Diablo 4 Double Swing Barbarian Build Guide

The Double Swing Barbarian build makes use of your dual wielding skills in Diablo 4 to cleave through enemies. Here's how to make it!

The Double Swing Barbarian build is perfect for slicing through your enemies in Diablo 4. This skill becomes more fun when you equip suitable items in your build. 

This is a dual-wielding focused build and with it, you can bring down even the toughest of enemies while having fun in combat. Our main aim with this build is to spam the Supreme Wrath of the Berserker along with the Double Swing.

We’ll be generating Fury with other skills and use it for your main skills to wreck your enemies. With this build, you will be able to inflict a high amount of damage while constantly moving through your enemies and repositioning to better spots.

However, you just have to make sure that you have all the skills unlocked from the Barbarian skill tree before crafting this build in D4. 

This Barbarian class build ensures you get to make use of the effects like Crowd Control and Critical Damage during combat. With this, you will be able to become fast and deadly while clearing the nightmare dungeons or fighting deadly bosses. The same mobility is also offered by the Berserker Leap Barbarian build that you can also craft in the endgame. 

Skill Tree Distribution 

This Double Swing Barbarian build is an endgame build. As such, you will be investing all your points, including the one you earn by completing the renown of all the regions. With every skill unlocked and equipped, you will become more and more powerful during combat in Diablo 4.


With this build, you need to focus on skills that generate your primary resource for you, since you will need a lot of Fury. Below we have given a list of active and passive skills along with modifiers that will create the deadly Double Swing Barbarian build in Diablo 4. 

  • Frenzy (1/5) 
    • Enhanced Frenzy 
      • Battle Frenzy Reap 
  • Aggressive Resistance (3/3) 
  • Prolific Fury (3/3) 
  • Hamstring (1/5) 
  • Double Swing (5/5
    • Enhanced Double Swing 
      • Furious Double Swing 
  • Pit Fighter (1/3) 
  • No Mercy (3/3) 
  • Challenging Shout (5/5) 
    • Enhanced Challenging Shout 
      • Tactical Challenging Shout 
  • Death’s Embrace (3/3) 
  • War Cry (1/5) 
    • Enhanced War Cry 
      • Power War Cry 
  • Slaying Strike (3/3) 
  • Expose Vulnerability (3/3) 
  • Defensive Stance (3/3) 
  • Thick Skin (1/3) 
  • Evulsion (3/3) 
  • Counter Offensive (⅓) 
  • Wrath of the Berserker  
    • Prime Wrath of the Berserker 
      • Supreme Wrath of the Berserker 
  • Tempered Fury (3/3) 
  • Invigorating Fury (3/3) 
  • Duelist (3/3) 
  • Unbridled Rage 

Unlock Order 

Our entire focus of this build is going to be on the Fury generation, so we will initially focus on the skills that improve your Fury generation and reduce its costs while combatting. 

Starting with our basic skills, Frenzy is perfect as it helps you generate fury as you unleash your flurry of blows. Moreover, the modifier of this skill allows you to gain attack speed, allowing you to land more hits. This also lets you generate Fury at a rapid rate for your D4 Double Swing Barbarian build. 

You’ll make use of this fury with your Double Swing skill which provides you the ability to deal damage quickly in an arc in front of you. Land hits with Frenzy and fill your Fury bar and then unleash Double Swing to cleave through your enemies.

For the defensive aspect of your build, we have included the Challenging Shout and Rallying Cry skills. With the Challenging Shout, you can taunt the enemies, and the tactical modifier allows you to convert the damage taken into fury.

The other defensive skill also provides you with movement speed, which is crucial for this build. Apart from the speed, you can restore fury with the tactical modifier of Rallying Cry

By spending fury, you will experience the highest level of damage boost in your Wrath of the Berserker ability. This is where all your fury generation skills pay off. With the Supreme Wrath of the Berserker, you can melt your enemies within the blink of an eye. 

If you combine the damage boost through Unbridled Rage, then even bosses will become a cakewalk for you. All these skills increase each other’s outcome, so having them is the best way to use the Double Swing Barbarian build in Diablo 4. 

Barbarian Arsenal System 

For our D4 Double Swing Barbarian build, it is crucial to choose the technique that can inflict more damage against Vulnerable enemies. Our selected skills will offer us many chances to put the enemies under effect. This makes it vital to choose the right weapon arsenal for this build.  

The perfect selection would be the 1H Axe Technique. It increases the chances of critical strikes against Injured enemies. At level 10 of this technique, you’ll also have a good chance to gain increased attack speed when you do critical strikes.

Gameplay and Skill Rotations 

Begin your combat by Frenzy to begin dealing blows to begin stacking the damage and generate fury on each strike.

Then activate Challenging Shout to taunt as many surrounding enemies as possible. This will allow you to close the distance and land the attacks that will begin the generation of fury, making it easy to rotate your strikes and damage. 

Make sure you cast the Power Cry, as it will improve your movement and boost your resource generation. With the defenses set, you should begin spamming the skills that provide you with high-damage outbursts. 

Now bring the Double Swings, but use the Wrath of the Berserker before that. These abilities will ensure you deal as much damage as possible, and your Unbridled Rage allows you to improve the damage. 

You have to keep hitting the enemies with these skills to utilize the generated fury most efficiently. Whenever you run out of gas, just reposition yourself using the taunt on enemies. Combining all these skills ensures you have every base covered, making you deadly in all combats. 

