Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Loot Locations in Act 1, 2 And 3

Progressing through the storyline of the Baldur's Gate 3 requires players to loot items, weapons, and gear.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers you a massive loot pool to benefit from as you pave your way through the main campaigns, side quests, and regional explorations. Throughout your exploration, you will often encounter different types of items, weapons, gears, scrolls, etc. Some of these items can be grabbed incredibly early to give your teammates massive power spikes in BG3.

However, your challenges will also increase as the story progresses from the first Act towards the second and the third. To counter them, you must rely on the Best Loot items you can use in Baldur’ Gate 3.

You may have often skipped out, looking into places where you could have found rare loot items. Worry not, as I have listed all of the best loot items and their locations to give you the advantage of finding them and securing them in BG3.

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All loot locations in BG3 Act 1

Starting from the first Act, you will find that this act will involve a lot of places for you to discover early on and get the Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Loot Items as well. Furthermore, you will move throughout all 24 locations and can spend time completing those associated quests.

Moreover, you can also simply visit the various NPC merchants who will offer you the best loot at a price in Baldur’ Gate 3. Apart from that, you can do quite a lot of exploration and discover hidden chests that will contain all different types of loot items ranging from uncommon to rare.


Remember that getting the best loot items will benefit your character and boost your companions‘ stats early on. With that in mind, we will jump onto the locations for the Best Loot in BG3.

Nautiloid Ship: Defeat Commander Zhalk

The Baldur’s Gate 3 best loot items that you will get here will include:

Everburn is a two-handed Melee weapon that can be acquired by defeating Commander Zhalk in BG3. It is a great sword to add to your arsenal of weapons, as it provides additional fire damage of (+2d4) on your enemies.

Wilderness, Forest

In this area, you will come across a Scuffed Rock in BG3. By moving this rock, you will be able to find a chest. Unlock it, and you will receive an item, which in our case was a Rubs worth Gold (x100). You will also receive Harper’s Notebook, Map, Potion of Speed, etc., in BG3.

Dank Crypt

You need to venture to the Temple where you found Shadowheart in BG3. You need to go to the lower levels to discover the Sarcophagus there. By opening that particular sarcophagus, you will also receive a Versatile Melee Spear named The Watcher’s Guide in BG3. This two-handed weapon will offer skills like Rush and Death’s Promise and increase Shadowheart’s stats.

You can also salvage a very rare Amulet in BG3 inside the Sarcophagus room. This amulet will be known as the Amulet of Lost Voices, and you can also awaken Withers here.

Just Outside Druid Grove

You will acquire the Gloves of Power by salvaging it from the body of the Goblin boss. These gloves will increase Astarion’s stats by increasing the Sleight of Hand by +1 in BG3.

Go to these coordinates (X:170, Y:370) and find a skeleton. Salvage it, and you will receive the Silver Pendant. Next, head to the coordinates (X:80, Y:349) to find a hidden treasure in BG3. Open the chest there to receive the Fleetfingers gloves.

Druid Grove, Traders: Arron and Dammon

You will find a Halfling Merchant by the name of Arron there in BG3. He will offer to sell you the following items:

  • Gloves of Missile Snarling
  • Rain Dancer
  • Ring of Flinging
  • Dragon’s Grasp
  • Spelltheif
  • Hedge Wanderer Armor

You will also come across a Blacksmith named Dammon in this area in BG3. He will offer you some items at a price:

  • Safeguard Shield: Saving Throw
  • Hunting Shortbow (Piercing

Moreover, you can also purchase Corellon’s Grace (Bludgeoning) from Auntie Ethel (the Witch Hag).

