Diablo 4 Best Druid Spirit Boons Guide

Spirit Boons are passive abilities you gain from four spirit animals as a Druid in Diablo 4. Here are the best of them.

The Druid is one of the most versatile and flexible classes you can play in Diablo 4, courtesy of a class-exclusive mechanic called Spirit Boons. These are basically passive abilities that you can extract from spirit animals to gain their powers.

However, it gets a little more complicated afterward. There are four spirit animals to choose from and each animal has four Spirit Boons.

You can only use two of them at a time, but considering that there are 16 Boons in total, you might be scratching your head wondering which are the best Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4.

Without a doubt, some Spirit Boons will definitely be more useful than others. However, that all depends upon the playstyle you have and the type of build you are going for.

How to unlock Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

You need to first reach level 15 with your Druid character in Diablo 4 to start unlocking Spirit Boons. The level requirement is just the start. There are further requirements you need to fulfill.

Once you reach level 15 and clear Scolsgen’s Tur Dulra Stronghold, you will be deemed worthy to start the Spirits of the Lost Grove priority quest.


This is a class-based quest exclusive to your Druid, so complete it as early as possible. You will get access to Druidic Spirit Offerings which are used to unlock Spirit Boons.

The “Spirits of the Lost Grove” concerns an aspect of the forest. You first have to speak with Druid Aldreth in Tur Dulra to start the ques. Then, you must battle the Goatmen to free the Spirit Lord.

Take note that you will only have enough Druidic Spirit Offerings to unlock one Spirit Boon after completing your priority quest in Diablo 4.

To unlock the rest, you’ll have to grind a lot. There’s no way to farm for the Offerings since they drop at a random rate, so you’ll just have to keep killing enemies to get a chance.

Take note that Druidic Spirit Offerings are not subject to the automatic pickup system. They are items that you can loot from different enemies around the world.

These items drop at a completely random rate and are not subject to the automatic pickup system, which means that you have to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Best Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

Deer Spirit Boons

Perhaps the best Boon offered by the Deer is Wariness, which allows you to take 10% less damage from Elite enemies, which includes bosses as well. This will impact your overall defensive status greatly, allowing you to survive for longer in battle.

The Gift of the Stag is another great Boon offered by the Deer Spirit that grants you an added 10 of max Spirit. This may be a great choice for players using the Werewolf build, or ones that run out of Spirit on a regular basis.

The Deer Spirit’s other Boons include Prickleskin and Advantageous Beast, which grant 4 extra Thorns and reduce the duration of Control Impairing Effects by 15% respectively. However, these Boons offer a general advantage and aren’t that widely used.

Eagle Spirit Boons

The Eagle Spirit Boons mainly tilt toward the offensive side, but one of its boons also gives you the option to heal yourself. That is the Iron Feather Boon, which grants you an additional 10% of your maximum life.

Though it may be a pretty good one for most people, that’s not the best Boon that the Eagle has to offer. One of the best Boons of the Eagle is the Scythe Talons, which increases your Critical Strike Chance by an added 5%. This is a pretty good Boon for players whose builds revolve around Crit and/or Toxic Claws.

Another great Boon offered by the Eagle is the Avian Wrath, which increases your Critical Strike Damage by 30% times. This means that your overall damage output is significantly increased.

The last Boon that of the Eagle is the Swooping Attack, which grants you an added 10% increase in Attack Speed, although that’s a bit insignificant of a Boon compared to the rest.

Wolf Spirit Boons

The Wolf spirit animal greatly increases the effectiveness of your character’s skills with its highly selective Boons.

One of the best Boons offered by the Wolf Spirit, especially for players that utilize a Companion, is the Packleader Boon, which reduces the cooldown of your Companion Skills upon landing a Critical Strike, although there’s a 20% chance for that.

If you are the type of player that relies heavily upon Ultimate Skills, then the Calamity is the Boon that you must go for. This Spirit Boon extends the duration of your Ultimate Skills by 25%.

Other Boons offered by the Wolf Spirit Animals, although not as significantly good as the others in most situations, are the Energize and Bolster Boons.

The former grants you a 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit after dealing damage, while the latter allows you to use a Defensive Skill to Fortify 10% of your max Life.

Snake Spirit Boons

The Snake spirit animal is the only one that requires you to unlock all of the Boon tiers together. You have to spend 100 Druidic Spirit Offerings all at once to unlock all of the Boons it offers.

The Snake offers incredible Boons that not only increase your offensive capabilities by a huge margin but also allow you to heal yourself. While all of the Boons offered by this Spirit are great, they are dependent on the situation.

For example, for players that use Shapeshift a lot, the best Snake Boon for them would be Masochistic, which heals your character for 3% of its max life every time a Critical Strike is performed with a Shapeshifting Skill.

If you are the kind of player who likes to rely heavily on their ultimate skills, consider getting the Calm before the Storm boon. You will get to use your ultimate skills more often after getting a 10 percent chance to reduce your ultimate skill cooldowns every time a nature magic skill is used.

The Overload and the Obsidian Slam Snake Boons are best suited for players that use builds revolving around Lightning damage and survivability respectively.

The former Boon Overpowers your next Earth Skill after each 20th kill, while the latter grants you a 10% chance to cause the enemy to emit a static discharge each time they take Lightning Damage.

Which Druid Spirit Boons should you choose in Diablo 4?

As you may have noticed from the section above, the Spirit Boons used by the Druid is highly versatile and may work wonders depending on which type of playstyle or build they are used with.

In order to know which one is best for you, you must understand well what each Spirit Boon does, and test them out by yourself.

However, the most popular choices among the players of Diablo 4 are the Boons offered by the Eagle and the Snake respectively. Both of these Spirit Animals offer Boons that synergize well with Shapeshifting and your Ultimate Abilities.

It all depends on which selection of boons pair well with each other, like Calm before the Storm and Masochistic, or Avian Wrath and Scythe Talons.

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