How To Solve Rusty Cryptic Vessel In Lies of P

Open the path to Hermit's Cave.

The Rusty Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P is slightly unconventional in how to obtain it, but if you already have the habit of leaving no chest unopened, getting it is relatively straightforward. On your return to Krat, with the city now in utter ruin due to the ergo surge, the streets will be more unfamiliar and scary. You must now go through this uncharted land to find the Rusty Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P.

Lies of P Rusty Cryptic Vessel location

See, unlike other cryptic vessels, the Rusty Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P is bought from Polendina. However, before buying it, you have to do a small quest and find a Supply Box to expand the merchant’s inventory.

To get the Special Krat Supply Box for the Rusty Cryptic Vessel, start from the Collapsed Street Stargazer. From here, turn to the left and enter the open building. You will notice a Sword Alchemist with his back to you. This area houses a variety of Alchemist enemies, so dispatch them accordingly to make progress less stressful.

As you kill this Alchemist, a Machine Gun Alchemist will descend the stairs. Kill him and progress up these stairs, ignoring the room to the side, which holds another Alchemist.

As you move up the stairs, you will come across a dim room with a Sword Alchemist in the middle. Kill him and circle to the other side of the room to find a flight of stairs leading upwards. Another Sword Alchemist will descend these stairs, so kill him.

Up these stairs will be the final room with another Sword Alchemist standing around. Kill him and look around for a decently large hole in the wall. Move through this hole, and you will notice a moderate drop downwards directly in front of you. You’re free to jump right now, but I would recommend holding off on that and circling around the side of the building to the left.

Lies of P Rusty Cryptic Vessel

You’ll see a flamethrower puppet that explodes on death, roaming this path. Kill it and drop to the terrace slightly below, where another flamethrower puppet roams. Kill it and go to the opposite side, where the terrace’s handrail opens, allowing you to jump down to the broken terrain below. That is where you can pick up the ‘Special Krat Supply Box.’

With this box in hand, return to Polendina in Hotel Krat and deliver the box to him. This will expand his shop to include the ‘Rusty Cryptic Vessel,’ which you can buy from him. Buy the Rusty Cryptic Vessel from Polendina for 1000 Ergo and give it to Venigni in Lies of P to have him decipher it.

Rewards from the Rusty Cryptic Vessel

The deciphered Rusty Cryptic vessel in Lies of P can reward you with a Quartz and Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel. However, to get those rewards, you must travel more after unlocking the Rusty Cryptic Vessel.

Back in the Barren Swamp, players should remember the Stargazer just before the boss arena for the area. Going backward to the opposite side from here led you to the locked gate to Hermit’s Cave with the NPC Hugo taking a crack at opening it.

Return to this gate and you will see that the path to Hermit’s Cave is open now. Proceed through it to seek your rewards at the end of the path.

Lies of P Rusty Cryptic Vessel

Forewarning: this area is deceptively larger than one would initially expect, not to mention teeming with various carcass-type enemies, both regular and elite mobs. Pace yourself and keep progressing through the area. The path is relatively linear and straightforward, so you should arrive at the end easily.

In the final stretch of this area, you will encounter a lone elite Hammer Fist Carcass, and the treasure will be in a little secluded corner of the room past him.

While you can ignore the Carcass and go straight to the loot, you should kill this enemy as it drops the ‘Misty E’ra’ record, which, on top of contributing to achievement collection and humanity gain upon listening, is also a pretty nice tune.

After you get past the Hammer Fist Carcass, move up the stairs into the final treasure section, where you will see a safe at the end of the nearby room. Open it to acquire the ‘Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel’ costume, as well as a single Quartz.

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