Druid Grove: Quests and NPCs

You will get the following items:

  • Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring
  • The Whispering Promise
  • Cap of Curing
  • Ring of Color Spray
  • Amulet of Silvanus
  • Komira’s Locket
  • Wood Woad Shield
  • Broodmother’s Revenge
  • Hellrider’s Pride
  • Sorrow
  • Robes of Summer
  • Wyvern Toxin

Owlbear Cave and Reforging the True Soul Spear

  • The Oak Father’s Embrace
  • Moondrop Pendant
  • Vision of the Absolute

Sunlit Wetlands / Putrid Bog

  • The Sparkle Hands
  • Gandrel’s Aspiration
  • Corellon’s Grace
  • Tarnished Charm
  • The Ever-Seeing Eye
  • Staff of Crones

Blighted Village, Cellar, and Whispering Depths

  • Warped Headband of Intellect
  • Haste Helm
  • Very Heavy Greataxe
  • The Speedy Lightfeet
  • Spiderstep Boots
  • Spurred Band
  • Prisoner’s Robe
  • Steelforged Sword
  • Sussur Dagger
  • Bracers of Defence

Risen Road and Waukeen’s Rest

  • Sword of Justice
  • Gloves of Heroism
  • Shattered Flail
  • Speedy Reply
  • Reason’s Grasp
  • Smuggler’s Ring
  • The Sparky Points
  • The Joltshooter
  • The Spellsparkler
  • Hamarhraft

Zhentarim Hideout: Trader, Brem

  • Harold
  • The Jolty Vest
  • Giantbreaker
  • Titanstring Bow
  • Gloves of Thievery
  • Rapturing Blade
  • Abyss Beckoners

Mountain Pass

  • Githyanki Longsword
  • Githyanki Greatsword
  • Githyanki Crossbow

Goblin Camp

  • Crusher’s Ring
  • Doom Hammer
  • Boots of Aid and Comfort
  • Gloves of Archery
  • Returning Pike
  • Swiresy Shoes
  • Glowing Shield

Defiled Temple / Shattered Sanctum

  • Absolute’s Warboard
  • Absolute’s Talisman
  • Faithbreaker
  • Assassin’s Touch
  • Xyanyde
  • Spidersilk Armor
  • Boots of Striding
  • The Watersparkers
  • Jagged Spear
  • Blooded Greataxe
  • Monster Slayer Glaive
  • Gold Wyrmling Staff
  • Amulet of Elemental Torment
  • Bow of Awareness
  • Ring of Poison Resistance
  • Worgfang
  • Beastmaster’s Chain
  • Linebreaker Boots
  • Amulet of Selune’s Chosen
  • Springstep Boots
  • Gloves of the Growling Underdog
  • Ritual Dagger
  • Ritual Axe
  • Loviatar’s Scourge
  • Amulet of Misty Step

Friendly NPCs Post Shattered Sanctum

  • Blazer of Benevolence:
  • Wapira’s Crown


  • Amulet of the Unworthy
  • Shortsword of First Blood
  • Exterminator’s Axe
  • Drow Studded Leather Armour
  • Sickle of BOOOAL
  • Helmet of Autonomy
  • Phalar Aluve
  • Helmet of Smiting
  • The Blast Pendant
  • The Spectator Eyes
  • Bloodguzzler Grab
  • Mourning Frost

Arcane Tower

  • Skybreaker
  • Mystra’s Grace
  • Uncovered Mysteries
  • Mage’s Friend
  • Guiding Light
  • Light of Creation
  • Club of Hilld Giant Strength
  • The staff of Arcane Blessing
  • The Sparkswall

Underdark (Ebonlake Grotto)

  • The Baneful
  • Boots of Genial Striding
  • The Lifebringer
  • Circlet of Blasting
  • Sunwalker’s Gift
  • Cinder Shoes
  • Psychic Spark
  • Melf’s First Staff
  • Amulet of Restoration
  • Corrosive Flail
  • Herbalist’s Glove
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Caustic Band
  • Gloves of Hail of Thorns
  • Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo
  • Shadow of Menzoberranzan
  • Boots of Speed
  • Creation’s Echo
  • Pearl of Power Amulet
  • Boots of Stormy Clamour
  • Ring of Salving
  • The Shadespell Circlet

Boat Ride from Underdark to Gyrmforge

  • Shinning Staver-of-Skulls
  • Bow of the Banshee
  • Jorgal’s Greatsword
  • Intransigent Warhammer