Gems, Stats, and Modifiers 

Our arsenal system for this Double Swing Barbarian build relies heavily on making the enemies vulnerable in Diablo 4. So visiting the Jeweler and getting Emeralds fixed in your weapon is essential. 

Since we are talking about the endgame build, it makes more sense to go with something that provides you with damage reduction. However, if you’re using this build before hitting level 60, then you can go with Ruby as shown in the table below. 

Gear Gem  Effects 
Jewelry Skull Boosts your total armor. 
Weapon Emerald Better critical chances against Vulnerable enemies. 
Armor (Before level 60) Ruby Improves the maximum health. 
Armor (After Level 60) Topaz To improve damage reduction against Control-Controlled enemies. 

Stat Upgrade Choice

Strength is the most vital stat for this Barbarian build. With this, you will improve your Double Swing damage in combat. Secondly, we need to invest in Willpower, as with this stat, you can have a superior resource generation rate. 

Resource generation is very important as our whole build relies on the use of fury through different skills. Additionally, we will have some points in Dexterity as this improves our critical strike chances. 

  1. Strength 
  2. Willpower 
  3. Dexterity 

For our gear modifiers, it is crucial to see which modifiers and affixes are in sync with our D4 Double Swing Barbarian build. We always look for resource generation and damage output in combat for this build. 

Our complete build is developed around fury, so the resource generation and damage outburst priority makes the most sense. Also, we will look for modifiers that improve our damage while Vulnerable enemies. So we have listed some that you can select to bring the best out of this build. 

  1. Increased critical strike damage 
  2. Increased resource generation 
  3. Increases skills damage 
  4. Increase damage against vulnerable enemies 
  5. Increase essence capacity or generation 

Legendary Aspects 

There are multiple Legendary Aspects in the game you can use to boost the efficiency of your Double Swing Barbarian build in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of Might is a great one that will provide damage reduction on the usage of your basic skill. Since our damage rotation uses Frenzy frequently, this aspect will make use of the spam to solidify your defenses. 

As we will be spamming Berserk in this build as often as you can, the inclusion of the Aspect of the Berserk Ripping makes sense. This legendary aspect deals a percentage of your base damage as a bonus bleed damage, draining your enemy’s health rapidly. 

You are in need of a higher attack speed to fully utilize Frenzy and generate more fury with the blow. For this reason, we recommend the Accelerating Aspect so you can use your core skills to gain additional attack speed. This will help you in achieving the desired attack speed during combat. 

The continuous generation of fury allows us to use aspects like Edgemaster’s Aspect. You receive a damage boost based on your skills based on your primary resources. More accumulation of such resources converts into more damage, making you more deadly. 

Adding the Aspect of the Umbral into this D4 Barbarian build is also important. With this aspect, you restore your primary resources by crowd-controlling the enemies. Here, you can use the Aspect of Shared Misery to spread the effect on the nearby enemies, keeping your resource generation on for extended periods. 

Lastly, Blood Chieftain’s Aspect improves the overall efficiency of the build. The aspect reduces the cooldown of the Shout skill depending on the nearby enemies. So if more enemies surround you, you will have your defenses up within no time due to this aspect. 

All these aspects make our Double Swing build very strong and help you in benefitting from each item and skill. 

Unique Items 

The rareness of these unique items makes them very hard to find but since they are powerful, it makes up for it. We have listed some of the best Barbarian unique items that, if found, can improve the stats of this Double Swing Barbarian build in Diablo 4. 

Harlequin Crest (Helm) 

This unique helm provides you with multiple benefits that can change the tide of the battle. You will receive a cooldown reduction and a boost in your stats.  

This means you can spam your Double Swing more frequently to cut through your enemies and generate more fury every time. This is a perfect item for builds where you have to strike your enemies for resource generation. 

Ramaldani’s Magnum Opus (1H Sword) 

This unique sword is an offensive all-rounder, providing boosted damage output in close combat. More importantly, you receive a lucky hit that has a 5 percent chance of restoring your primary resources. Making this unique item very suitable for this Barbarian build in D4. 

Paragon Boards and Glyphs 

The Barbarian Double Swing build will become more powerful when investing in your Paragon Boards in Diablo 4. You can only invest in these boards after level 50, so you must wait patiently until you reach the desired level. 

However, you have to ensure that you find the shortest route to reach the Glyph Socket and Rare Node on the paragon boards. With this in mind, it is time to look at some of the options that you can go with for your Double Swing Barbarian Paragon Board during the endgame. 

Starting Board

Glyph: Ambidextrous 

Board #2 

Glyph: Cleaver 
Board Attachment Gate: Carnage 

Board #3  

Glyph: Exploit 
Board Attachment Gate: Warbringer 

Board #4 

Glyph: Marshal 
Board Attachment Gate: Flawless Technique 

You need to upgrade Cleaver, Exploit, and Marshal while reaching the next levels through nightmare dungeons in D4. 

Elixir and Incense 

You need Elixirs that help you deal more damage and generate resources in Diablo 4. The Elixir of Savagery is perfect in this regard, as you can deal 25 percent additional through the critical strikes.  

Moreover, you can also equip the Iron Skin Elixir to improve your defensive capabilities. The elixir increases your armor by 900, and the boost lasts 30 minutes. The time is enough to clear even the strongest enemies of hell in D4. 

For the Incenses, you can select Reddamine Buzz or the Song of the Mountain. Both are defensive, as one provides you with maximum life, and the other boosts your armor if you have players in your surroundings.

Moreover, you need to bring some upgrading healing potions before running any dungeons while having these items. 

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