Borderlands 3 The Splinterlands Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

We have compiled a list of all the crew challenges located in The Splinterlands in Borderlands 3 as they can be a bit confusing to find

Borderland 3 Splinterlands Crew Challenges guide has locations of all the challenges on Splinterlands map with tips on how to complete each challenge.

Borderlands 3 The Splinterlands Challenges

The following are all the Splinterlands challenges:

Typhon Log #1
Typhon Log

In Logan’s spar right on top of the hill overlooking the road, you will find the first log.

Typhon Log #2

During Homestead (pt.2), a previously inaccessible area is made available. Get over the fences in the enclosed area by the hills by getting onto the rocks. Once behind it, go out through the narrow map area to get to the log.

Typhon Log #3
You will find the last log in the amusement park underneath where you can ride the rollercoaster.

Typhon Dead Drop

East of the amusement park is an abandoned container placed in the far corner with a hill. Enter this container to access the Typhon dead drop.

Crimson Radio #1

This is situated west of the first typhon log in a town. The radio is placed on top of a raised house. The radio tower will be visible from a distance.

Dead Clap Trap
Outside the park, in its southern border, as marked on the map, there is a unicycle bike. Just across that towards the wall of the park is the dead clap trap. Salvage it to complete the challenge.

Target of Opportunity
Target of Opportunity

DJ Deadsk4g is the target of opportunity in this set of crew challenges. To find him, head to the location marked below, which is near the carnivora festival. It is called the Rave Cave.

Inside you will encounter a number of level 30 loons leading to your target who is at the end of the cave. Eliminate him to complete the challenge.

Hijack Target
As marked on the map, the hijacking target is located in Homestead. When you’re there, you will find yourself outside a huge warehouse. Climb onto it from its exterior to find the button to the garage. Push it to open up then find the Hijack target underneath.

Legendary Hunt
Legendary Hunt

To the west of the first log is an outpost area where you will find the Legendary Hunt flying near its nest just above the ground. To complete the challenge, you have to kill the flying phoenix creature.

Killed once, another phoenix will rise from its ashes. Stand ready to kill it again. Once that is killed, a third one will rise from the ashes. Kill it to complete it.

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