Diablo 4 Unique Chest Armor Guide

So you are in the market for an excellent unique chest armor in Diablo 4? Look no further. There are only six in the game.

Unique chest armors can be used to add unique passive skills to any build in Diablo 4. All classes except rouge have exclusive chest armor.

Most of these armors bring an additional offensive element of core skills of a class. This is done by introducing an extra status effect to the lucky hits of said core skills. A few of them have guaranteed buffs like increased damage or a permanent increase in skill ranks.

All the unique chest armors in Diablo 4 have a random drop chance once the player reaches world tier 3 or higher. Higher world tiers have more drop chance.

Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (Necromancer)

The Blood Artisan’s Cuirass works great with a Minion Summoning Necromancer build in Diablo 4.

Every time you pick up a particular number of blood orbs (determined by your affix), you automatically spawn a Bone Spirit for free. That is an extra minion on the battlefield that is going to do damage based on your current health.

Furthermore, you are going to get extra ranks for the Bone Spirit skill, and extra healing from blood orbs. Even better is that your overall damage is going to be increased for a few seconds after picking a blood orb from the ground.


This unique chest armor is designed for blood magic, and your blood orbs are going to give your Necromancer a lot of buffs in Diablo 4.

Insatiable Fury (Druid)

Similar to Insatiable Fury, your normal form is converted to Werewolf when equipping this unique item as a druid. This armor also offers an increase in rank for werewolf skills.

The only difference between the two armors is that of other affixes. This armor offers an increase in overpowering damage instead of a boost in poison damage. You Fortify defensive stats and are also buffed by a small fraction while using this armor.

Mad Wolf’s Glee (Druid)

This unique item is exclusive to the Druid class. After equipping this armor, you are permanently transformed into the Werewolf form granting you increased ranks for every Werewolf Skill.

Being turned into a Werewolf permanently doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use non-werewolf skills. Whenever you cast such skills, you turn back to a human momentary before turning back to a werewolf.

This armor also offers increased physical and poison damage. This makes the Rabies passive even more effective.

Rage of Harrogath (Barbarian)

Rage of Harrogath probably has one of the best unique effects in Diablo 4. It gives you a lucky hit chance to reduce all of your non-ultimate cooldowns by almost a couple of seconds. The only condition here is that you need to make elite enemies bleed to proc the unique effect.

In addition, those bleeding elite enemies are going to do reduced damage to you while your critical chance and physical damage against them is going to receive a massive boost.

Raiment of Infinite (Sorcerer)

This unique chest armor can bring an offensive element to Sorcerer’s teleport ability. Normally, when the teleport ability is used, the enemies at your point of arrival only take a little damage.

With this armor, now they are stunned too. However, there is one drawback to this unique item; your teleport will have an increased cooldown.

This cooldown only increases by a little and can easily be played around by using other evasion abilities when your teleport is on cooldown.

Another effect that this armor offers is that the enemies that get stunned by your teleport will get pulled toward you. This means you can use an AOE attack to deal massive amounts of damage.

Razorplate (General)

Being available in all classes, the Razorplate very unique due to the fact that it only offers one affix, that is to deal devasting thrones damage.

This armor is best suited for builds that are made to fight enemies up close. On paper, this armor might seem useless as there are no other bonuses, but the huge thorns damage offers more than makes up for it.

The Barbarian class is especially suitable for this unique armor as you can get the “Though as Nails” passive that further boosts the thorn damage along with inflicting the bleed status effect on enemies.

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