  • Dark Justiciar Mail
  • Sharran Crossbow
  • The Real Sparky Sparkswall
  • Armor of Uninhibited Kushigo
  • Bracing Band
  • Fetish of Callarduran Smoothhands
  • Wondrous Gloves
  • Deep Delver
  • Disintegrating Night Walkers
  • Sword of Screams
  • Ring of Absolute Force
  • Cap of Wrath
  • The Protecty Sparkswall
  • Mace Mould
  • Scale Mail Mould
  • Dark Justiciar Helm
  • Dark Justiciar Mask
  • Splint Mould
  • Firestoker
  • Sentient Amulet
  • Merregon Halberd
  • Envoy’s Amulet

Gymforge (Ancient Forge)

Trielta Crags / Rosymorn Monastery

  • Periapt of Wound Closure
  • Gloves of Cinder and Sizzle
  • The Graceful Cloth
  • Cacophony
  • Gloves of Baneful Striking
  • Winter’s Clutches
  • Boots of Elemental Momentum
  • Hoppy
  • Ceremonial Mace
  • Ceremonial Warhammer
  • Ceremonial Greataxe
  • Ceremonial Sword
  • Holy Lance Helm

Creche Y’llek

  • Gloves of Dexterity
  • Knife of the Undermountain King
  • Daredevil Gloves
  • Vital Conduit Boots
  • Defender Flail
  • Larethian’s Wrath
  • Unseen Menace
  • Witchbreaker
  • Amulet of Branding
  • Aberration Hunters’ Amulet
  • Githyanki Shortsword
  • Ring of Elemental Infusion
  • Soulbreaker Greatsword
  • Circlet of Psionic Revenge
  • Diadem of Arcane Synergy
  • Strange Conduit Ring
  • Gloves of Belligerent Skies
  • The Skinburster
  • Hoarfrost Boots
  • The Blood of Lathander
  • Crossbow of Arcane Force
  • Ring of Arcane Synergy
  • Varsh Ko’kuu’s Boots

All loot locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2

Once you have grabbed the best loot items from Act 1, your story will take a turn in the second act because you will find more intriguing loot items. You will be able to find them at different locations, and although this act may seem small compared to the first one, you will obtain many of the best loot items, including both Rare and Uncommon loot items.

Before we dive into this act, you must remember that you will have to face different choices compared to how you interact with different characters. This way, you can gather the best loot items even if it means you have to side temporarily with characters like goblins who are staunch believers of the absolute in BG3.

Hence, we will discuss all the best loot items you can grab at different locations in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Last Light Inn and The Shadowlands

  • Shield of Devotion
  • Incandescent Staff
  • Amulet of the Harpers
  • Cindersnap Gloves
  • Gloves of the Balanced Hands
  • Obsidian Laced Robe
  • The Mighty Cloth
  • Yuan-ti Scale Mail
  • Shadeclinger Armuor
  • Barskin Armour
  • Hat of Uninhibited Kushigo
  • Defender Greataxe
  • Cloak of Protection
  • Sword of Life Stealing
  • Swordmaster Gloves
  • Darkfire Shortbow
  • Harmonium Halberd
  • Charge-Bound Warhammer
  • Thermodynamo Axe
  • Sword of Clutching Umbra
  • Thorn Blade
  • Flawed Helldusk Armor
  • Flawed Helldusk Helmet
  • Evasive Shoes
  • Cloak of Cunning Brume
  • Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring
  • Gloves of the Automaton
  • Acrobat Shoes
  • Snowburst Ring
  • Coruscation Ring
  • Convert Cowl
  • Shifting Corpus Ring
  • Luminous Gloves
  • Gloomstrand Shield
  • Frost Prince
  • Thermoarcanic Gloves
  • Cruel Sting
  • Hammergrim Mist Amulet
  • Ring of Shadows
  • Ring of Mental Inhibition
  • Ironwood Club
  • Ring of Self Immolation
  • Parent Robe

The Shadowlands: Reithwin Town

  • Icebite Robe
  • True Love’s Caress
  • True Love’s Embrace
  • Helmet of Arane Acuity
  • Prisoner’s Gloves
  • Surgeon’s Subjugation Amulet
  • Artificial Leech
  • Syringe
  • Trepan
  • Bonesaw
  • Ritual Dagger of Shar
  • Twist of Fortune
  • Ironvine Shield
  • Rat Bat
  • Ichorous Gloves
  • Psionic Ward Armour
  • Hr’a’cknir Bracers
  • Watcher’s Shield
  • Firzu’s Ring of Trading
  • Strange Tendril Amulet
  • Bided Time
  • Eversight Ring
  • Lightning Jabber

