Diablo 4 Landslide Druid Build Guide

Landslide build is not only extremely powerful, but it is also the best Druid build yet in Diablo 4. Being...

Landslide build is not only extremely powerful, but it is also the best Druid build yet in Diablo 4. Being casters of natural magics and effortless shapeshifters, this build allows Druids to distribute all their power and spirit among those unique skills. Landslide Druid build in D4 is straightforward and easy to follow due to its focused approach. The whole purpose of the build is to efficiently use Landslide skill and support it by any means necessary.

Everything in this guide, from the order of unlocking skills to damage rotation, will only end up amplifying the devastating power of the Landslide skill for Druid. Before diving into a detailed explanation of all the mechanics and gears to make this build work, remember Landslide Druid is an expert in close-quarters combat. With a low health pool, you can and will run into trouble if not prepared aptly. Invest some time and resources in your potions before going all out against the armies of Lilith.

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Landslide Druid skill progression and unlock order

The main purpose of selecting this build is to utilize Landslide as much as possible and support it with passives that enhance its damage output by a massive degree. Here is a general overview of active skills from all 6 Druid skill trees that we will be using with the Landslide Druid build in Diablo 4.

  • Stormstrike (basic)
  • Landslide (core)
  • Earthen Bulwark (defensive)
  • Poison Creeper (companion)
  • Trample (wrath)
  • Petrify (ultimate)

Diablo 4 offers a total of 58 skills points, 48 from leveling up and 10 from completing Renown tasks. Allocation of these points to the skills is of utmost importance. Not all skill trees become instantly available.

We will be using all these skill points to unlock and upgrade skills in a very particular order. Players planning to start a new Diablo 4 run with a Landslide earth bear druid need to follow this order precisely. However, if you are already in the end-game and want to try Landslide Druid as something different, feel free to remove and allocate skills as you wish.

Unlock OrderSkill Name
1Stormstrike (Rank 1)
2Enhanced Stormstrike
3Landslide (Rank 1)
4Fierce Stormstrike
5Enhanced Landslide
6Primal Landslide
7Earthen Bulwark (Rank 1)
8Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
9Landslide (Rank 2)
10Landslide (Rank 3)
11Landslide (Rank 4)
12Poison Creeper (Rank 1)
13Landslide (Rank 5)
14Enhanced Poison Creeper
15Ferocious Poison Creeper
16Trample (Rank 1)
17Enhanced Trample
18Nature’s Reach (Rank 1)
19Nature’s Reach (Rank 2)
20Nature’s Reach (Rank 3)
21Crushing Earth (Rank 1)
22Crushing Earth (Rank 2)
24Crushing Earth (Rank 3)/ -Wolves
25Safeguard (Rank 1)
26Natural Trample
27Preserving Earthen Bulwark
28Stone Guard (Rank 1)
29Defiance (Rank 1)
30Natural Disaster (Rank 1)
31Resonance (Rank 1)
32Resonance (Rank 2)
33Resonance (Rank 3)
34Earthen Might
35Natural Disaster (Rank 2)
36Natural Disaster (Rank 3)
37Stone Guard (Rank 2)
38Stone Guard (Rank 3)
39Safeguard (Rank 2)
40Safeguard (Rank 3)
41Prime Petrify
42Supreme Petrify
43Trample (Rank 2)
44Trample (Rank 3)
45Trample (Rank 4)
46Trample (Rank 5)
47Poison Creeper (Rank 2)
48Poison Creeper (Rank 3)
49Poison Creeper (Rank 4)
50Poison Creeper (Rank 5)
51Defiance (Rank 2)
52Defiance (Rank 3)
53Heart of the Wild (Rank 1)
54Wild Impulses (Rank 1)
55Wild Impulses (Rank 2)
56Wild Impulses (Rank 3)
57Circle of Life (Rank 1)
58Circle of Life (Rank 2)

The reason for unlocking a storm skill, Stormstrike, as the first one is to alternate it with Landslide, which is an Earthen skill. Unlocking the passive skill Resonance increases Earthen skill damage if it is used after a storm skill and vice versa.

Stormstrike also immobilizes enemies which results in the creation of Terramotes. These terramotes are used to inflict 40% additional damage from critical strikes if they are delivered via Primal Landslide skill. Meanwhile, the Earthen Bulwark defensive skill makes you Unstoppable for a particular period.

Poison Creeper will be our main summoning skill throughout the endgame. It Immobilizes enemies to which Stormstrike delivers an increased amount of damage.

Nature’s Reach and Crush Earth passive skills increase damage against vulnerable, immobilize and stunned enemies by 6% and 5% respectively.

