapons at your disposal means that you can still play as an archer whenever you want. In this guide, we will show you some Archer builds in Elden Ring and explains how to play as an archer.

Elden Ring Archer Builds

In this Elden Ring Archer build guide, we will go through how to create and mold your current class into a ranged archer, and some general tips and tricks.

The Bandit is a more advanced class, but the only class suited for building a great Archer character in the game.

Mighty Shot Archer Build

Here is a detailed breakdown of each component, including the flask spread and best stats required for the Archer Builds.

  • Class: Bandit
  • Flask Usage: FP
  • Weapon: Great Knife, Shortbow, Longbow
  • Primary Stats: Dexterity and Arcane
  • Secondary Stats: Endurance and Mind
  • Skills: Ash of War: Mighty Shot

Barrage Ash of War Archer Build

We’ve listed all of the components you need to put together for this build to work, including the recommended class, weapons and

  • Class: Bandit or Samurai
  • Flask Usage: Mostly HP
  • Weapon: Shortbow and Longbow (Only Bows and Arrows to be preferred)
  • Primary Stats: Dexterity and Strength
  • Secondary Stats: Vigor and Endurance
  • Skills: Ash of War: Barrage

Best Class for Archer Builds

For Mighty Shot Archer Build, we will use Bandit Class.

For Barrage Ash of War Archer Build, you can go with the Samurai character if Bandit isn’t your preferred class. This build bears similarities with the previous one except for when it comes to stats and armor usage.

Best Stats for Archer Builds

For Mighty Shot Archer Build, the highest stats should be for Arcane and then Dexterity.

Early on, for Barrage Ash of War Archer Build, stats will not scale damage as much as it primarily depends on arrow type. However, you need to level up Vigor to 15 or 20, most importantly, to survive for long. After you are done with Vigor, you can level up Dexterity to increase the damage dealt with enemies.

You shouldn’t prioritize stamina earlier on by putting points into Endurance, as you will not get much increase in stamina. So, you can instead invest in equip load, as you will get a lot better result by investing in it.

Best Weapons for Archer Builds in Elden Ring

For Mighty Shot Archer Build, we will use Great Knife, Shortbow, and Longbow. The Great knife is for up close and personal encounters, while the bows are your go-to weapon. Furthermore, the quickstep on the Great Knife means you’ll be very mobile and can create distance to shoot your arrows easily.

Starting off the build, you’ll have the Shortbow and Great Knife from the Bandit class. You’ll want to stock up on many arrows when you can, as running out of arrows will set you back some damage.

It won’t be a huge problem, though, as you can use alternatives for some time. But since this is an Archer build, you should always have enough arrows in your inventory.

Once you get the Longbow, you can alternate between that and the short bow. You can switch between a long and short bow depending upon whether you want to do more damage at a slower rate with a longbow at longer ranges or quick damage at shorter ranges with a short bow.

For most boss fights, you will prefer a short bow. Once they get close to you, you can use a short bow then to cause some more damage at a faster rate. Here, you can also use a Great Knife to multiply the effect of damage.

You should keep a good amount of distance from the enemy, so you can jump, roll, and shoot properly. Keep jumping backward while targeting the boss. You will require better arrows at some point in your journey because the damage of simple arrows is only viable in early games.

For Barrage Ash of War Archer Build, we will use Shortbow and Longbow. Samurai begins the game with Longbow, and Bandit begins with a Shortbow, but both will have the same playing style, more or less. You will not need a melee weapon for this. It is due to the fact, most of your encounters will be range battles.

If someone tries to get close to you, just back off a bit. Keep in mind that an archer class will always depend on arrows. Hence, keep crafting arrows whenever you can to have a constant supply in your quiver.

Players can also buy arrows from the vendor earlier on, and these prove to be most effective in causing the damage.

You can also craft a bit of arrow to begin with, the game and then purchase them when you have enough runes. Players need to focus more on the crafting and purchasing of arrows than on stats (Don’t completely ignore them, though!).

As mentioned earlier, since it is a build that focuses mainly on the usage of bows to down enemies in front of you, you need to upgrade the bows to at least plus three in this case. The increase in damage by investing in the bows will be exponential.

Elden Ring’s jumping mechanic prefers to jump and move around while targeting the enemy with a bow. Also, try to roll while shooting to dodge the enemy more and more.

One strength of this build is that you can have multiple arrows and use them simultaneously against the enemies. Players can cause damage using different types of arrows, for example, poison and fire arrows.

Bone arrows and elemental arrows can also cause damage to the enemy. Bone arrows can be farmed through the animals around the Lands Between.

Best Armor for Archer Builds

For both builds, prefer using light armor to keep yourself mobile and give you the lightest form of dodge available. Since you’re at range, you won’t be hit as often, so you can afford to compromise defense a bit.

Best Talismans for Archer Builds

You’ll want to find and equip the Arrow’s Reach Talisman and the Arrow’s Sting Talisman for both builds. This increases your range and attack power with bows and arrows. Getting the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom is also a great idea for a boost in Dex.

Best Spells for Archer Builds

Both builds are not focusing on spells, but there are some great utility incantations in Elden Ring like Flame Cleanse Me that can come in handy.

Best Skills for Archer Builds

For Mighty Shot Archer Build, we will use Ash of War: Mighty Shot. This leads to a powerful shot that can pierce defense. It’s great for longer ranges and for initiating fights.

For Barrage Ash of War Archer Build, you’ll use the barrage skill to fire arrows quickly. This allows you to quickly pick off enemies or build up nasty status effects quickly.

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