Elden Ring Faith Builds

Faith is one of the key stats in Elden Ring and essentially serves as the bread and butter for those...

Faith is one of the key stats in Elden Ring and essentially serves as the bread and butter for those interested in mage or cleric builds. If you are unsure how to go about creating a powerful mage, our Elden Ring Faith Builds guide is here to help you out.

Elden Ring Faith Builds

To use faith to the fullest, you’ll need to invest in the Faith stat and the Mind stat. This will ensure that you have loads of FP for your powerful incantations.

While we will be going pure Faith and relying on incantations, we’ve opened up some weapons that you’ll be using as backup or when you don’t want to use FP.

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Confessor Class Faith Build

Stats: Vigor 26 (primary), Faith 50 (primary), Strength 30 (secondary), Endurance 30 (secondary)

Weapons: Winged Scythe, Brass Shield

Armor: Any light or medium armor, Black Wolf Mask or Royal Remains Helm or Radahn’s Redmane Helm

Spells: Lightning Spear, Urgent Heal, Flame of the Fell God, Radahn’s Rigs of light, Placidusax’s Ruin, Golden vow

Skills: Ash of War: Quickstep & Ash of War: Golden Vow

Prophet Class Faith Build

Stats: Vigor 60 (primary), Faith 80 (primary), Mind 25 (secondary), Endurance 25 (secondary)

Weapons: Blasphemous Blade and Cipher Pata

Armor: Crucible Tree Armor, Godskin Apostle hood

Spells: Frenzied Burst, Elden Stars, Endtree Heal, Discuss of light

Skills: Taker’s Flame, Unblockable Blade

Best Stats for Faith Builds

Faith will receive the majority of our points in this confessor class build because it is the key stat we will be working on. This will help boost weapon and spell damage. Another stat in which we will put more points is vigor, which will prevent you from being killed in a single shot.

Endurance will be our secondary stat in this build to prevent us from running out of stamina. Strength may also be used to wield excellent weapons, but Faith is the major scaler.

Best Weapons for Faith Builds in Elden Ring

For the Confessor build, Winged Scythe is the best possible weapon. It restores HP when you fight an enemy. The weapon’s special ability allows you to cast enormous flames over a long distance.

You can infuse your weapons or shield with Ash of War, such as Golden Vow, which will provide you and your allies with improved defense and might. This talent has a 45-second duration.

Blasphemous Blade is the best weapon for the Prophet class. The Brass shield in this build is a medium-weight category shield with no talents. This shield may be utilized to deflect the majority of the enemy’s assaults. You can infuse this shield with as many skills as you like or none at all to utilize your primary hand skill.

Best Armor for Faith Builds

In the Prophet class build, the Crucible Tree Armor will be used since it not only gives 100% physical protection but also comes with a talent that increases attack damage. The Crucible Tree Set is a Heavy Weight armor set that you will wear in this build. This armor set will boost your protection against both magical and physical assaults.

You can, however, use any light to medium-weight armor for the Confessor build without any concerns.

Best Spells for Faith Builds

While playing with the faith build the primary focus will be on using some crazy spells to take out enemies quickly.

In the Confessor build, you will use the Lightning Spear Spell since it has the best damage-to-FP cost ratio. This will launch a lightning missile at the enemy and do good amounts of damage upon impact. You can enhance it with a Gravestone Seal to improve its damage output.

The Flame of the Fell God spell will assist you in tracking down and attacking foes. This spell has a very minimal probability of missing the target, therefore you should use it as well. This makes the confessor class a crucial part and a must-use Faith Build. Throwing flames will also drain foes’ health. As a result, you will receive a double HP restoration.

In the Prophet build, Elden Stars is a spell-like ability that allows you to hurl gold-colored projectiles that burst into smaller projectiles and do damage to foes. You can move around while casting this spell.

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