The next step is to increase Fortification by using the Safeguard passive. Fortify synergizes with legendary aspects to increase damage by Earthen skills. This is a brief overview of why we have selected these skills in a particular order. This order increases the damage over time by a huge amount for Landslide/ earth bear Druid and provides unmatched protection to the players with the help of Fortify.

Best Landslide Druid Spirit Boons

Each class in Diablo 4 has its own unique class mechanics. For the Druid class, this mechanism is known as Spirit Boons. It unlocks after level 15 and players need to offer Spirit to 4 different animals to receive their boons.

Each animal offers 4 unique boons (for a total of 100 spirit) and you can only equip only one boon from each animal. However, unlocking all boons allows players to equip an additional one as a bonus. Here is a list of boons that complement Diablo 4 Landslide Druid build perfectly.

  • Wariness: Reduces damage by up to 10% from elites (unlocks at third deer level).
  • Avian Wrath: Increases critical strike damage by up to 30% (unlocks at fourth eagle level)
  • Packleader: A 20% chance to cooldown companion skills after delivering a critical strike. This is a Lucky Hit (unlock at first wolf level).
  • Obsidian Slam: earth skills overpower after killing 20 enemies each time (unlocks at second snake level).
  • Masochistic: Any critical strike from shapeshifting skills heal player for up to 3% of their maximum life (unlocks at third snake level).

Diablo 4 Landslide Druid playstyle and skill rotation

The Landslide Druid build specializes in increased damage from the nature skills, while using the summons as a backup for additional damage. The whole purpose of this Landslide Druid build is to get damage protection from passive skills and use them to regenerate Spirit. Health regeneration comes in last.

Keeping these things in mind, let us decide the skills we require to maximize the potency of each component of the Landslide Druid in D4

Increased Damage Output

Our primary focus with our combination of Landslide and Earth Bear Druid is to inflict as much damage as possible per second. This can only be achieved by using active and passive skills that have synergy with Landslide core skill. A lot of status effects can be inflicted upon enemies by using the skills we have mentioned earlier, which in turn increases the damage output of Landslide.

  • Storm Strike; Deals 20% electricity damage to the enemy you hit directly. It also chains up with 3 enemies close by to inflict some more damage.
  • Primal Landslide; This enhancement delivers 40% additional damage from critical strikes to enemies.
  • Wild Impulses; This passive skill increases damage by up to 15% at the cost of extra Spirit.
  • Ferocious Poison Creeper; This enhancement skill summons a snake which applies 6% poison damage to enemies for up to 10 seconds passively. It actively immobilizes all enemies and poison them for an additional 2 seconds for up to 45% damage.
  • Wolves; These summons actively attack enemies to cause 110% damage.
  • Nature’s Reach; This passive skill deals up to 18% damage on immobilized and slowed enemies.
  • Enhanced Trample; This shapeshifting skill deals up to 75% damage to enemies and enemies knocked out of terrain take a lot of additional damages. With the enhancement, Trample deals an additional 150% damage on top of 75% (+45%).
  • Crushing Earth; This passive skill increases damage by up to 15% against slow, stunned, immobilized and knocked back enemies by using Earth skill.
  • Stone Guard; This passive skill deals up to 12% more damage with Earth skills if the players have fortified for more than 50% of their maximum life.
  • Quickshift; This passive skill deals up to 15% more damage while shapeshifting.

Spirit Regeneration

Druids use Spirit as their main resource to cast skills, summon allies and shapeshift. However, most of the skills use Spirit a rapid rate, leaving players stranded mid-fight. For Landslide Druid build, we will be putting all our eggs in one basket. The one skill we will be relying on to restore all our spirit in one go is a key passive.

  • Earthen Might; A 20% chance to restore all the Spirit after hitting enemies with any Earthy skill.
  • Heart of the Wild; This passive skill doesn’t generate energy but it increases the maximum amount by up to 9.

Status Effects

A lot of active skills for our Landslide Druid build deal a lot of damage to enemies with status effects. Here is a list of active and passive skills to inflict various status effects on enemies for additional damage.

  • Fierce Storm Strike; This enhancement skill has a 50% chance to make enemies vulnerable for up to 3 seconds.
  • Enhanced Landslide; This enhancement immobilizes enemies for 3 seconds after hitting them for the fifth time with the Landslide skill.
  • Poison Creeper; The active effect of this summoning skill immobilizes enemies for 2 seconds by trapping them inside vines.
  • Petrify; This ultimate skill stuns enemies for up to 3 seconds, making them prone to more damage by other skills.


