Diablo 4 Barbarian Unique Items Guide

The Barbarian class has access to several damage-boosting unique items in Diablo 4. Your Barbarian build is incomplete without them.

Just like the other classes, the Barbarian can also make use of several powerful unique items in Diablo 4. These are exclusive to the Barbarian class and are designed to ramp up your overall damage and defense by ten folds with a larger emphasis on the former.

Something important to keep in mind is that unique items are only going to start appearing for your Barbarian while playing in the World Tier 3 difficulty setting (Nightmare) in Diablo 4. You can switch to Nightmare after reaching level 50 and clearing the Capstone dungeon.

The following are all of the unique items a Barbarian can possibly get for his builds in Diablo 4.

10,000 Steps (unique armor)

These are boots that are unique to the Barbarian class. It grants one passive and one active skill. The passive is known as Walking Arsenal which grants a 10% increase in damage for a duration of 6 seconds in every 30 seconds. There is one condition though; the weapon used to deal damage should be dual-wielded.

The active skill known as Ground Stomp is very useful for defensive purposes. When activated, it sends an AOE attack that stuns enemies for 3 seconds and deals a little damage too. This skill is very useful if you get swarmed by a large horde of enemies.

10,000 Steps are very versatile and can fit in any build that needs a defensive ability.

Ancients’ Oath (unique weapon)

This is a two-handed axe and has a relatively slow attack speed. However, its speed is compensated for by its high damage. Normally, a Barbarian has only 3 chain casts. This weapon has a special property Steel Grasp that gives you 2 more charges. The enemy by these chains is slowed for 3 seconds.

This Axe is ideal for Berserker build if you apply the Fighter’s Steel Grasp. With this modifier, you gain Berserk for 2 seconds every time you deal direct damage to enemies.   

Battle Trance (unique armor)

This Skill is an exclusive amulet for the Barbarian class. It modifies the Barbarian basic skill known as Frenzy. You gain two extra stacks for this skill when having this amulet equipped.   

Another benefit of using this amulet is that it buffs attack speed for all the other basic skills. This speed buff can range from 10 to 20%.

Battle Trance is an integral part of all the Frenzy builds.

Fields of Crimson (unique weapon)

This weapon is a two-handed sword with exceptionally high damage. The special ability is Rupture. When this ability is used, your character stabs the enemy in front of them, this inflicts a bleeding effect on the enemy. This effect lasts for 6 seconds while dealing damage equal to 13% of the damage of the stab.

This weapon pairs best with the builds that can further enhance the bleed effect.

Ghor’s Devastating Grips (unique armor)

These are a unique pair of gloves that provide 250 fairly high Armor points. These gloves will modify the Whirlwind core skill of Barbarian. With these gloves equipped, your Whirlwind will explode on its end and deal fire damage to surrounding enemies.

These gloves are an essential part of the Whirlwind build as it increases the effectiveness of this skill.

Hellhammer (unique weapon)

This weapon is a two-handed mace that is fueled by the demonic fires of hell. The special property of this weapon is known as Upheaval. This hammer can damage large hordes of enemies by setting the ground on fire. This can deal massive amounts of damage to grouped enemies.

 This fire can last up to 3 seconds. You can further increase the lethality of this weapon by getting the modified special property Enhanced Upheaval. This modification grants the Hellhammer the ability to stun enemies for 2.5 seconds (20% chance) while still retaining its previous properties.

Hellhammer is ideal for crowd control built. Such builds focus on dealing with a large number of enemies with AOE attacks.

Overkill (unique weapon)

This item is a two-handed mace. This weapon has a special effect known as Death Blow that gives it exceptional crowd control capabilities as it can conjure an AOE shockwave on dealing direct damage to enemies.

This shockwave can deal 16-30% damage of the initial attack. This ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds, so you won’t be sending out shockwaves on every swing of this weapon. However, this cooldown can reset earlier if an enemy dies from this shockwave.

Overkill is very versatile and can easily fit in many sorts of builds. However, all the affixes on this weapon are focused on offensive play except one.

Rage of Harrogath (unique armor)

This is Chest armor exclusive to the Barbarian Class. With this armor, inflicting bleed on elite enemies can reduce the cooldown for all your core skills. This reduction is equal to 1.5 seconds with a chance of around 30%.

This armor pairs well with weapons that can inflict bleed effects. You can also use the core skill like “Rend” to inflict bleed and reduce your cooldown.

Ramaladni’s Mangum Opus (unique weapon)

It is a one-handed sword with an exceptionally fast attacking speed and decent damage giving it 350 DPS. This weapon has the ability to deal extra damage by consuming fury. The extra damage ranges from 0.1% to 0.3%. When using this weapon, 2 fury is consumed every second.

This weapon may be hard to use for builds that have other gear that relies on fury too. However, if you can manage it, this can prove very effective in all sorts of fights.

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