How To Find Withers In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, Withers not just allow you to revive dead, but to respec your characters to change their classes and abilities.

Withers is an old powerful entity that appears like an undead human and will carry a giant staff on his back. Speaking with Withers, you will learn that he can revive the dead in Baldur’s Gate 3. Moreover, he will allow you to respec your characters to change their classes and abilities. 

You will encounter Withers early in the game once you visit the temple ruins north of the Overgrown Ruins. Along the way, you will encounter many enemies in the form of bandits. So you can either fight these, avoid them or convince them to leave.

At the end of the ruins, you will unlock a hidden room with a large sarcophagus containing Withers. However, reaching this place and finding Withers requires a lot of fighting and searching, so it is best to come prepared in BG 3.

Withers is a crucial NPC character for many different reasons, and if you missed discovering him at the temple, then worry not, as we have got you covered on his location in this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide.

Withers location in Baldur’s Gate 3

After you gain control of your character on the beach during Act 1, head over to the Dank Crypt at the temple ruins directly north of the Overgrown Ruins in BG3.

Head into the Refectory

So instead of fighting the enemies, you can easily avoid them through dialogue and enter the Refectory. You will have to engage with several more enemies and then move north through that dark area.


Unlock the door on the left

Then you need to take the door on your right. However, this door will be locked initially and cannot be lockpicked, so take the exit ahead. You will find it easier to sneak-kill most of the enemies there.

Behind the giant statue, you will have a perception check at the skull in Baldur’s Gate 3. So you need to click on that to open the locked door you left behind.

Make your way to the Dank Crypt

Now you can go through the other door and follow the darkness using stealth to attack bandits ahead. This way, you will enter the Dank Crypt area in BG3. Inside that place, simply head towards the passage on the left, and this way, you will come across another hall will a giant statue and stairways on either side.

Find the Button on the wall

So take the ones on the left, and you will find a button on the wall. After seeing this button, there will also be a perception check in Baldur’s Gate 3. This button will unlock a hidden room for you and raise the undead skeleton enemies. These will be a little harder to deal with than the bandits you have faced at this place.

So now you will have to kill them all, and after that, you will notice a Richly Adorned Sarcophagus. Furthermore, there will also be a heavy chest on the other end of the room. You will receive rewards such as The Amulet of Lost Voices (Rare) by opening it.

How to unlock Withers in BG3

Once you interact with this, the sarcophagus will open up automatically, and Withers will emerge. He will ask you about the worth of a mortal’s life.

Answer Wither’s question

So if you choose any options apart from the last one, he will seem satisfied by your answer. He will then remark about knowing your face if you meet him.

It is essential to know that if you choose the attack option, it won’t make a difference, as Withers is invincible in BG3. So even if you attack Withers, he will stand there and won’t start a fight with you. Although he will mention it once in a future conversation and instead he will also go to your camp.

Meet Wither again at the Camp

Withers is a valuable companion to have in Baldur’s Gate 3. The reason is that Withers can revive party members who die in battles while you don’t have enough scrolls, allowing you to recruit Baldur’s gate 3 companions of specific classes. So after your first meeting, you will find him back at his camp.

Once you meet Withers at the camp, he will discuss the meeting with you as he predicted earlier and then offer you his services. These will come at the price of a coin (gold). Lastly, you can pay him to respec your character in BG3.

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