Lies of P Half Moonstone Farming Locations

The most commonly required Moonstone is available in abundance.

Half Moonstone is an upgrade material in Lies of P, which is necessary to keep your equipment up to the mark. While you may get amazing weapons in the game, they can start feeling weak as you encounter tougher enemies. That is why Lies of P has a weapon upgrade system. With the help of Half Moonstones, you can upgrade your weapon level up to +9, thus increasing its damage quite a lot.

How to farm Half Moonstones in Lies of P

In order to farm an unlimited amount of Half Moonstones in Lies of P, first, you need to deliver all Krat Supply Boxes to Polendina, who is a merchant located in the Hotel Krat. Delivering Supply Boxes will expand Polendina’s shop inventory, allowing you to purchase Half Moonstones from him whenever you want.

Each Half Moonstone costs around 3000 Ergo, which is the in-game currency. Considering the amount, 3000 is quite high compared to the Hidden Moonstones, which you can buy for only 300 Ergo. In addition to buying, there are also some fixed locations in the game where you can get the Half Moonstones.

Lies of P Half Moonstones Locations

Apart from the guaranteed method of always being able to buy Half Moonstones, there are also fixed spots in Lies of P from where you can pick up Half Moonstones as loot drops.

All the locations where we have discovered Half Moonstones in Lies of P are mentioned below

  • One of the main sources of the Moonstones in the game is the Dimensional Butterflies. One of the Half Moonstones can also be obtained by slaying a Dimensional Butterfly located in the Lorenzini Arcade. To reach the butterfly, first, you need to defeat the Blank Puppet along with its two facilitators.
  • While exploring the Grand Exhibition Gallery, you will come across a counter. Here, you can find a Half Moonstone on the back side of the canvasses near the Soldier Puppet.
  • Another place to acquire a Half Moonstone is the Hotel Krat, where you can negotiate with Pulcinella to acquire the Moonstone. But before heading for this exchange, first, you must go through The Bottle of La Bleiwies quest. Once done with the quest, you will get the Venigni Commemorative Coin, which you can exchange with Pulcinella for the Half Moonstone.
  • One of the fixed locations for the Half Moonstone in the game is in the Barren Swamp. Just head there, and you will come across a Swordsman Puppet. Once you are done with dealing with the puppet you can loot the Half Moonstone from there.
  •  Another Half Moonstone can also be located near the Barren Swamp. For this, you must visit the dump site near the aforementioned place. From there, you can also loot a Half Moonstone as well.
  • Barren Swamps can be considered the hub for getting the Half Moonstones. Another one of these upgrading items can also be found by exploring the nearby area of the Barren Swamp Stargazer. To be specific, move to the left side of it and head to Puppets of the Future’s arena. Here, you will be able to get your hands over another Half Moonstone.
  • As mentioned earlier, Dimensional Butterflies are a great source of earning different rewarding materials in Lies of P, and Half Moonstone is no exception. One of such Butterflies can be found near the Rolling Boulder in the Barren Swamp Ravine. Slay the Butterfly to get the Half Moonstone. From here, just continue to move ahead to the top. Once you find the edge from where you can see the lower deck, jump down carefully, and another Dimensional Butterfly will spawn, allowing you to get another Half Moonstone as well.
  • Another Half Moonstone can be acquired from the Intersecting Alleys near the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer.
  • One of the Half Moonstones can be procured after defeating the Walker of Illusions boss. After defeating the boss, you need to move to the Krat Central Station Street by riding the elevator. You can loot the Half Moonstone from Collapsed Street on the way.
  • Another Dimensional Butterfly allows you to get a Half Moonstone as well. First, you need to solve the riddle given to you by Arlecchino in the Krat Central Station Street. Once you are done with solving the riddle, follow the main path where you will find the Butterfly. Slay her to get the Half Moonstone.
  • Near the Relic of Trismegistus, you will come across an area known as Sealed Underground. Once you have discovered this area, search for a Dimensional Butterfly nearby and slay her to get the Half Moonstone.
  • Near the Relic of Trismegistus, you will also come across two wooden platforms where you can find the Half Moonstones. But first, you need to defeat the Corrupted Fiend and Dog present at the Relic of Trismegistus Entrance. Once done with both of them, visit the platforms, and each of them will reward you with a Half Moonstone.
  • Another set of the Half Moonstones can also be looted from the Arche Abbey Entrance. Just head to the entrance, and you will come across the wooden platforms there as well. From these platforms, you will get the upgrading material.
  • In the Broken Rift area of Arche Abbey, you will find a room full of enemies as you progress through the normal story route. After dealing with the enemies, you can loot the Half Moonstone from there.
  • While entering the Arche Abbey Entrance, you will come across a wooden platform nearby. Here, you will find a Dimensional butterfly. Kill the butterfly to get the Half Moonstone. Just continue to drop down the wooden platforms, and you will get another Half Moonstone on one of the platforms.
  • Another Half Moonstone can also be acquired by killing the enemy stationed at the balcony in the Upper part of the Arche Abbey. You need to climb up a couple of stairs to reach there.
  • Once you are done obtaining the Half Moonstone from the location mentioned above, explore the near vicinity to reach the Pantry. Here, you will get your hands over another half Moonstone as well. Make sure you are done with deciding Sophia’s fate at the Ascension Bridge before you head out for this particular Moonstone.
  • While exploring the Abandoned Apartment after discovering the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer, you will come across a dead end. It is present near the Abandoned Apartment entrance. Here, you will also be able to find a Half Moonstone.
  • Another Half Moonstone can also be procured from the Hermits Cave. Once there, you need to find a Shack with a hole. Once found, move to its left side, and that’s where you will find a Half Moonstone.

How to use the Half Moonstone

The usage of the half Moonstones is quite similar to the other Upgrading materials available in the game. First, you need to approach Eugenie, a lady residing in the Hotel Krat. You can find her on the ground floor.


Once there, interact with her and choose the Upgrade Weapon option from the menu. As mentioned earlier, with the Half Moonstones, you can upgrade your Blades for up to +9 level. Along with Half Moonstone cost, she will also charge you a couple of Ergo and upgrade your weapons.

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