Lies of P Collapsed Street Walkthrough

Collapsed Street in Lies of P connects Krat Central Station to Circus leading to Hotel Krat. Follow this guide to turn this perilous journey into a walk in the park.

Collapsed Street in Lies of P is a small connecting area between the Abandoned Apartment and Krat Circus leading to the Corrupted Parade Master boss fight. Once Pinocchio passes through the Collapsing Krat, he comes across an area that is overrun by puppets, carcasses, and their hybrids. 

In this guide, we will help you find your way across this maze and reach the circus of Krat with ease. Collapsed Street also has one of the most irritating boss battles that can make anyone rage. We will also cover this fight briefly with the strategy to defeat the Walker of Illusion in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Collapsed Street

Once you activate the Stargazer for the Collapsed Street in Lies of P, go to the house right in front of you. There are three enemies in this area, including two powerful ones and a machine gun wielding carcass. Climb the stairs and defeat two more enemies before collecting Fable Catalyst from the floor.

Go to the next floor and collect a Primer for Workshop Technician book after defeating the enemy there. Pass through the broken wall and move along the ledges. The next enemy you will encounter is a difficult one and spew fire from its mouth. It also explodes once you defeat it.

Unlock the ladder and drop down to the street with the Stargazer. This also serves as a shortcut to the boss of Collapsed Street in Lies of P. 

Now go back to the ledge where you defeated the exploding enemy. Look down and drop from the ledge carefully. There is another exploding enemy in his area. Defeat it and interact with the glowing object to obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment. Turn back and go forward.


Drop from the end of the ledge and open the treasure box to obtain Special Krat Supply Box. You can deliver it to Polendina in Hotel Krat to increase his inventory. Now use the stairs to return to Stargazer and prepare for the boss battle.

How to defeat Walker of Illusion boss in Lies of P

From the stargazer, turn left and climb the ladder you unlocked in the previous step. Turn right and enter a room as soon as you reach the top. There is another ladder in this room leading to the boss arena.

Walker of Illusion is the main boss of the Collapsed Street area in Lies of P. This boss uses a butcher knife to attack you with both slashing and spin attacks. Walker of Illusion creates her illusion that attacks you alongside her. This makes the already difficult fight a lot more hellish. I personally recommend that you take down the illusions first to make the fight more manageable. 

Make sure you use the weapon break (parry) a lot to stagger Walker of Illusion in Lies of P. Once you defeat Walker of Illusion, she drops Legion Caliber and Dark Moon Moonstone as the rewards. Go through the door and use the lift to go down. Collect Thermite and Half Moonstone from the road on your way to the next area. Climb the stairs and repair the next Stargazer to complete the Collapsed Street in Lies of P to make your way to the collapsed part of Krat Central Station Street.

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