How To Get Light Of Creation In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Take down the faithful Bernard to obtain Light of Creation in BG3.

The Light of Creation is an uncommon Halberd in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you can loot from Bernard, the guardian of Arcane Tower. Although it is considered one of the best early-game weapons, the wielder of the Light of Creation risks being stunned every time they attack with it.

In this guide, we will examine how to acquire and use this weapon efficiently in Baldur’s Gate 3. Before venturing forth, we recommend keeping a Wizard in your party who can use Lightning attacks, as they will prove invaluable. 

Defeat Bernard to get Light of Creation

Arcane Tower can be found in the Southwest region of the Underdark. Arcane Turrets protect this desolate place and attack any intruders in sight.

Once you reach the Arcane Tower, ungroup your Wizard from the party. Enter turn-based mode and hide behind rocks to avoid the turrets’ detection. Using any spell that can deal lightning damage to the turrets.

This will instantly disable the targeted turret. Go to the left side of the first turret to find a path leading below. Use the blue mushrooms as platforms to climb down. Once you reach the bottom, unlock the door with a lockpick or break it down.

Loot a Sussur Bloom from the glowing tree. Enter the basement of Arcane Tower and combine the Sussur Bloom with the generator. This will power up the tower and deactivate all the Arcane Turrets.

Use the elevator to reach the second floor and unlock the gate by pressing the lever. Now take the whole party to the topmost floor. Here, you will find a mechanical construct known as Bernard.


If you find and read all the books in the tower, you can answer Bernard’s questions and stop him from getting hostile.

The fight with Bernard is easy if you can handle the remaining constructs in the room. Hit it with force and thunder attacks. Bernard is resistant to all sorts of melee attacks, including Lightning, Fire, Psychic, and Poison attacks.

Bernard has 70HP on normal mode and 91HP on tactician mode. Beware of extra attacks and moves on higher difficulty levels. Once Bernard is defeated, you can loot the following items from its body.

  • Light of Creation weapon
  • Guiding Light Ring
  • Antique Key

To enter the hidden basement of the Arcane Tower, you must equip a Guiding Light ring. This will allow you to access the elevator’s basement button. Antique Key opens the front gate of the Arcane Tower.

Light of Creation Stats

Light of Creation is a heavy halberd that can only be wielded by two hands. As a glaive, this weapon has an extraordinary reach and can hit enemies from afar.

  • +1 Enchantment.
  • Uncommon weapon.
  • Extra Reach weapon.
  • Dippable.
  • Two-Handed weapon.
  • Rush Attack: Attack your enemies and make them off-balance.
  • Lacerate: Inflict bleeding upon your enemies.
  • Cleave: Swing your weapon in an arc to hit 3 enemies simultaneously.
  • Overcharge: Chance to stun the wielder. You can only avoid it if you are a construct. This ability can be achieved by wearing Gloves of Automation.

The Light of Creation can stun its wielder with each attack, which can become problematic during tense situations. You can find and equip Gloves of Automation (purchased from Barcus Wroot in the Last Light Inn). Baldur’s Gate 3 will then consider you an automaton, and you can avoid stun from the weapon.


The Sparkswall ring doesn’t protect you from being stunned after using the Light of Creation glaive; it only protects its user from being electrocuted.

The best build for the Light of Creation

While we don’t recommend using this weapon normally, you can still equip Light of Creation on a Battle Master Fighter in Baldur’s Gate 3. Make sure to equip Gloves of Automation first, or the whole build will become useless.

Class: Fighter

Sub-Class: Battle Master

Race: High Half-Elf

Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting

Proficiency: Athletics, Perception, Insight, Intimidation

Maneuvers: Menacing Attack, Trip Attack, and Disarming Attack

Feats: Great Weapon Master, Magic Initiate Wizard, and Ability Improvement

Chest Armor: Scale Mail Armor +1

Gloves: Gloves of Automation

Ring: The Whispering Promise

With these choices, you can avoid being stunned while attacking enemies and get one of the most powerful early-game Fighter builds.

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