Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

Deliver merchants the items that you will buy from them later.

The Hotel Krat has two NPCs who act as vendors for the entire duration of Lies of P. While initially, these vendors will have a limited list of items to sell; there are ways players can expand this inventory selection so the vendors have a bigger stock of items to sell from. This merchant stock expansion in Lies of P can be done with the help of supply boxes.

When players first arrive at Hotel Krat, they will immediately be acquainted with the receptionist puppet, Polendina, who fulfills the role of a vendor dealing in various upgrade materials and trinkets. Progressing through the Venigni Works factory and defeating the boss Fuoco, will lead to a new vendor NPC, Venigni’s butler puppet Pulcinella, to take residence in Hotel Krat as well, offering a different set of wares compared to Polendina, mostly armor trinkets and grindstones.

Expanding the merchant stock collection in Lies of P requires collecting special shop expansion items scattered across different areas in Krat. For this guide, we will be separating them into two categories:

Krat Supply Boxes locations

As mentioned before, finding different Krat Supply Boxes unlocks new items for sale at Polendina’s shop. Talk to Polendina and select the Add Shop Goods options to deliver the Krat Supply Boxes.

Where to find Krat Supply Box

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

This Supply Box is rather simple to find. After you ascend to the top of the St.Frangelico Cathedral, where you knock a fiery brazier to clear the acid at the bottom, follow the path of progression wherein you jump past a rotating cog and see a metal door in front of you.

Open this door to enter a wide-open and eerily empty room with a lootable corpse a set distance away. As you near this corpse, an elite Hammer Arm Carcass will drop. Killing it is essential as it will unlock the door to the right in this room, which is necessary for progress and obtaining the Krat Supply Box.


Once you kill this Carcass, the door will open on its own. Walking straight through, you will see an elevator on the opposite end, but before that, the storage area to the right opens, and you can enter it to find a chest that holds the Krat Supply Box.

Delivering the Krat Supply Box to Polendina will add the following items to the shop selection:

  • Attribute Purification Ampoule (Permanent addition)
  • Hidden Moonstone (Permanent addition)
  • 1x Bright Red Apple
  • 2x Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  • 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool

Where to find Sturdy Krat Supply Box

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

This supply box is also relatively straightforward to find. As you progress in the Grand Exhibition Gallery, you will eventually reach a botanical garden area where you will face off against an elite Brawler Alchemist.

The mob is relatively troublesome, so try to go for charged attacks from the back and parry consistently to make the encounter less annoying. After you kill him, simply progress up the staircase past him until you reach the final corridor of the area.

To the left, the corridor will lead to the area boss, Champion Victor, while the right will lead to a ladder shortcut terminal. Right next to the terminal, a Treasure Chest that contains the Sturdy Krat Supply Box will be present.

Delivering Sturdy Krat Supply Box to Polendina in Lies of P will expand his shop inventory with the following:

  • Alchemical Booster (Permanent addition)
  • Crescent Moonstone (Permanent addition)
  • Special Purification Ampoule (Permanent addition)
  • 3x Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  • 1x Legion Caliber
  • 3x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool
  • 1x Quarts

Where to find Special Krat Supply Box

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

To get the Special Krat Supply Box, you must progress past the Collapsed Street Stargazer. Enter the building with an open door to the front, where a collection of Alchemist mobs will be swarming the place.

As you dispatch them and reach the top, you will enter a small room with a broken wall. Get out through this wall, and while you can get the treasure right now, it’s best to hug the building and proceed left, killing a flamethrower puppet along the way and following the path to the end to unlock a ladder shortcut that leads back to the Collapsed Street Stargazer.

Backtrack to the pathway where you killed the flamethrower puppet and drop down to the side. Kill the other Flamethrower puppet down here and proceed forward. You will see a broken, elevated piece of land you can drop onto from this path. At the edge of this land, you will find a Treasure Chest that holds the Special Krat Supply Box.

Delivering the Special Krat Supply Box will unlock the following items at Polendina’s shop.

  • Acid Abrasive (Permanent addition)
  • Fire Abrasive (Permanent addition)
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive (Permanent addition)
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule (Permanent addition)
  • Half Moonstone (Permanent addition)
  • Special Resistance Ampoule (Permanent addition)
  • Stabilized Alchemical Booster (Permanent addition)
  • 4x Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
  • 1x Quartz
  • 1x Legion Caliber
  • 1x Full Moonstone of the Covenant
  • 1x Rusty Cryptic Vessel

Venigni Collections locations

Finding Venigni Collection boxes will increase the number of items that Pulcinella has at his shop. Talk to Pulcinella and select the Add Shop Goods options to deliver the Venigni Collection boxes.

Where to find Incredible Venigni Collection

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

To find the Incredible Venigni Collection, progress through the Estella Opera House Entrance and reach the room with the swaying flaming Chandelier just before the King of Puppets/Romeo boss fight entrance. Instead of going there, drop down to the area below and take the door to the right.

Follow this path until the corridor opens, at which point, turn right and go straight into the room ahead with a dismembered upper torso puppet mob. As you enter, two marionette puppets will also drop down. Kill them all and look to the safe in this area. Open it to obtain the Incredible Venigni Collection.

Delivering the Incredible Venigni Collection to Pulcinella in Lies of P will expand his inventory with the following items

  • 2x Balance Crank
  • 2x Motivity Crank
  • 2x Technique Crank
  • 1x Acid Grindstone
  • 1x Belford Fiber-Reinforced Liner
  • 1x Belford Multi-Layer Liner
  • 1x Belford Spaced Armor Liner
  • 1x Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
  • 1x Indomitable Grindstone
  • 1x Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger

Where to find Fancy Venigni Collection

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

To obtain this item, start from the Barren Swamp Stargazer in the cave with the Broken Puppet NPC. Proceed out of the cave, ignore the puppet of the future enemies, and take the right path. Proceed deeper into this path until you reach a secluded zone past the heaps of puppet parts littering the ground.

In this semi-grassy patch of land, you will find a red treasure chest to the left, on the ground, free of the corruption swamp liquid. Open this chest to obtain the Fancy Venigni Collection.

Giving Pulcinella the Fancy Venigni Collection will expand his shop collection with the following items

  • 2x Advance Crank
  • 1x Arch Fiber-Reinforced Liner
  • 1x Arch Multi-Layer Liner
  • 1x Arch Spaced Armor Liner
  • 1x Blue Guardianship Amulet
  • 1x Transformation Amulet
  • 1x Pistol Rock Drill
  • 1x Destruction Grindstone
  • 1x Satisfaction Grindstone

Where to find Great Venigni Collection

Lies of P Merchant Stock Expansion Locations

The last merchant stock expansion item in Lies of P is extremely easy to get. After you kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for good in your second encounter with them in the Relic of Tresmegistus, proceed from their boss arena to the end of this area.

You will eventually reach a submarine loading bay area where you can find Alidoro near a crackling fire. Talk to him and kill him once the prompt is available. With him out of the way, you will notice there is a Treasure Chest right next to where he was standing. Open this up, and the Great Venigni Collection will be in your possession.

Delivering the Great Venigni Collection will unlock the following items at Pulcinella’s shop:

  • 2x Advance Crank
  • 2x Balance Crank
  • 2x Technique Crank
  • 2x Motivity Crank
  • 1x Durability Grindstone
  • 1x Perfection Grindstone
  • 1x LADA Fiber-Reinforced Liner
  • 1x LADA Multi-Layer Liner 1x LADA Spaced Armor Liner

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