How To Get Perfection Grindstone In Lies of P

Perfection Grindstone allows you to perform easy Perfect Guards.

Perfection Grindstone in Lies of P falls under a special category of items that improve your weapon’s combat performance for a short while. Your default Grindstone only sharpens your weapons, but there are others that can imbue it with different effects. While at first, your Grindstone options are limited and straightforward.

The likes of the Electric Blitz Grindstone and Acid Grindstone simply add an elemental damage effect to your regular weapon attacks. However, the grindstones you unlock later in Lies of P come with far more specialized benefits.

These grindstone bonuses range from increasing your stagger damage to ensuring you automatically perform a perfect guard while blocking instead of having to time it manually. The latter benefit comes from the ‘Perfection Grindstone’ in Lies of P, which is a late-game Grindstone, but for the remaining few bosses, it would be quite beneficial to make use of this item.

Lies of P Perfection Grindstone location

The Perfection Grindstone can be bought from Pulcinella’s shop in Hotel Krat for a modest 1,000 Ergo. However, getting the item in his shop inventory requires clearing a few preliminary steps first.

How To Get Perfection Grindstone In Lies of P

The Venigni Collections you can obtain throughout your journey expand Pulcinella’s shop to where many useful defensive trinkets and certain Weapons, Cranks, and other grindstones will be made available. It is recommended to collect them all, but for the sake of the Perfection Grindstone, you only need the 3rd and final Merchant Stock Expansion item, the Great Venigni Collection.

Getting the Great Venigni Collection for Perfection Grindstone is relatively easy. As you progress naturally through one of the endgame zones, the Relic of Tresmegistus, you will fight with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood once again but with a slightly different twist to their battle.


In any event, once you’ve defeated them and followed the beaten path, you will enter a small submarine dock, and at the entrance to this dock, you should find Alidoro, or the imposter posing as him if you followed Eugenie’s questline thus far.

Talk to Alidoro and do what you want with him, but the important thing is the treasure chest right behind where he was standing. In it, you will find the Great Venigni Collection, and you can deliver this to Pulcinella to add the Perfection Grindstone to his inventory for you to buy.

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