Elden Ring Best Spellsword Builds

This guide will be looking at some of the best Spellsword Builds in Elden Ring to give you a mix of magic and melee.

You just started playing Elden Ring and can’t decide whether to make a warrior or mage build? We got just the thing for you that can satisfy both your magical and warrior needs. This guide will examine some of the best Spellsword Builds in Elden Ring.

It’s right there in the name; Spell and Sword. This build gives the player the perfect combination of a mage and warrior. If you want to enjoy close combats while playing with magic spells now and then, this class is just for you.

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Hybrid Spellsword Build

Weapons:  Magic Night Rider Glaive, Lordsworn’s Cold Straight Sword, Academy Glintstone Staff

Armor:  Haima Glintstone Crown, Cuckoo Surcoat, Blaidd’s Gauntlets, and Greaves

Talismans: Erd Tree’s Favor, Great Jar’s Arsenal, Dragoncrest Great Shield Talisman, Green Turtle Talisman

Spells: Eternal Darkness, Cannon of Haima, Gavel of Haima, Carian Slicer, Adula’s Moonblade, Carian Piercer, Loretta’s Mastery

Shield: Erdtree Greatshield

Flask Usage: FP

Stats: Vigor and Intelligence (primary), Endurance and Strength (secondary)

Prisoner Spellsword Build

Class: Prisoner

Flask Usage: Mainly FP

Weapons: Moonveil Katana, Meteorite Staff

Stats: Vigor and Intelligence (primary), Mind and Dexterity (secondary)

Spells: Rock Sling, Carian Slicer

Best Stats for Spellsword Builds

For Hybrid build, the primary stats should be Vigor, Strength and Intelligence. Your stats should be like this:

  • Vigor: 54
  • Mind: 25
  • Endurance: 25
  • Strength: 50
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 50

You must focus on increasing vigor and intelligence. By increasing vigor, your character will be stronger and more healthy against enemies in the fight. Hence, you’ll be able to survive encounters for longer periods of time.

Your character must also have high intelligence in order to cast spells to deal damage.

For Prisoner Spellsword build, the primary stats are the same as that of Hybrid build i.e. Vigor and Intelligence. Your stat list should be like this:

  • Vigor: 20
  • Mind: 15
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 17
  • Intelligence: 21

Best Weapons for Spellsword Builds

For the Hybrid Spellsword build, we are using the Magic Night Rider Glaive. This weapon has one of the highest reaches amongst all other glaives in the game. Therefore, you can get the most out of this weapon paired with the Sword Dance and Horror Step Ashes of War.

Along with this, the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword can be used in this build as this weapon scales highly with strength and dexterity and can be used to do an upward slash to decimate enemy armor.

For Prisoner Spellsword build, the Moonveil Katana is a powerful weapon for dealing Pierce and Slash damage. The Katana’s stats scale with Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity. So, it will help you to increase your stats as well for the build.

Best Armor for Spellsword Builds

For Hybrid build, you can also use Haima Glintstone Crown to increase your strength and intelligence by 2 which is very helpful in gaining power against your enemies.

Cuckoo Surcoat as part of the Raya Lucarian Soldier armor set is a very good medium armor set that provides ample protection and resistances against melee and some elemental attacks.

Blaidd’s Gauntlets is an armor piece that protects both of the player’s arms by using defensive material in armor body. These armors are best if you want to make the best Hybrid Build.

Best Spell for Spellsword Builds

Both Hybrid and the Prisoner Builds utilize a handful of spells during combat. Here is the detail of which spells to choose for each one of these.

Spells for Hybrid Build

You get a lot of spells for the Hybrid build. While fighting an opponent that is constantly using ranged attacks, use your Eternal Darkness Spell. It creates a space of darkness that draws in sorceries and incantations. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. This spell will suck any projectile coming your way and save you the trouble of dodging.

Cannon of Haima is a Sorcery that can be charged before casting. The spell explodes on impact dealing damage to an area around the point of impact. Gavel of Haima will get you out of sticky situations when two enemies surround you at once because it allows you to attack twice.

Adula’s Moonblade spell is used for a cold-blade ranged attack. Loretta’s Mastery allows you to throw four arrows at a time and essentially makes your build stronger.

Spells for Prisoner Build

For Prisoner build, you can use Rock Sling and Carian Slicer spells. Rock Sling spell produces projectile rocks from the ground that can attack closer enemies. Whenever you get into a fight, use your Rock Sling Spell the first chance you get. This will inflict heavy damage and, in most cases, will stagger the opponent.

Carian slicer uses a magical sword to launch a sweeping slash. This spell will allow you to perform a variety of moves such as poking, slashing, sweeping, and you can also use this spell in combination with your main weapon. Though the size is small, it packs quite the punch.

Best Talismans for Spellsword Builds

For Hybrid Build, there is a variety of talismans that can be used to improve the build. The first one is Erd Tree’s Favor which increases Stamina and health that helps to increase vigor stat. This stat is also assisted by Dragoncrest Great Shield talisman as it reduces physical damage by 20-25%.

Endurance and strength can be improved by using Great Jar’s Arsenal as this talisman increase the load equipping capacity by 19%. The final recommended talisman i.e. Green Turtle Talisman helps you increase your stamina recovery speed which assists in improving your intelligence stat.

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