How To Upgrade Healing Potion In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 provides four weak healing potions to players as they start their journey to set evil on fire, but are these healing potions ...

You may find it difficult to survive when encountered by tougher enemies in Diablo 4. The game is a fight against evil; you must have a strong hold on healing to survive. Diablo 4 provides four weak healing potions to players as they start their journey to set evil on fire, but are these healing potions enough?

No, as you progress in the game, you will encounter various enemies that will damage you. All this makes you upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4. You can do this by talking to an alchemist in Kyivashad at level 10.

To upgrade healing potions, you might have to go through a hectic process of gathering all the items required for the upgrade, but it’s all worth it.

How to increase health gained by potions in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, to upgrade the healing potions, you must enter Kyivashad, the first major hub in the game.

To reach there, go southwest and look for a pestle icon on the map. Once you get to this area, the “Healing Potion Upgrade” quest will start. In this quest, you will go on a search for Veroka. As you find Veroka, speak to her, and a menu will appear.

Once you choose this option, you will see the second menu; this one will brief you on how to upgrade the Healing Potion in Diablo 4 by going to the Alchemist. Pay the required gold the alchemist will upgrade the amount of healing done by your potion.

Subsequent potion upgrades will not only ask for more gold but also require some rare-to-find ingredients. The higher your healing capacity, the more resources are required. After completing the priority quest, you can upgrade your healing potion at Alchemists from any main city in Diablo 4. Each of the 5 regions in the game has at least one alchemist.

Ingredients required for Healing Potion upgrade

Upgrading healing potions in Diablo 4 requires you to find different items. Below is the list of items to upgrade the potions to the maximum level.

Level/Type of Healing Potion UpgradeEffectIngredients Required
Level 1 – WeakThis instantly heals 18 Life
Level 10 – TinyThis instantly heals 48 Life8x Gallowvine and 250x Gold
Level 20 – MinorThis instantly heals 80 Life15x Gallowvine, 5x Biteberry, and 400x Gold
Level 30 – LightThis instantly heals 141 Life20x Gallowvine, 10x Biteberry, 5x Crushed Beast Bones, and 470x Gold
Level 45 – ModerateThis instantly Heals 255 Life20x Gallowvine, 12x Howler Moss, 5x Demon’s Heart, and 900x Gold
Level 60 – StrongThis instantly Heals 378 Life27x Gallowvine, 15x Reddamine, 5x Paletongue, and 1,700x Gold
Level 70 – GreatThis instantly Heals 559 Life36x Blightshade, 18x Lifesbane, 5x Grave Dust, 5x Angel Breath, and 2,500x Gold
Level 80 – MajorThis instantly Heals 827 Life27x Reddamine, 27x Biteberry, 27x Blightshade, 27x Lifesbane, 27x Howler Moss, 10x Angel Breath, 5x Fiend Rose, and 5,000x Gold
Level 90 – MajorThis instantly Heals 1,274 life36x Blightshade, 36x Howler Moss, 20x Demon’s Heart, 20x Grave Dust, 20x Angel Breath, 10x Fiend Rose, 10x Forgotten Soul, and 12,500 Gold

How to get more Healing Potions in Diablo 4

Renown rewards from each region in Diablo 4 allow you to increase your healing potion capacity. Tier 2 renown reward of every region increases your capacity by 1 so in total, you can gain 9 healing potions; 4 by default and 5 bonus through rewards.

To reach Tier 2 rewards, you need to complete side activities in a region till you reach 300 Renown. Afterward, open your map and head to the Rewards screen. Claim your Tier 2 reward and you will increase your number of available potion charges by 1.