Lies of P Hidden Moonstone Farming Locations

Hidden Moonstones aren't really that well hidden.

Among the myriad of currencies to upgrade equipment in Lies of P, Hidden Moonstones despite their name are quite easy to find or purchase. Required to upgrade your weapons, Hidden Moonstones are quite essential for the early hours of Lies of P but thankfully there are plenty of Hidden Moonstone locations in the game.

How to farm Hidden Moonstones

Honestly, there are no good guaranteed spots to farm Hidden Moonstones early on in Lies of P until you reach the 4th chapter in the game, the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. Before that, you will be getting Hidden Moonstones randomly by defeating the mini-bosses and elite enemies at a very low drop rate.

Once you reach St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, progress through the area until you reach the top of the gears. Here, you will come face to face with a carcass mini-boss. The door that opens after you defeat the mini-boss leads you to some cells. One of these cells contains the Krat Supply Box.

Take this Supply Box back to Hotel Krat and hand it over to Polendina, the butler puppet who stands at the reception. After getting the Krat Supply Box, Polendina will start selling Hidden Moonstones.

Each Hidden Moonstone costs 300 Ergo, which is a pretty low price considering that you won’t need many of these. Polendina sells infinite Hidden Moonstones, so you don’t have to worry about them running out when you get a new weapon.

Lies of P Hidden Moonstones Locations

Now that we know how you can buy an infinite amount of Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P, let us look at some confirmed locations in the game where you can find Hidden Moonstones as loot.


Apart from these locations, bosses and mini-bosses in Lies of P still have the potential to drop a hidden moonstone.

  • Looted from the garden before entering Hotel Krat in Krat Central Station Plaza. Head left from the Hotel Krat entrance to get to the Hidden Moonstone.
  • Found near the ladder shortcut that takes you back to the gate next to the wagon. You can get this Hidden Moonstone before you even open up the shortcut, just keep an eye out for the puppet that jumps down from the wagon here.
  • Dimensional Butterfly near the Inside the House Stargazer on Elysion Boulevard. This will be the first Dimensional Butterfly you encounter in Lies of P and is on the blue platform just before the policeman puppet.
  • Two can be found near Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard, on the streets you open after defeating the policeman puppet. The area you can open, just before the elevator back to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard has these two Hidden Moonstones, both of which are guarded by electric traps.
  • After you defeat the Mad Donkey boss and free Geppetto, you can get to the Hidden Moonstone from the other end of the bridge, towards the Krat City Hall entrance. Look behind the wagon on your left to find the Hidden Moonstone.
  • Head up the stairs next to the Workshop Union Entrance stargazer. Follow the platform to the side. The platform has a wooden section that will break off, and you can find the Hidden Moonstones after you fall.
  • From the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer, go through the pipe into the side area filled with water. You can find the Hidden Moonstones here.
  • Dimensional Butterfly that you find in the same area. Head through the pipe in front of the Workshop Union Culvert stargazer, and head to the end of this area to find the Dimensional Butterfly.  
  • Found after you unlock the shortcut gate in the Workshop Union Culvert tunnel. It is the tunnel that has the giant fire boulder rolling through it. Open the shortcut and you can find the Hidden Moonstone in the small safe area here. You can also pick it up before you even get to the end of this tunnel.  
  • Found in the lake in Path of Pilgrim. You get to the lake after you defeat the bear carcass enemy. There are a few enemies in the lake on the cliff, and you can find the Hidden Moonstones at the end of it.
  • Found in the arena where you fight the Puppet of the Future. There is a single item here other than the chest, which is the Hidden Moonstone. If you drain the area of the corrupted water, you can get the Hidden Moonstone easily.
  • Found in the lower section of the cavern, after you defeat the King’s Flame boss. It is found where two puppets ambush you in the tunnel.
  • Found inside the shack you find after the Path of Misery stargazer. Look inside the shack just behind the first carcass enemy you face in Lies of P to get the Hidden Moonstone.
  • Found on a platform in the gear room of St. Frangelico Cathedral. The platform is found after you defeat the third bloated carcass while climbing up.
  • This Hidden Moonstone is found inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood HQ after you defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Inside the HQ, you can find and attack the corpse sitting at the table in front of the entrance to get the Hidden Moonstone.
  • Found in the narrow alleyway near the Malum District payphone where you get the Trinity Key.
  • Found in Black Seaside, just before the Arche Abbey Entrance stargazer. 3x Hidden Moonstones can be collected from the items that lie scattered at Black Seaside.

How to use Hidden Moonstones

As you probably already know, Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P are used to upgrade your weapon to +3. To upgrade your weapon, you need to visit the weapons vendor/NPC called Eugenie in Hotel Krat. Talk to Eugenie and you can enter the upgrade menu. Here you will be able to use your Hidden Moonstones to upgrade any basic weapon you want to in Lies of P.

As Hidden Moonstones can only upgrade weapons to +3, after a while you will only need them when you switch to a new weapon as your older weapons would probably already be high enough level by the time you reach the halfway point in the game.

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