Elden Ring Astrologer Builds Guide

Mind and Endurance are the main stats for Astrologer Class since it is more of a mage class in Elden Ring. This guide will tell you about some of the best Astrologer class builds in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Astrologer Class Builds

The Astrologer is one of the best classes in Elden Ring for mage builds. So now, without wasting much time, let us take you to some of the best builds of Astrologer Class in Elden Ring.

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Astrologer Ranged Build

Flask Spread: Mostly FP

Weapons: Astrologer’s Staff and Short Sword

Shield: Scripture Wooden Shield

Armor: Any Light Weight One

Stats: Mind(Primary), Intelligence(Primary), Endurance(Secondary), Vigor(Secondary)

Skills: Urgent Heal

Spells: Scholar’s Armament, Glintstone Pebble, and Glintstone Arc

Astrologer Melee Build

Flask Spread: Mostly FP

Weapons: Astrologer’s Staff and Short Sword

Shield: Small Shield

ArmorRaya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

Stats: Mind(Primary), Intelligence(Primary), Endurance(Secondary) and Vigor(Secondary)

Skills: Urgent Heal

Spells: Glintstone Arc and Carian Slicer

Astrologer Int/Dex Build

Flask Spread: Mostly FP and 1 or 2 HP

Weapon: Rapier

Shield: Light Weight

Armor: Carian Knight Set

Stats: Dexterity(Primary), Intelligence(Primary), Vigor(Secondary), Mind(Secondary)

Skills: Glintstone Phalanx

Spells: Glintstone Pebble, Carian Greatsword, and Scholar’s Armaments

Best Weapon for Astrologer Builds in Elden Ring

Since the Astrologer Staff scales with Intelligence and Mind, those are what you’ll be primarily investing in while using a staff as a main weapon for the Astrologer Ranged Build. The Astrologer Staff is perfect for spells like Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Arc for dealing damage to the enemies via magic attacks.

Alongside the Astrologer Staff, you can use the Short Sword in case your enemies get closer. Short Sword can be enhanced with Ashes of War, magic, and consumables.

For the Melee Astrologer Build, you will be using the same weapons as the Ranged Build, provided that they serve the same purpose.

For the Int/Dex Astrologer build we will be using the Rapier weapon as it scales with Dexterity. As this build is based on dexterity, it will be perfect for this build. Rapier can be used during combat for its mobility as it is light and sharp. It can also be infused with Ashes of War.

Later on, you’ll definitely want to get the Moonveil Katana as it scales with Int and Dex. It also comes with the powerful skill Transient Moonlight that not only does great damage, but also can break stances.

Best Armor for Astrologer Builds

You can use any Lightweight armor for the Ranged build. It doesn’t really matter because all you have to do while playing with this build is to just move around and not engage in close-quarter combat. Any Lightweight armor serves that purpose pretty well.

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set is the armor set you’ll use for the Melee build because it’s ideal for intelligence-based builds with light physical and moderate magical defense. Armor protects our character and provides various levels of resistance to various types of damage and negative status effects.

For the Int/Dex Astrologer build, we will be using Carian Knight Set as it provides defense against all types of damage and negative status effect. It also provides defense against magic attacks and is medium in weight.

Best Stats for Astrologer Builds

The main stats for the Ranged Astrologer Class Mage build are Mind and Intelligence. The Mind stat will help you increase overall FP while Intelligence will help with Spell Scaling and using new spells.

Since the Astrologer Staff scales with Intelligence and Mind, those are what you’ll be primarily investing in. While casting spells at the enemies, you should be facing them so they can hit them. Therefore, the points you put into the Vigor will help increase your character’s survivability.

We will be using the same Primary and Secondary stats for the Melee Astrologer build as the Ranged Astrologer Build, providing the same benefits for both the classes.

For the Int/Dex Astrologer Build, we will still be focusing on Intelligence and Mind, but we will also put some points into Dexterity as this will eventually pay off in an incredible Dex-Int weapon, the Moonveil Katana.

Best Skills for Astrologer Builds

The skill you will use for the Astrologer Ranged Build is the Urgent Heal. Urgent Heal will be used to recover if there is a small depletion in your health. It has an FP cost of 16, 30 Stamina cost, and requires 8 Faith. It is quite helpful as its cast speed is fast and it can be cast while moving.

We will be using the same Skill for the Melee Astrologer build as the Ranged Astrologer Build as it serves the same purpose.

For the Int/Dex Build, we will be using the Glintstone Phalanx skill. This skill is important for defensive purposes in this build. This is a good pick because along with providing defense, the Glintblades in this spell will also attack nearby enemies.

Best Spells for Astrologer Builds

For the Ranged Astrologer Build, you will be using spells most of the time so it is better to use the deadliest spells and stay away from enemies while using them. You will be using spells like Glintstone Arc and Glintstone Pebble. You won’t be using Glintstone Arc much. Moreover, the Glintstone Pebble has a low FP cost, making it better to use during battle.

The Scholar’s Armament is a Glintstone spell that is used for doing magic damage to your enemies by enchanting your right-hand weapon. It consumes only 10 Stamina and lasts for 90 seconds. It requires 12 Intelligence.

For the Melee Astrologer Build, we will be using the Glinstone Arc and the Carian Slicer spells. You can use the Glinstone arc to create an offensive wave of magic to deal damage to nearby enemies should you find yourself overwhelmed by them. The Carian Slicer spell can be used as a backup to the Glintstone arc spell, serving the same purpose.

The best Spells for the Int/Dex Astrologer Build would be the Scholar’s Armaments, the Carian Greatsword, and the Glintstone Pebble. For playing with this build, you can use the Scholar’s Armaments spell to buff your weapon and then use the Glinstone Phalanx to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

This spell will take out enemies in a couple of hits, so you can kill tough bosses with it as well. You can also use the Glintstone Pebble and the Carian Greatsword spells in case you encounter many enemies together.

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