Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Challenges Guide

Check out our guide to find the location of all the challenges and collectibles you can find in Atlas HQ in Borderlands 3

In this Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Challenges guide, we’ve mentioned all of the Atlas HQ challenges in BL 3. There are no challenges on the 2nd floor of the map so you don’t have to waste time searching up there. All the challenge locations are marked on the map in the screenshot so let’s begin the guide.

Borderlands 3 Atlas HQ Challenges Locations

Completing these challenges will reward you with a lot of experience points and customization options for your vehicles so they are worth the effort if you don’t want to rush through the game.

Crimson Radio
Atlas HQ Crimson Radio

You will find the radio tower at the end of the first floor, just go to the northwest corner of the turrets area. Then look downwards on the unfinished area in the map on the left side of the arena, leap downwards and hack the computer deactivate the satellite.

Dead Claptrap
Dead Claptrap

You will find this in a strip mall behind the bar, this bar is on the second floor of the self-actualization building. Leap right over the counter to get this dead claptrap with the claptrap VPN.

Typhon Log #1

You will find this on the upper left balcony when you start in Atlas HQ. Climb up towards the strip mall which is on the upper floor and then you will have to go through the maintenance area as well. Once here, go ahead and grab the first Typhon Log.

Typhon Log #2

After you have found the dead claptrap, stroll forward into the strip mall, here you will see a split balcony with an ATLAS sign behind it. The Typhon Log will be lying in front of the balcony on the upper walkway area.

Typhon Log #3

Once you reach the final area, climb up on the stairs that are on the opposite side of the Crimson Radio Tower. Once here, you’ll see the Typhon Log.

Typhon Dead Drop
This dead drop is in the form of a red chest that becomes available to you once you have collected all three of the typhon logs. You will see the Typhon Dead Drop behind some red glass inside the Strip Mal, right where you found the second typhon log . Walk around the entrance to get it.

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