Most of the Landslide Druid build revolves around Fortify to use it as a buff to increase both offense and defense. A lot of skills synergize with Fortify and deliver an increased amount of damage to the enemies. Fortify also serves as our first line of defense against enemy attacks.

  • Preserving Earthen Bulwark; This enhancement grants you 18% of your base life as Fortify.
  • Natural Trample; This enhancement skill gives players 20% of their base life as Fortify.
  • Safeguard; This passive skill grants you 7% of base life as Fortify upon delivering critical strikes with Earth skills.
  • Natural Fortitude; This passive skill grants 4% of base life as Fortify upon shapeshifting.

Landslide Druid Damage Rotation

Listing skills, their order to unlock and what benefits will we receive from them is all theoretical knowledge, and is useless during a battle scenario. Selecting skills and using them in a particular order to enhance their impact is known as Damage Rotation in Diablo 4.

Here is a list of skills we use for our earth bear druid in a very specific order.

  1. Trample
  2. Storm Strike
  3. Landslide
  4. Earthen Bulwark
  5. Poison Creeper
  6. Petrify

Always start a battle with casting Trample skill. This shapeshifting skill is particularly strong against bosses and elites. Trample delivers a massive amount of damage to close enemies and is supported by a couple of passives. Using Storm Strike right after Trample triggers shapeshifting which further buffs our attacks and Fortify.

Enemies will be afflicted with status effects at this point. Using Landslide now delivers a massive amount of damage via critical strikes because of the stored terramotes. Fortify the character with Earthen Bulwark and now actively summon the snake with Poison Creeper skill to immobilize enemies further.

This will create a massive pool of poison with strangled enemies. Keep hitting them and as soon as they are freed from their thorny prison, cast Petrify. This ultimate skill further traps enemies for 4 seconds by stunning them. It is impossible for any enemy to survive this much amount of poison and physical damage at this point, enhanced with passives delivering critical strikes.

In case of stronger enemies and bosses, rotate the skills in the exact same order and use the stored terramotes and buffs to finish the fight instantly.

Gear, Gems, and Stats priority

There are four primary stats for each class in Diablo 4. These stats provide unique active effects and common secondary effects for each class upon each upgrade. We have arranged the stats in order depending on the benefits they bestow upon Druid class.

It is highly recommended to increase the stats in this order but you can always experiment a bit to make the Landslide Druid build your very own.

OrderStat NameStat Effects (Primary/Secondary)
1WillpowerThis stat primarily increases skill (0.1%) and overpower damage (0.25%) of Druids by a fixed percentage. Its secondary effect grants additional healing to players with healing items (0.1% per upgrade).
2DexterityThis stat primarily improves critical strike chance of Druids by 0.02% per upgrade. Secondary effect includes improvement in dodge chance by 0.025% per upgrade.
3IntelligenceThis stat primarily improves resource generation by up to 0.1% per upgrade. Its secondary effect increases resistance against all sorts of elemental attacks by 0.05% per upgrade.
4StrengthStrength has no primary effect on Druid class. However, upgrading it also increases Armor by 1 per upgrade.

We have selected the following gems for the weapon, armor and jewelry slots that go well with our Landslide Druid build in Diablo 4.

WeaponEmeraldThis green gemstone increases the critical strike damage by up to 12% against vulnerable enemies, and it perfectly matches our build.
ArmorRubyThis red gemstone grants an additional 4% life to our Landslide Druid.
JewelrySkullThis curious looking gemstone increases armor of our character by 250.

Endgame gear is defined by the type of affixes it carries. Any magic, rare or legendary gear can be converted to match our unique character and it will be carried into the end-game sections of Diablo 4.

In this section, we will only cover item affixes in Diablo 4 that grant special buffs to gear items specifically tailored for our Landslide Druid build.

  • Increased Damage over Time
  • Increased Critical Strike Damage
  • Increased chance to deliver Critical Strike
  • Increased chance to inflict Vulnerable
  • Increased chance to inflict Immobilize
  • Increased chance to inflict Stun
  • Increased damage from Poison attacks
  • Increased Fortification
  • Increased Spirit generation
  • Decreased Damage received
  • Increased Damage to Close Enemies
  • Increased chance for Lucky Hit
  • Decreased Cooldown for skills

Paragon Boards for Landslide Druid

Diablo 4 offers a unique leveling system that was not present in its predecessors, the Paragon board. It unlocks once the players hit level 50 and offer passive buffs via nodes and glyphs. The game also replaces skill points with paragon points required to purchase the nodes and glyphs.

