How To Find And Move Scuffed Rock In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Flex those muscles to move the unmovable rock in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 will present simple challenges that can reward your characters. One such challenge includes finding and moving a Scuffed Rock that you can find on the beach during Act 1. This seemingly suspicious rock offers puzzle-solving, which can yield some fantastic early-game rewards.

This unique rock is not too hard to distinguish as it will be grey, while the surrounding area will mainly be rocky. Once you find this rock, you can move it quickly and get rewards for completing it. Our guide below will help you find Scuffed Rock and how to move it easily.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Scuffed Rock location

The Scuffed Rock can be found on a beach southwest of your crash site after the prologue. Once you wake up on the beach, find and recruit Shadowheart. She has enough strength to move the scuffed rock early on.

Now, move west to find Astarion. From his position, travel all the way to the south until you reach an upper cliff area.

From that vantage point, jump down the rocks towards the water. Then, pass the small water stream, and you will finally face the Scuffed Rock near the rocky wall in Baldur’s Gate 3.

To locate this rock, you need to pass a perception check. Astarion is your best choice in case you fail. Once you hover your mouse over the rock, it will start glowing green, and you will have the option to move it.

Move the Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3 

After finding the rock, your objective is to move it. However, a character with strength below 13 can’t move the scuffed rock. However, if your character is a Fighter or a Barbarian, you can easily move the rock.

Drag the rock with your mouse and drop it someplace far. You can also switch to Shadowheart and use her to move the rock. If you still get a “Too Heavy” error, return here after recruiting Lae’zel or Karlach. They both can move Scuffed Rock with ease.

You will get the following rewards once you move the Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  1. Harper’s Notebook (read it to find Harper’s Stash in the Underdark)
  1. Ruby (can be sold to merchants)
  1. Harper’s Map
  1. Potion of Speed (very important to get extra turns during tense combat scenarios)
  1. Gold
  1. Agate
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