Borderlands 3 Tazendeer Ruins Challenges With Maps

This guide lists all the challenges you can complete in Tazendeer Ruins in Borderlands 3 to get yourself some easy XP and loot.

This a comprehensive guide to assist you in overcoming the various challenges encountered in the Tazendeer Ruins region in Brotherlands 3. These challenges are encountered after reaching the conclusion of Desolation’s Edge. Tazendeer Is a relatively compact area when compared to other regions in Brotherlands 3.

Here the challenges maps for other Borderlands 3 region mentioned below:

Borderlands 3 Tazendeer Ruins Challenges

The Tazendeer Ruins region in Brotherlands 3 may seem familiar, as it incorporates various challenges from previous maps. Similar to other regions in the game, Tazendeer offers a range of crew challenges, each more rewarding than the one before it.

Crimson Radio

Crimson Radio

Continuing your journey in Desolation’s Edge, you will eventually reach a point near the ruined bridge where the path diverges. Choose the right path and proceed to climb the rocks towards the south. This will allow you to ascend the cliff and reach the apex of the radio tower.

Dead Claptrap #1

Within the Last House area, head north and you will encounter a dead end. At this location, there is a waterfall, and at the base of this waterfall, you will find a deceased Claptrap.

Dead Claptrap #2

This task can be found, as the marker on the map above indicates to the north of the previously stated lengthy Crimson Radio stretch, where you must face Sylestro and Atomic.

Target of Opportunity

target of opportunity

As the marker on the map shows above, this challenge can be found to the North end of the long stretch of the Crimson Radio, mentioned before, where you would need to defeat Sylestro and Atomic.

Typhon Log #1

typhon log

The Typhon Log can be found in a location on the west side known as The Last House. The location would be beneath some scaffolding, with a view of the lake’s debris.

Typhon Log #2

The second Typhon log is in an area called Charnel Keep. See the map above, keep moving to the West to find this on a crystal overlooking the path below.

Typhon Log #3

On the far end of the zone, by itself, is the third and the last Typhon Log. You must travel through the enormous Vault portal to get there. Go inside the Serpent Vault. The log would be located next to the bed here.

Typhon Dead Drop

After getting every log, return to the Charnel Keep. Go along the path and through the vines. Step down the cliff, and you will find a Dead Drop on the little ledge below.