Here is a list of our favorite glyphs and nodes from the Druid paragon board to complement the Landslide Druid build in Diablo 4.

  • Prime: This rare node increases damage by 10% and maximum life by 4%.
  • Impel: This rare node increases damage by 10% and grants additional 10 ranks to willpower.
  • Earth and Sky: This rare glyph inflicts 10% more damage to vulnerable enemies with nature skills.
  • Spirit: This rare glyph increases damage from critical strikes by up to 12% for the next 20 seconds.
  • Outmatch: This rare glyph deals 16% additional physical damage to bosses and non-elite enemies.
  • Resolve: This rare node increases resistance to all elemental attacks by 4% and grants 10 additional willpower ranks.
  • Ancestral Guidance: This legendary node increases the skill damage by up to 30% after spending 75 spirit.
  • Constricting Tendrils: A 15% chance to immobilize enemies for 2 seconds and inflict 120% poison damage.
  • Earthen Power: This rare node increases willpower by 10 ranks and grants 15% additional critical damage by using Earth skills.
  • Slayer: This rare node increases the total armor by up to 200 and grants 4% improved healing from potions.

Unique Items

Considered the best and most powerful items in Diablo 4, unique items only appear during world tier 3 (level 50). Focusing on a unique item for a specific build is ill-advised. However, we still recommend finding a couple of useful unique items for Druid that will aid you immensely in the late-game sections.

Insatiable Fury; This unique chest armor makes the Werebear form as primary for our Landslide Druid. It also increases the rank of all Werebear skills by 2, Overpower damage by 10.5%, physical damage by 3.5%, and armor by 3.5%.

Vasily’s Prayer; This unique helm treats all Earth skills as werebear skills and each skill Fortify the players for 1.6% of their base life. It also increases maximum life by 58, Overpower damage by 10.5% and damage while shapeshifted by 3.5%.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Don’t use one unique item from the above without the other. It is to grant additional fun and attack power to your already op Landslide build. This is totally optional. At this point, also take two points off from the Circle of Life passive and one point from Defiance passive.

Assign all 3 points into Quickshift passive. As using the Stormstrike skill changes you back to human, Quickshift increases 15% damage after shapeshifting.

Legendary Aspects for Landslide Druid

As the name implies, legendary aspects in Diablo 4 are extremely powerful and versatile. Unlike unique items, they can be re-rolled with the help of an Occultist and can be affixed to any rare or legendary gear (in specific slots only).

Here is a list of legendary Druid aspects we found really help the Landslide Druid build in Diablo 4.

Aspect of the Aftershock: Affixes to gloves. This legendary aspect summons an additional earth pillar by using Landslide skill to deal extra damage.

Aspect of Quicksand: Affixes to boots. This legendary aspect slows down enemy attack speed by a fixed percentage for a few seconds.

Aspect of Natural Balance: Main weapon affix. This legendary aspect increases the damage of critical strikes by Earth skills after casting a storm skill and vice versa.

Aspect of Might: Affixes to pants. This legendary affix reduces the damage taken by up to 25% for a few seconds by using Basic skills.

Ballistic Aspect: Affixes to amulet. This legendary aspect increases ranks of Earth skills when the players are fortified.

Aspect of the Trampled Earth: Affixes to ring. This legendary aspect converts trample into earth skill and allows it to simultaneously cast Landslide.

Aspect of the Umbral: Affixes to ring. This legendary aspect generates 1 Spirit for each enemy you crowd controlled.

Aspect of Retribution: Offhand weapon affix. An 8% chance to stun enemies when they hit the players. This legendary aspect also increases your damage against stunned enemies.

Elixir and Potion Choices

We have purposefully ignored skills that can regenerate health during the previous sections. Our main focus for Landslide Druid is to deliver maximum damage with status effects and fortify itself. However, this will all become useless if we can’t survive a fight against a boss or elite due to low health. This can be remedied by upgrading your healing potions at Alchemists periodically as you upgrade.

Triggering the Unstoppable effect from skills is to support healing without flinching, as a lot of enemies can stop you from recovering your health. Another way to survive waves of enemies is by crafting elixirs with the help of alchemists in towns.

Only one elixir can be used to trigger its effects for 30 minutes. Using another one will override the bonuses of the previous ones. There are a lot of elixirs to choose from but it all comes down to personal preferences. However, we recommend Expertise Elixir (Spirit cost reduction by 20%), Elixir of Fortitude (30% additional maximum life) and Iron Skin Elixir (+900 armor) for this specific build.

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