Moonrise Towers

  • Sharpened Snare Cuirass
  • Gloves of Crushing
  • Armor of Devotion
  • Drakethroat Glaive
  • Ne’er Misser
  • Poisoner’s Ring
  • Ring of Spiteful Thunder
  • Marksmanship Hat
  • Haldberd of Vigilance
  • Gloves of The Duelist
  • Sentinel Shield
  • Circlet of Hunting
  • Boots of Arcane Bolstering
  • Risky Ring
  • Ring of Free Action
  • Robe of Exquisite Focus
  • Thunderskin Cloak
  • Hat of Storm Scion’s Power

Grand Mausoleum / Shar’s Gauntlet

  • Vivacious Cloak
  • Circle of Bones
  • Least Expected
  • Hellfire Hand Crossbow
  • Dark Justiciar Gauntlets
  • Boots of Brilliance
  • Killer’s Sweetheart
  • Dark Justiciar Half-Plate
  • Spear of Night
  • Dark Justiciar Helmet

Nightsong’s Prison

  • Moonlight Glaive

Invading Moonrise Towers / Necrotic Laboratory

  • Absolute Protector
  • Spellcrux Amulet
  • Myrkulite Scourge
  • Ring of Exalted Marrow
  • Infernal Rapier
  • Blade of Oppressed Souls
  • Circlet of Mental Anguish
  • Braindrain Gloves
  • Ketheric’s Warhammer
  • Reaper’s Embrace
  • Ketheric’s Shield
  • Divine Intervention: Arm Thy Servant
  • Devotee’s Mace

On the road to Baldur’s Gate

  • Selune’s Spear of Night

Dream Guardian Defense

  • Boots of Uninhibited Kushigo

All loot locations in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3

Coming onto the Final Act of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find it relatively shorter than the other two. However, the loot you will acquire while undergoing this act will be immensely powerful, requiring you to reach a higher level to wield it efficiently.

This means the rare and uncommon loot you come across early in the first two acts will take a new turn in Act 3. In the case of the third act in BG3, the best loot you will acquire here will be of Legendary status.

This way, you can also salvage the best amulets, weapons, other gear items, etc., turning you into a formidable force. Below, we will address all the best loot items you can get your hands on in the third act, along with all their locations.

Baldur’s Gate – ‘Rivington’ District

  • Scarlet Leather Armour
  • Spaceshunt Boots
  • Dolor Amarus
  • Gauntlets of the Warmaster
  • Horns of the Berserker
  • Blightbringer
  • Snow-Dusted Monastery Gloves
  • Cloak of Displacement
  • Grab of The Land and Sky
  • Harmonic Dueller
  • Voss’ Silver Sword
  • Thunderpalm Strikers
  • Nimblefinger Gloves
  • Martial Exertion Gloves
  • Swires’ Sledboard
  • Bonespike Garb
  • The Dancing Breeze
  • Stalker Gloves
  • Elven Chain
  • Ambusher
  • Corvid Token
  • Scabby Pugilist Circlet
  • Band of the Mystic Scoundrel
  • Nyrulna
  • Clown Hammer
  • Dark Displacement Gloves
  • Gleamdance Dagger
  • Bonespike Boots

Baldur’s Gate – Lower District

  • The Reviving Hands
  • Mantle of the Holy Warrior
  • The Sacred Star
  • Keepsake Ring
  • Boots of Psionic Movement
  • Sword of the Emperor
  • Cerebral Citadel Armour
  • Cerebral Citadel Gloves
  • Murderous Cut
  • Cindermoth Cloak
  • Infernal Mace
  • Quickspell Gloves
  • Ring of Regeneration
  • Vest of Soul Rejuvenation
  • Armour of Landfall
  • Birthright
  • Harper Sacredstriker
  • Despair of Athkatla
  • Shelter of Athkatla
  • Foebreaker
  • Pyroquickness Hat
  • Markoheshkir
  • Robe of Weave
  • Veil of the Morning
  • Armor of the Sporekeeper
  • Hood of the Weave

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