Borderlands 3 Tazendeer Ruins Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

This guide is a walkthrough for all the challenges you would come across in the Tazendeer Ruins region in Borderlands 3, which would be after reaching the end of Desolation’s Edge. Tanzendeer is a relatively smaller area compared to others in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Tazendeer Ruins Challenges

It might feel similar to previous areas, having several challenges featured from the past maps. Tanzendeer region packs in a number of different crew challenges, just like most regions in the game, each more rewarding than the previous!

Crimson Radio

Crimson Radio

As you keep on moving, near the ruined bridge on Desolation’s edge, there would come a point where the path splits. Take the right path and then climb the rocks to the south, in order to climb the cliff and to reach the top of the radio tower.

Dead Claptrap #1

Inside the Last House area, move north and you would see a dead end. Here is a Waterfall and the bottom of which you would come across a Dead Claptrap.


Dead Claptrap #2

Towards the start of the map, when you head outdoors the first time, move to the west. There you would come across a Dead Claptrap inside a cave stuck to a wall.

Target of Opportunity

target of opportunity

As the marker on the map shows above, this challenge can be found to the North end of the long stretch the Crimson Radio, mentioned before, where you would need to defeat Sylestro and Atomic.

Typhon Log #1

typhon log

There is an area called The Last House, where you would find a Typhon Log located on the westside. It would be under some scaffolding,, looking out on the wreckage in the lake.

Typhon Log #2

The second Typhon log is in an area called Charnel Keep. See the map above, keep moving to the West to find this on a crystal overlooking the path below.

Typhon Log #3

The third and final Typhon Log is isolated on the very end of the zone. To get there you need to take the giant Vault portal. Enter the Vault of the Serpent. Here you would find the log beside the bed.

Typhon Dead Drop

Go back to the Charnel Keep after collecting all the logs. Follow the path and go under the vines. Hop off the cliff and on the small ledge below there is a Dead Drop.