Diablo 4 Unique Weapons Guide

When it comes to item rarities, unique weapons are the most powerful weapons you can equip for any class in Diablo 4.

When it comes to item rarities, unique weapons are the most powerful weapons you can equip for any class in Diablo 4.

It is why you are going to invest a lot of time farming unique items in the endgame once you unlock the World Tier 3 and 4 difficulty settings.

Below is a list of all the unique weapons you can find in D4—those that are exclusive to a certain class and those which are non-exclusive.

All Classes


Type: One-handed sword
Aspect: It greatly increases the shadow damage to the foes in close vicinity. Doombringer increases the attacking damage and maximum life. It also causes a reduction in enemy attacking power.

The Grandfather

Type: Two-handed sword
Aspect: It insanely increases the critical strike damage. It also increases the normal damage dealt, maximum life, and all stats, and enhances durability.

The Butcher’s Cleaver

Type: One-handed axe
Aspect: It slows down the enemy and increases the critical strike damage. Moreover, you will have more striking speed when using this unique weapon.


Slowing down the enemies and striking them faster is the cherry on top. It is very deadly to healthier foes.


Ancients’ Oath

Type: Two-handed axe
Aspect: The speed of the Ancients’ Oath is low. It hurts healthy foes more. You can use the Steel Grasp ability to cast double chains.

It will reduce the speed of the impacted enemies. It is also good for more Vulnerable and Berserking damage.

Fields of Crimson

Type: Two-handed sword
Aspect: Hitting your enemies with a Rupture makes the enemies bleed out. This will create a pool of blood and their health will decrease continuously for a while. Standing in the pool of blood will deplete enemies’ health.


Type: Two-handed mace
Aspect: This unique weapon is greatly used to control a crowd of enemies. Smashing it to the ground will burn the ground and the enemies in its vicinity will burn.


Type: Two-handed mace
Aspect: It increases overall damage but deals more damage to injured enemies. The Death Blow affix of this unique weapon creates a shockwave that deals more damage than its base damage. Injured enemies might give you a chance to have a critical strike as well.

Ramaldani’s Magnum Opus

Type: One-handed sword
Aspect: This unique weapon grants more attacking speed, more damage, and deals high damage to the enemies that are very close to you.

Your skills will deal more damage for the number of points of fury you have. But, keep in mind, that you will be losing 2x points of fury every second if you have Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus.


Greatstaff of The Crone

Type: One-handed staff
Aspect: This weapon is used to control crowded enemies. It deals non-physical damage. The main affix, Claw, creates a Storm Strike that deals quite high damage to close enemies.

Waxing Gibbous

Type: One-handed axe
Aspect: This unique weapon is best suited for a werewolf build. If you hit an enemy with a Shred, you will gain stealth for a few seconds.

You also get life on kill. It does more damage to close enemies and has more critical strike damage. This weapon also grants you a more striking rate.


Black River

Type: One-handed scythe
Aspect: The main affix, Corpse Explosion, uses up around 4x extra Corpse. It does more damage and has a larger diameter for each Corpse.

It also increases intelligence, does more damage to healthy foes, ad grants you life on kill.

Bloodless Scream

Type: Two-handed scythe
Aspect: This unique weapon is a torment for frozen enemies. You get a lucky hit chance where your darkness skills will grant you some extra Essence if you are up against frozen foes. Moreover, it will give you life on kill.


Asheara’s Khanjar

Type: Dagger
Aspect: Hits increase the attacking speed for a few seconds. Moreover, it deals more damage to closer enemies. It increases basic damage and is best suited for crowd control purposes.


Type: Dagger
Aspect: All of your basic skills stand a chance to produce 3x Combo Points when using this weapon. Then if you spend those 3x Combo Points, your core skill will deal way more damage.

Moreover, the damage dealt with by dual-wielded weapons is also increased. It gives a Critical Strike chance if you are up against injured enemies.


Type: Bow
Aspect: Your first direct hit with a weapon will be a critical strike for sure. You can gain energy only once per cast if you tend to have maximum stacks of the Precision Key Passive. It also increases Dexterity and is good for long-range battles.


Type: Bow
Aspect: Hits with this weapon have chances of dealing double damage to the enemies. It increases all stats, and core skill damage, and is deadly for distant foes.



Type: Wand
Aspect: While you are channeling Incinerate, you shoot the embers periodically. The Embers are attracted by the enemies and each Ember deals fire damage. It does more damage to healthy foes, and to burning foes.

Staff of Endless Rage

Type: Staff
Aspect: You launch an additional 2x projectile with every 3rd cast of Fireball. It also increases core skill damage and Fireball speed. It is also used for crowd control.

Staff of Lam Esen

Type: Staff
Aspect: Your Charged Bolts can now pierce enemies to bypass their armor and defense but at the cost of reduced damage.

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