Borderlands 3 Carnivora Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

Chase after Carnivora but don't forget to collect and complete all these Borderlands 3 challenges in the area for some sweet XP

After acquiring the Golden Technical, you’ll enter a section known as “Carnivora” that features a total of four Crew challenges in Borderlands 3. Below is the guide for finishing these challenges and acquiring some good loot and XP in return.

Borderlands 3 Carnivora Challenges

Typhon Log #1

After entering Carnivora, go towards the section known as “The Stacked Deck”. From the Stacked Deck go towards the right side and walk along the walkway to reach the log.

Typhon Log #2

Proceed through Carnivora towards a section known as “La Cage o’ Twinks. You’ll see the log on the northside of this club above the homes.

Typhon Log #3

After reaching the section (where you follow Carnivora). Go towards the northwest zone and you’ll spot Azlon’s Stash. You’ll find the remaining log in this cave.

Dead Claptrap #1

Go down to The Stacked Deck, from Typhon Log #1 and search for a room having a red light which is situated in the south side of the section. After entering the room drop down into the room below to find the Dead Claptrap.

Crimson Radio

After entering the Carnivora’s Playground section you’ll find the Crimson Radio on your right. Proceed through the gate after the cutscene has ended. Now, in order to reach the computer, you’ll have to take a right and walk around to the open shipping container.

Typhon Dead Drop

When you have collected each Typhon log situated in this section, simply go back to the Carnivora playground’s entrance in order to find the Red Chest near a water tower. However, if you didn’t collect all the logs then the chest will be locked.

After stopping Carnivora, you will have access to a new, smaller area called Guts of Carnivora. Go in there to collect one more Dead Claptrap for full challenge completion.

Dead Claptrap #2
Dead Claptrap #2

You’ll find the Dead Claptrap resting on a conveyor belt, prior to the Max’s Head Room situated in the Windswept Catwalks.

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