Elden Ring Lightning Spear Builds Guide

Elden Ring gives you the freedom to create a unique build, centered around a specific weapon or spell. One such spell is Lightning Spear, and if set up correctly, it can take down powerful enemies quickly. This guide will list down some of the best builds for Lightning Spear in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Lightning Spear Builds

For a Lightning Spear Build, it is best to invest in Faith stat. This build requires a lot of focus on Faith, as most lightning abilities require high Faith.

As you make progress, you can also start to invest some in Strength or Dexterity and Vigor stat. According to your playstyle, strength and Dexterity can be invested in, whereas Vigor will be Vital for survivability during tough fights.

Below we have listed some great Elden Ring Lightning Spear builds

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One-Shot Pure Lightning Build

Flask Usage: 2 HP Flask and the rest FP Flask

Weapon: Katana

Talisman: Two Fingers Heirloom, Carian Filigreed Crest

Armor: Crucible Armor Set

Stats: Faith and Mind (Primary), Strength, Vigor, and Dexterity (Secondary).

Spells: Flame of Frenzy, Lightning Spear, Lightning Strike, Electrify Armament

Late Game Lightning Build

Flask Usage: Only 1 HP Flask and the rest FP Flask

Weapon: Keen Nagakiba, Rapier, Gargoyle’s Blackblade, Gargoyle’s Keen Twinblade

Talisman: Lightning Scorpion Charm, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Faithful Canvas Talisman, Great Jar’s Arsenal

Armor: Bull Goat Set, Beast Champion Set

Stats: Faith (Primary), Strength, Vigor, and Dexterity (Secondary).

Spells: Vyke’s Dragonbolt, Ash of War: Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike and Spear, Lightning Spear, Lansseax’s Glaive

Best Stats for Lightning Builds

For the One-Shot Pure Lightning build, you’ll be starting off by putting points into Dexterity and putting the remaining points into Strength and Endurance.

This build is a great early to the mid-game option, and with this setup, you will be able to kill many enemies in one shot.

  • Vigor: 17
  • Mind: 20
  • Endurance: 14
  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Faith: 30

For the Late Game Lightning build, start by investing as many points into Strength and Dexterity from the get-go then focus on Faith and other slots.

This build is completely different from our first build, as it will be using items available in the mid to late game.

  • Vigor: 17
  • Endurance: 14
  • Strength: 25
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Faith: 40

Best Weapons for Lightning Builds in Elden Ring

For the One-Shot Pure Lightning build, you’ll be using a Strength-based Katana. The best we’ve found as of now is the Dragonscale Blade. This katana is primarily focused on Strength and Dexterity and can deal lightning damage, making it a great addition to this lightning build.

For the Late Game Lightning build, the Keen Nagakiba is a really good Katana that nicely fits in this build. This katana is primarily focused on Strength and Dexterity and is known for dealing with additional blood loss effects.

Additionally, you can go for Gargoyle’s Blackblade and Gargoyle’s Keen Twinblade, as both are Strength and Dexterity-based weapons that allow you to deal holy and melee damage, respectively.

Best Talisman for Lightning Builds

For the One-Shot Pure Lightning build, you’ll be using either the Two Fingers Heirloom to increase your Faith or the Carian Filigreed Crest for a lower consumption for FP when using skills.

For the Late Game Lightning build, there are multiple choices to make. You can pick the Lightning Scorpion Charm to increase your lightning attack power, choose the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to increase your physical damage negation, or you can select between the Faithful Canvas Talisman and Great Jar’s Arsenal to increase the potency of their Incantations, and maximum equip load respectively.

Best Armor for Lightning Builds

The Crucible Armor Set will be your only pick for the One-Shot Pure Lightning build. This set is mainly focused on Strength, considering it’s a heavy armor and is capable of increasing superior Physical and Magical defenses.

For the Late Game Lightning build, Bull Goat Set will give you the highest poise and physical defense in Elden Ring, while Beast Champion Set provides you with additional protection.

Best Spells for Lightning Builds

For the One-Shot Pure Lightning build, The Flame of Frenzy is a powerful spell, as its damage gets scaled with the increase of Faith stat. As this build has really high Faith, it will easily be one-shotting even powerful enemies till mid-game.

To deal additional lightning damage, you can use Electrify Armament. This incantation allows you to cast spells on weapons to deal lightning damage, which is best suitable for this build.

Lastly, the two main spells of this build are the Lightning Strike and Lightning Spear. These will allow you to one-hit enemies because of high Faith and Mind Stats.

For the Late, Game Lightning build, Vyke’s Dragonbolt and Ancient Dragon spells can easily take down enemies, especially with the scaled-up Faith we have in this build.

You can also use the Lightning Spear to shoot lightning projectiles at the target to deal damage or the Lansseax’s Glaive to perform a sweeping attack with a red lightning glaive.

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